Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

From over the transom:


     Here is the article:

     The scenario is probably going to get replayed many dozens if not hundreds of times this summer, in all manner of neighborhoods.

     There are enough attorneys and tactical trainers that read your blog who may want to anonymously put together a DO/DONT DO list for those who are facing a sketchy mob on their own property, like these 2 were.  The 2 attorneys have the benefit of high social clout, resources and familiarity with the relevant legal issues.  They did not in any way show much tactical innovation or flexibility, however.

     For my own input to kick that off, I consider that the woman only had a chromed pistol (can anyone identify the pistol type?).  If there is any chance of an encounter with a mob, a pistol just is not going to do.  All defenders need to be familiar with, have access to and be willing to bear what is the gold standard of such things… an AR platform. 

     People will argue the point, but V.I. Lenin knew that quantity has a quality all its own… and ownership with competent carriage may actually SAVE protester lives – if they see a guy or gal confidently holding an AR at the low ready (or whatever), they must instinctively start thinking of their life choices and consequences.  They may be stupid, but the language of the AR is something difficult to misunderstand.

     The 2 defenders did not appear to have a tactical plan.  Had one or both maneuvered to start to flank the mob, perhaps had a few smoke grenades (yes, you can buy some right now online) thrown into the mix… maybe even had security camera footage to use to support their story, the effect upon normie America would be electrifying.  If they can invade a tony private neighborhood full of the landed gentry, the normie implicitly understands that the same type of mob can bum rush him in his suburban disaster built by wood butchers.

     Consider if you will… the mob had masks, the defenders, none.  The look in the woman’s eyes (pistol bearer) is one of abject terror.  Masks help keep that under control.  Frankly, my balaclava is going everywhere with me from today forward.  Deprive them of the propaganda moment, make it harder to doxx and get canceled.

     What passive measures might have helped?   DOGS.  A few possessive K9 of reasonably large size would have been a force multiplier.  Think of some plate carriers.  In such circumstances, no matter if the mob is getting rambunctious in a gated community, a tract home subdivision or a city block… citizens are going to have to consider the necessity for their own survival when they see a neighbor get mobbed, they need to consider getting geared up and standing WITH their neighbor.  Because… they came for the guy next door today, when is YOUR number going to be “up”?

     Consider the sharply changing trajectory of these riot mob groups if every time they went after someone in a residence, they had to face not only the home owner, but his/her neighbors as well?  What if they realized that they now had such on at least one flank, and reinforcements were probably going to start pinching off their avenue for withdrawl?  Once they sense that and panic, that will be some security footage to see as they bolt for the gaps.  In such circumstance, I would hope that the residents keep their heads and let them flee unmolested.  There is a lesson to even the most obtuse when they realize that the only thing between them and a chalk outline is the good order, discipline and decency of the Average American.  It will be a glorious day when some unnamed suburbanite “fixes bayonets” in a possible dystopian future and performs in a way suitable to his forebears.

On Bezmenov

From a reader:

One of Bezmenov’s conclusions is that the demoralized are incapable of
reason – disregarding all evidence that may be contrary to their
ideology. It is only when they “get kicked in their fat bottom” that
they awaken to reality (or perish.)

What we see is the Hobbesian trap, i.e., as the societal chaos
escalates, so does the police state in response, which motivates further
chaos; a vicious cycle. The talking heads then present a Hobson’s
choice: either embrace (even further) the police state, or succumb to
the zombie hordes, defenseless.

The sand in the Vaseline there, though, is this: we are not defenseless,
nor are we devoid of other options.  One such option is to render the
talking heads, those morons in suits and their supporters, irrelevant by
direct action – opt out of the machine and allow the concentration of
power and wealth in the major metropolitan areas to consume itself in a
conflagration of their own making. Detroit offers a prototype – as the
good people were driven out of the city, what was left consumed itself –
the virus killed its host. Another example is Camden – only a few years
ago it was so bad that police refused to even respond – opting to stay
in the relative safety of their cruisers.

Ancient Rome too, for that matter.

Paraphrasing Bezmenov, just make damn sure you “first, avoid the strike”
(stay away from crowds and otherwise build your resiliency) and then
facilitate your opponent’s momentum in the direction necessary to help
him “crash into the wall”, i.e., opt out and thereby render him impotent.

Do what is necessary to ride out the storm, tie it off, with an eye
toward rebuilding on a morally sound foundation of self-responsibility
and accountability. Again, per Bezmenov, embracing a spirituality, faith
in powers unknown, is what’s key, regardless of whether it is
monotheistic or polytheistic.

Local, local, local.