The Latest – Reboot Cycle #9

0725E 10JUN2020


Yesterday, we talked about concentric circles.

Today, let’s talk about the practical geographic limits to your immediate concerns as the former USA (a/k/a FUSA) is conquered by the Communists.

A blogger by the name of Bill Nye several years back coined the term “local local local”.

In other words, everyone should be concentrating on what is local to them in terms of threats, allies, resources, tactical positions – everything.

Are there other things going on elsewhere?

You betcha.

Might some of those other things affect you and yours at the centerpoint of your concentric circles?

Hell yes.

But will Bad People and Bad Things within “local local local” distance of you be the much more likely area containing threats requiring your recognition, planning, and destruction?

Also, hell yes.

The hippies used to say: “Act locally, think globally”.

Goethe said: “Let everyone sweep in front of his door, and the whole world will be clean”.

Local local local, right?

What is “local local local” distance, you ask?

How about 5 kilometers/~ 3 miles in radius around where you sleep?


If for nothing else, that 5 klick area is a rational area for you to get to know much, much better.

More on that tomorrow.

No one is coming to save you.

And bad people are coming to rob, hurt, and possibly kill you and yours.

Welcome to the new reality.