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  1. Glad you are back! Was beginning to suffer from WRSAWS (Western Rifle Shooters Association Withdrawal Syndrome).

  2. CA, are you creating a template and/or instructions, that you may be able to monetize, perhaps go into the hosting business, in creating your rebirthed site? ‘Course hosting a whole bunch of freedom blogs in one place is inherently dangerous from the “one grenade gets them all” persepctive.

    I posted the below at Irish’s place last week. Food for thought once you get fully up and running.

    What I’ve been wondering for a long time is why a bunch of the Freedom blog owners don’t get together with a couple of Freedom loving software guys and write your own blogging platform or do as the “The Woodpile Report” and this guy: pushingrubberdownhill . com has done, I.E. private server owned by the blog owner with blogging software home grown or nearly so. There are other people out there that have apparently done the same thing. Then the only “gate” is the cable to the webosphere.

    I confess that I know little about what I’m talking about here technically, but I don’t think it can be that difficult. Sure, WordPress and Blogger make it easy and inexpensive to set up a visually pleasing, easy to maintain site, however I think that one or two software guys sympathetic to the cause of Freedom should be able to design something usable in a short amount of time.

    Just look at what you and your IT team have done in ?10 days? This should be worth some money to at least help defray the expenses of getting WRSA back up. Maybe charge a nominal fee for the template? $100.00 per each forever license? Just a thought.

  3. “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

    Glad to see the site back up, CA


  4. Yep–we all missed ya, Partner! Glad to hear ya back screamin’ TRUTH from the rooftops. A whole lot more may be comin’ from those rooftops, you betcha!

    With you being gone, well, I almost got “triggered,” and snapped, but now that you’re back in business, I’m feeling very little creep and very little overtravel and down to a few pounds. I’ve now got a good audible and tactile RE-SET!


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