Reboot Cycle #5

0915E 6JUN2020


As noted yesterday, my working assumption is that the FUSA is in the early stages of Yugoslavian-style disintegration.

Today’s assumption is that you and yours are physically safe where you are, and that you are in the process of detailing and acquiring what you will need to stockpile (most especially including needed prescription medicines) for at least a year.

You do understand that not only will there be little or no meaningful police protection available from the local government, right?

And that there will be the potential for roving looters?

If you don’t, please note this message received last night from a trusted reader:


Trusted source reached out.

Friends of his, 3 letter types, warned that there are plans for “activities” to take place in areas within 60 miles of metro areas. He has noticed activity, possible scouting, in his area. Cars driving without “reason” and turning into dead end roads without a clue. Slowing down if garage doors open.

As info.


Understand that as the situation in FUSA continues to deteriorate, the police will be taking care of their own families. 911 callers are already being told that there are no resources available to assist callers, and that’s in the early stages of this revolution.

H/t to Matt Bracken for this link on the real situation:

You must start to talk with your neighbors about ways to secure your area’s access to only those who live there, today.

And you must start planning for other unpleasant realities.

You are already on your own, in many areas.

Welcome to the new reality.

Tempus fugit.

2 thoughts on “Reboot Cycle #5”

  1. This explains an encounter I had in Mid-May. A guy in a dark colored prius kept driving around the neighborhood at a steady pace, as if looking for a specific address. Living in a corner house, I’m used to people slowing down or even asking directions, when I’m out doing yard work.
    This guy stops in the middle of the street and starts mewling at me in a nasty tone and derogatory language. Kept deescalating on my side, after all, I’m busy sweating and mid task (normalcy bias) to really care, let alone, after looking at him, not moved to engage this character. In short, felt bad for him.
    Saw him fumble his phone for bit and drive off.
    After a few minutes, I kept thinking what a poor guy and what was the deal? Putting the tools and debris away, I realized the implications. Made light of it to a few friends, thinking this was weird.
    Now I see this and am in that cliche’ moment: “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.”
    I’m not a Cop, City/State/County .gov type. Am salt of the earth Tradesman. I live in a small relatively quiet city in the West Phoenix Valley. Experiencing a couple of kids bikes stolen, and some property damage in the neighborhood since this place was built.
    To think that some rowdy’s want to map out this area would seem way out there to a Normie. I couldn’t even begin to explain this situation to anyone on the jobsite, or bar. Haven’t made any connections locally, that understand that the “Tormenta” is at the door step.
    Thank you for the share, the signal is not lost for the noise.

    1. Had some guy I didn’t know cruising around my rural neighborhood on a dirtbike. It isn’t unusual to see someone pass through, now and then. But driving slow, then taking off when he sees me watching him?

      This was a couple days before a scheduled “protest” in my small town. I was there, doing recon with a buddy. We were right behind the protesters while the local III-pers were across the street. I was wearing a 1911A1 on the hip and my buddy had a Glock CCW. It turned out that it was a bunch of dumb high school kids, mostly. But there were also some dyke activists I know, and a BLM representative who was definitely not from around here. The red polo shirt, designer jeans, and cowboy boots were a dead giveaway. He did bring pizzas, and a hippy chick brought my buddy and I cold drinks. I believe they all thought that we were fathers of some of the kids, or something.
      It wasn’t benign, though.
      ANTIFA was there. They were parked in the dirt lot behind me, but never got out of their vehicles. It was obvious who they were, and what they were up to – if given the chance. They weren’t given the chance.

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