12 thoughts on “The Lifestyle You Ordered Is Out Of Stock – Permanently”

  1. Hey CA,
    Know things are kinda crazy since going tits up. When you get a chance please try to get the Practical Resources section back up on the side of the page for newcomers and old alike. It had some greatly appreciated, helpful content. I’d be happy to help send you some links.

    1. i see the shameless copscum is still alive

      my question is why?

      oh. that’s right pigs have no shame

  2. Delusional glasshouse fairytales are out of stock?
    Welcome to Costo, I love you.

  3. So, so, SO happy you are back! With so much chaos around me, both personal and societal, Western Rifle Shooters is my touchstone for reality. Now, I can keep my head straight!

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