First off, fuck WordPress – and thanks be to them for forcing me to get serious.

We’re in the process of rebooting.

This place will be a work in progress.

Not sure how much of the old shop will be salvageable.

At REDFOR’s current op tempo, we had better keep most of our folks looking 360 for real-time threats.

Thank you for your kind words and offers, thank you for your readership, and thank you for your continuing support of WRSA.

Spread the word, please.

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  1. Pete can you please leave contact info? I would like to share something that may help the reboot.

  2. Welcome back. I have a bunch of articles from last few months saved as I preserved them after the Nuke.

  3. Since we do not have a Pope, I cannot be Papal Nuncio to WRSA, however as your Catholic Ambassador without Portfolio, I congratulate you on your re-opening.

  4. Back to the top of my browsing pile, huzzah! You’ve been my first stop since the old Sipsey Street donnybrook.

    Look at ya now lad! My but how y’ve grown.

    I’m saving the old link in case my hate starts getting cold.

  5. Every day, improve your ability and those of your loved ones to live in a fallen empire.

    The Tyrants must deploy in meatspace.
    And live there as well.

    If you don’t want people to trifle with you, train, equip, and steel yourself to kill all of those who try.
    Works everywhere else in the world.
    It will work in FUSA.

    What did you do today to prepare for a post-imperial future here in FUSA?

    Bipartisan local accountability folders.

    Every day, men paid with your tax money train to kill you on the orders of your government. If that doesn’t get you to do PT, nothing will.

    They want you enslaved or dead, and they want your children as their playtoys.

    There is no political solution to a morally and fiscally bankrupt former nation bound together only by proximity and the remnants of Western Civilization.

    A survivor of the Yugoslavian Excitement taught that in his area, they went from prosperous Second World to bestial savagery, augmented by no clean water, food, or money, in one month.

    One month.

    Meatspace only, between trusted associates, only on a need-to-know basis, upon pain of death to any informant and those who vouched for them.

    Every day, the King’s men train so that they can come and kill you with ease. Reciprocate.

    You will need to account for every life you take.
    Best train to keep your errors to an absolute minimum. You don’t want to blow the final Pass/Fail exam

    The Destroyers are ascendant.
    Are you building your skills against them?

    Learn. Build. Preserve. Teach.

    If you had to fight tonight, could you?

    The Reds want to destroy what remains of traditional America. Destroying the Deplorables’ President is part of that campaign. They will not stop until either they succeed, or they are physically and philosophically destroyed. They murdered more than 100 million people in the last century. They, along with their Muslim allies, have nearly succeeded in conquering Western Europe and the UK.

    You and your family are useful to them as slaves (taxpaying or otherwise), sex objects (no matter how young your children), or agricultural fertilizer components.

    That’s it.

    If you don’t plan to fight these evil bastards with every ounce of your energy, you need to get your head straight. And start building the skills to resist.

    Trump is hated by his Deep State detractors in part due to his own brash personality, but also in larger part as a representative of The Deplorables.
    In other words, when the Deep State is done with Trump, they can return to the problem of you.

    Understand that.
    Embrace that.

    Be ready, willing, and able to smash the Reds in your area – regardless of which tyrant costume they wear.

    Gear without competence in its use is nearly worthless. Train while you still can.

    There is a war coming – here in America.
    And the Reds want you to be killed in it.

    If you are a traditional American, you have a pretty good shot at being displaced (at least temporarily) from your home during the Upcoming Excitement. Better get used to walking distances with your essentials on your back. Don’t think you will be the exception who will experience the destruction of FUSA from your Laz-Z-Boy. Fat chance.

    Stop the Bad People. Help the Good People. Aid the needy people, where you can.

    You are a mere serf to be worked, taxed, and then propagandized into supporting whatever madness the globalists and their media lackeys deem to be important. Your country, your religion, your ethical system, your property, and your family mean absolutely nothing to them. Never forget that.

    How are your Community Threat Assessment and Mitigation Plans coming along?

    The biggest threats to your freedom and possessions are people living within five miles of you. Got a plan for that?

    The only substantive question remaining is “When?”.

    Stop the Bad People.
    Help the Good People.
    Aid the needy people, where possible.
    And for Heaven’s sake, win.

    How many of your family members are on the other side?

    Meatspace only, between trusted associates, only on a need-to-know basis, upon pain of death to any informant and those who vouched for them.

    Read, think, and assess your people/skills.
    Take appropriate remedial action.
    If things go sideways, this will be your “outside the wire” force.
    You will need one.

    You now have been instructed on the rules of engagement. At the local, state, and Federal levels, the executive, legislative, and judicial branches will do as they wish – with little or no penalty. You and your people should act consistently at all times with this reality.

    Spend some time this weekend thinking through what that situation requires you to do for yourself and your family.

    Remember the Social Contract? The State takes care of these things so vigilantes don’t? Why are we keeping up our end of the agreement if the State can’t be bothered to uphold their end of it?

    Be able to raise your own food, pump your own water, live without medication, and defend to the death what you have. Arithmetic doesn’t give a crap about your retirement plans. Nor does anyone else.

    So long, FUSA! The Third World cometh. To stay. Think not? The key concept, in terse elegy: Relative birth-death rates. And an envy-poisoned theology that says that all things European must be expunged.

    America is dead. Your community is your country.

    Have you killed your TV yet? If not, why not? Everyone associated with television hates you and wants you either dead or totally suppressed.

    Wow. A bunch of smartasses from the capital city coming out into the countryside to murder everyone there. Sure glad no one has tried that before

    Get along with the people you can.
    Make communities amidst those you will.
    Resist those who would kill or enslave you.
    Track down and kill the ones who just won’t leave you alone.

    A reckoning is coming.
    Be the reckoner.
    Not the reckonee.

    Western Civilization is not dying. It is being killed. And the people who are killing it have names and addresses

    The issue here is that since they refuse to name the real source of the homicides — that is, the demographic with low median IQ, dismal impulse control and lacking future time orientation — they will never “solve” the “problem.” Instead we will see more millions of taxpayer dollars dumped into yet more pointless programs that, rather than decrease the issue, they increase the issue.

    Pax Americana is dead. Recognize that fact, reconfigure, and survive. Or continue to play the neo-con, “one indispensable nation” crap. And wind up like formerly-Great Britain in 20 years or less. Choose wisely.

    Understand that once the Reds go hot, there will be no escape for anyone identified as a Communist or Communist supporter. No matter the title. No matter whether local, state, Federal, or NGO. No matter what costume. And there will be no effective way to turn it off. Traditional Americans understand the existential nature of the coming conflict.

    But he abandons his line of thought far too early.

    There is a very large group of people in this country that wants to tell others what to do, say, build, think, spend, reproduce, worship, and so forth.

    There is another group that wants to live and let live.

    There is another group, somewhat overlapping the first, that doesn’t really care what they have to do at their jobs, as long as they have secure lifetime employment, followed by generous retirement, funded by taxation at the state’s gunpoint.

    Do you understand the alliances that form naturally between groups 1 and 3?

    Do you understand that the USC/BoR was implemented to minimize the conflicts between these three groups?

    And finally, do you understand that the USC/BoR has failed to do so to date, and is incapable of doing so in the future?

    Reference to the Constitution and its impact on the burgeoning conflicts in FUSA is driving at highway speeds while gazing lovingly but exclusively at the rear-view mirror.

    It will end badly for all.




    If you don’t have actionable intel on all of the Reds and Red sympathizers within 3 kilometers of your home, you are behind the power curve.

    And unless you are very well squared away, you don’t have enough hard-hearted friends to help you send those Communists where they will need to go.

    The Elites and their toilet-attendant associates hate you and your family. They want you marginalized, silenced, and ultimately, dead – once they have taken all of your assets. They will stop at nothing. Therefore, you must be hardening your hearts to be equally ruthless.

    You are not a human being, but instead an economic unit designed solely to consume, incur debt, and pay taxes. Both the Left and most of the Right agree on that proposition. Do you understand?

    If the plan does not involve ceasing legal immigration, ejecting illegal aliens, and incarceration of illegals’ employers, you are being conned.
    The America of your birth is terminal.
    And only through vehement exertions can something good be assembled from the wreckage.

    Cuckery And Civnattery Won’t Save You, neither will MAGA, muh consteetooshun, nor denial.

    The America of your birth and indoctrination is dead. The USC/BoR is a “living document” meant for adaptation as desired by the Reds. And half of FUSA’s residents want you and your white ass silenced and/or dead. When you understand the gravity of your predicament, the purpose of those bi-partisan local accountability lists will be readily apparent. Until then?
    Core and aerobics.

    Keep building your personal and team resilience against protracted civil disorder. You can always give the food to charity should the Golden Age unexpectedly appear. And blast the pistol and AR ammo at the range

    Alex Jones is the press.
    The Daily Stormer is the press.
    VDARE is the press.
    Wikileaks is the press.
    WRSA is the press.

    [Insert name here of every other publication scorned for its views] is the press.

    If speech is created and distributed so as to express ideas to others, it is the press, regardless of the content of those ideas.

    Free men and women must understand that the Elites want to first silence their critics in the public space.

    Asset-stripping and eventual slaughter of the Deplorables can then follow at the Elites’ leisure.

    Never, ever give up your guns.

    Teach all moral actors in your circle to shoot proficiently. Continue to provision and train for war against the Communists in North America. Resist, no matter what. And let’s win.

    You have all of the resources you are going to have. Abandon your illusions and plan accordingly.

    The country of your birth is gone.
    You have no chance of restoring that place on a national basis.
    You will be challenged enough to establish and maintain that place within your 500-meter inner perimeter.
    But that task at least is feasible.
    Lose your illusions.
    They will get you killed

    I’d be a lot better disposed to moderates if they would honestly account for what both wings of the Uniparty did to the America of my birth over the past 25 years.

    It’s dead now.

    And they were a big part of what killed it.

    Have you organized with like minded people? 
    Are you actively recruiting talent? 
    Are you reaching out to local charities and the needy via “Food not Bombs” procedure? 
    Are you looking to identify friendlies in churches, government, education, and legal institutions? 
    Do you have your local DSA identified? 
    Do you have assets building trust with local radical left wing groups? 
    Do you have anyone posting subversive messages in lefty discords and forums? 
    Do you have anyone pushing the “any organization is infiltrated” meme on their social media? 
    Are you sowing D&C between their sub cultures?

    Stay frosty. Know “who”, “why”, and “how” for each Communist in your AO. “When” will be apparent.

    The time to get organized is not as shit is going down. If you’re not organized by now, you are behind the curve. Find like-minded individuals in your area. Train. Organize. Communicate. Identify and address strengths and weaknesses. Figure out who your likely local opponents are.

    1. Be prepared with basic tools (like knives).
    2. Something like 90% of people are passive observers in an emergency, only a few will take action without being told directly, and tiny number are so incredibly stupid their mere presence can threaten the survival of the entire group.
    3. The best way to deal with that tiny percentage is with the real threat of violence, complete with the full intention of following it up if necessary

    The overwhelming majority of people worldwide who even begin to understand a free society and can be productive members of same are white, and most of those are men. Not to say that others cannot or do not, but those who do are the exception in their societies, rather than the rule. We need to own our culture, our ethnicity, and our sex, and use it as a rallying factor, rather than allowing it to be used as a weapon against us. Damn right, we are white. We are men. We should be feared such that those who would come against us plan in whispers, lest we get wind of their designs. Currently our enemies march openly, educate our children, and corrupt our women. It is a dire situation that will require drastic measures to correct. We still have what is needed to regain control, my only concern is whether we will use it. When I have gung-ho militiamen’s wives tell me that their husbands can play army all they like, but will be staying home if the shooting starts, it is obvious that more time needs to be spent reforming their individual castles and courts, rather than planning to defend the fiefdom from brigands and invaders! We need to regain the rule of our homes, regain the rule of our communities, and then perhaps we will regain the rule of our nations. The WE I speak of is men, particularly white men, in North America, Europe, Russia, and Australia. Imagine what could be if all the men of all these regions were worthy, and ruled their worlds as they ought. What grand alliance could be formed that would negate the evil designs of all others? 

    Conservatives have been attacked with weapons fire at soft ball games, have been beaten, have been run out of restaurants, harassed at home and while out with family, just to name a few incidents, and the bad actors, not seeing any real consequence for these activities, want to turn up the heat.  They are pushing to get someone on the conservative side to go Dorner on them.  That’s the objective, because they want to use that as a ploy to bring down harsh, draconian measures.  They want the implementation of martial law and whole scale weapons confiscations to begin.  That’s their, ‘Rubicon.’  If that occurs, the die will truly be cast.  It’s not like they’re keeping anything secret.  The tactic they’re trying to employ is right out of the guerrilla warfare play book issued to all communists.  In order to turn the people against the form of government held, the guerrillas must, in fact, cause the civilian population to suffer by government clamp down in order to keep control.  Travel must be restricted; food distribution must be restricted; police action must be increased against everyone on the street. Right now, it would be easy to say, “to hell with it….they want a war?  Let’s give them a war they won’t believe….” It must be pointed out, though, that the pain of war is nothing compared to misery of aftermath.  And, so observing, each man and woman must realize a certain truth:  Once it starts, there’s no going home after your shift and sitting down with the family for dinner.  There’ll be two ways out:  Winning and death.

    And, if that’s what must happen, then it will be evident that there’s no other recourse for a sane, liberty loving, and Christian people (we were founded as, and still remain, to a large extent, a Christian nation), and we’ll all do what we need to do to rid the country of the communists.

    Until that time, it’s vital to keep your head and don’t do brash, hasty things.  Bear your pain stoically, train, have faith, and continue to prepare for that which we may not be able to avoid some day in the foreseeable future.

    Are whites are paranoid for believing minorities are “coming for them”. They come for us in myriad ways that make life less enjoyable. They come for our welfare, paid with our taxes. They come for our hospital services, paid with our insurance premiums. They come for our peace of mind, paid for with exorbitant housing costs, home security, and expensive school districts. They come for our vote, by diluting our political voice and forcing us to live under a government that only marginally, if at all, addresses our concerns, and is more often actively hostile to them. They come for our culture, corrupting it to suit their lowbrow preferences.

    Diversity costs A LOT, and in my book that means they are, indeed, coming for us. They are coming for our way of life and twisting it, unconsciously, into a facsimile of the shitholes they left behind

    Like it or not, you must prepare to be displaced from your home in the coming unpleasantness.
    Heat for survival – sans butane cans, solid fuel tabs, or liquid fuel supplies – is a necessity.
    Are you preparing for life on the run?

    Use the time remaining to build skills, build relationships, build caches, build muscles & build courage. No way out but through.

    In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.
    — Theodore Dalrymple

    It is a world of deceit, unlimited government power, debauched economies, perpetual omnisurveillance, and onrushing global tyranny. There is no place whatsoever planned in that dystopia for traditional Americans. Plan and act accordingly.

    Is anybody surprised by what is happening in SA? It is THE picture of what happens when a white society relinquishes their nation and culture to the others. There is a reason why, of all the world, white societies are the ONLY advanced, safe, clean and values-based societies. The asians advance, but they destroy their environment and abuse their people along the way. The arabs- islam. Enough said. Africa. Look at it. South America is mired in poverty and graft, if not outright totalitarianism. There is a reason why every savage in the world wants to come to Europe, the US, or Australia. Our societies are(still) better(for now). Everybody knows it. It is obvious. The fact that the savages implicitly state that our societies are better by wishing to come here, and then wish to change it into the very night they came out of, while hating us, the builders, tells one all they need to know about whether or not whites should allow the others to take over anything at all. We should not, we must not, unless we wish to suffer the same fate as those who have already trod that path

    Big Tech has been hard at work turning the ideological content of the internet into Television 2.0 through platform monopolies.

    We are the government. You are the problem. You won’t do what you’re told. You won’t believe what the indoctrination tells you to believe. You have this unnatural attachment to your guns. You are the the problem. And we have a solution for that problem.

    -We are at war.
    -First rule of gun club: don’t talk about gun club, (don’t wear gun related clothes or use vehicle stickers, etc.)
    -Buy & create weapons (privately, while possible)
    -Buy ammo; as much and as soon as possible (10k rounds per caliber minimum)
    -Train realistically, seek quality instruction
    -Redirect monetary support from organizations to local/tribe resources and training
    -Dry fire daily, practice drawstroke, practice reloads, practice immediate action drills
    -Get proper holsters and wear your weapons all the time (even at home)
    -Get slings for your rifles
    -Master weapons optics
    -Scatter the locations of all your weapons holdings
    -Read Unintended Consequences
    -Study the history of irregular warfare, take notes and improvise
    -Keep your mouth shut to outsiders, vet your tribe thoroughly, don’t discuss openly what doesn’t need to be discussed
    -Last rule of gun club: don’t talk about gun club

    Politicians are slowly working towards delegitimizing government with every unconstitutional action, and one day they will be irrelevant.

    Get your minds right. Harden your hearts. Toughen your bodies. Build your skills. Do the intel work you must to sort the kilometer radius from your residence into threats, neutrals, and allies. Act accordingly and unass if those numbers tell you bad things.

    You are going to have to shoot and kill Communists.
    Some of those people you will know.
    If you can’t discipline yourself to cut carbs and go ruck a couple of times per week, how are you going to shoot Aunt Sally, who leads the Feral Migrant Importation Cabal in your community?
    Harden your hearts.
    Toughen your bodies.
    But first, get your mind right.

    Do you know how many enemies are living within one mile of your residence? What about their identities? Do you realize that they will deal with you or vice versa?

    The gray collapse, the strangling approach of tyranny, the death of liberty by a thousand cuts. civil disorder and civil disobedience leading to armed violence

    This is WROL society.
    It will get more exciting.
    Know in detail who in your AO has earned excitement deliveries.
    Communist decruitment.
    It’s the new thing.
    Let’s assume you have your local bi-partisan accountability folders up to date.
    Let’s also assume that your red line has been passed.
    Have you thought through the execution of your plan?
    Have you constructed your plan so as to maximize chaos in the minds of your enemies?
    5,000 Dorners.
    Each running his own anti-Communist decruiting campaign.

    Once a government becomes tyrannical, reason suggests that every employee of that government is presumptively an agent of tyranny.

    Get your minds right. Harden your hearts. Toughen your bodies. Build your skills. Do the intel work you must to sort the kilometer radius from your residence into threats, neutrals, and allies. Act accordingly and unass if those numbers tell you bad things.

    Most of your countrymen believe you to be a threat to their personal security. Think hard about that and what it implies for your future.

    While the Reds are tossing white exterminationist language left and right in the public square, each of those advocates is self-selecting for special treatment.

    Look around your AO. Do you see more than a few people with whom you share values? If not, how do you expect a majoritarian democracy to work there, especially without any effective check against local, state, or Federal power?

    “Western Civilization is not dying. It is being killed. And the people who are killing it have names and addresses.”

    How exactly are you going to convince multi-generational dependents on government payoffs that self-sufficiency and personal responsibility are a superior way of life?

  6. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!
    I am tickled beyond words to see my favorite BFYTW Patriot site back up and stronger than ever.
    Keep hammering ’em CA !


  7. Welcome back! Stupid question: Are you tweaking WordPress with the “Proudly powered by WordPress” at the bottom of the page or it a remnant of the skin you resurrected?


    P.S. Got here via Phil’s place.

  8. Hello. I had heard that WordPress was getting censor-happy again. It prompted me to get off my butt and finish this: a sort of mashup of several tutorials (along with my notes) on how to set up an email server. You seem to have figured out the blog software part.

    A few months ago, I worked out how to configure some popular email server software (Postfix/Dovecot). If you run your own email server, you can be (as sure as you can be in a country with a domestic spy agency) that it won’t be censored or monitored by some tech company. Unfortunately, configuration *is* a bit involved for these.

  9. It’s awesome to see my favorite website back in action. Thank you for re-building!
    Alea iacta est!

  10. Great news to hear your back! I visit multiple times a day for what’s really going on. I hate social media, but created a gab account just to follow. You are NEEDED, thnx for your tireless effort! Lord bless you!!

  11. Only used to view you once in a way. Then I saw a post by Matt Bracken that WordPress had shit on you. Will be here more often now. Will send funds as soon as finances allow.

  12. Hot Damn! The song You Don’t Know What You’ve Got (Till It’s Gone) by Cinderella comes to mind. Back in my bookmark toolbar for twice-daily checking! Thanks for the effort you’re putting in!!

  13. Glad to see you back on a new site! Been spreading the word to my contacts.

  14. Never doubt that there those ‘out there’ that appreciate all you (and others such as yourself) do ….. given the vast MSM propaganda machine working 24/7, sites like yours is a welcome relief and gives insight that some of us are not alone in our view(s).
    Thank you for what you have done and continue to do …. and for making the no doubt huge effort to return …………

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