Elementary Tradecraft – Part I


As you begin to accept your new identity as either the Hated-Holder-Of-The-Old-Ways-Soon-To-Be-Gulaged-Then-Killed or Freedom Fighter Without Portfolio, every one of us needs to step up their game.

  1. If you wouldn’t be carrying an FBI agent in your pocket, either as part of your daily routine or when going to a meeting, why in the hell are you carrying the Globohomo world government’s listening/tracking device?

In addition to the wisdom contained in the classic “Moscow Rules” above, start practicing these basic concepts:


Repeat 3x each, twice a day.

2. With your like-minded friends, establish in meatspace (without the damned cellphones) meeting places and names for same that are simple to remember. That way, future meetings (without the damned cellphones) can be arranged with a terse message such as “Bravo 1500” to indicate that you should both go to the Bravo location at 3 pm to discuss something important (without the damned cellphones).

3. Get your mind right. In the cold, dark evening of your soul, decide once and for all whether or not you are up for the tasks that are rapidly approaching. Remember that the good-guy essentials come down to shooter, support for shooter, and non-combatant. So tell yourself the no-shit truth as to which role you will play and plan accordingly.

4. At least 50% of your family and friends pose serious and continuing threats to your existence once things go SPORKY. Actually, it’s probably 90%+ if you define “threat” as “someone who knows more about me and my intentions than they need to know”. Plan accordingly, and if you are doing dumb shit, stop it.

5. Why don’t you have one of these 8-round snake pistols already, along with at least 1,000 rounds of high-quality ammo for it?

.22LR or .22 Magnum, those 8 rounds can be very useful in the Upcoming Test Of Wills, especially given every revolver’s retention of forensic evidence.

And they have proven to be effective over the years.

“What do you mean it was just a .22LR?” – RFK, 6/5/68

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  1. I would highly recommend that revolver. The Model 317 is the Smith & Wesson version and they are somewhat rare so just go for it with this Taurus. The older pre-safety lock Smith 317s are really hard to find. But I can attest that the three inch model is surprisingly accurate in single-action mode out to a decent range. “Speed-Beez” makes speed loaders for them and as always, these .22s are good, cheap practice for your J-frame .38s and .357s.

  2. From here: https://westernrifleshooters.us/2020/06/11/bracken-sends-and-wrsa-comments/#comment-102

    SemperJarhead sez: “Pete barely gets this web site up and running and you have to go right back to wanting to cleanse the earth of those you deem not fit to inhabit alongside your pure religious ass.
    St. Bonehead, please give it a fukn rest.”

    So, in other words, according to SemperJarhead:

    –tFat’s repeated calls for the indiscriminate and total annihilation of 90% of the American populace (which I’m sure had absolutely nothing to do with WP cancelling WRSA) ==> GOOD! MOAR! MOAR!

    –Calling out the bloodlust of a completely deranged psychopath as morally reprehensible ==> C’mon, man, I don’t like the vibes you’re making with that; quit trying to cleanse the earth, and stuff.

    SemperJarhead ==> Complete moron.

      1. Who you calling a cuck, cuck?

        DMV Gringo’s body count: –Zero–

        Cuck status: Confirmed.

    1. Gentleman, Pete’s back after long hours, and a metric ton of computer work, how about we use what time we have left to learn, teach, thrive.

      Not talk shit all day long. Please!!.


    2. From the truly Christian perspective, there’s no appeal to go through all the sturm und drang only to have a talmudic outcome. “Meet the new macher. He’s the same as the old macher.” To hell with that!

      1. “.22lr wheel guns; because some things are personal.”

        (If for some reason you need to operate beyond blade range.)

  3. If there is anything in season in your area go kill it now, today. Or try to. You need to get adjusted to blowing things away and it will help to try it on some living mammals before you have to waste someone. Not saying it’s the same at all but it’s a fact that country boys make better snipers. There’s a reason for that. Ask ol Whitefeather on goo tube. He’ll tell ya.

    1. Good point. I know it’s not easy for people in cities/suburbs to “live-train” without a SWAT team showing up, but a frequent gut-check of what works and what you can hit with is valuable. Out here in the country we have numerous types of critters that can become a problem. Armadillos, skunks, groundhogs and then there are rattlesnakes. The only thing worse than seeing a rattlesnake right outside your house, is losing sight of a rattlesnake that’s been right outside your house! This year the cute little adorable chipmunks that will get in the attic or inside your car are at epic levels of bad. The other day I managed to see one pause for a few seconds just a few yards into the woods. I smoked him with the always-on-the-belt Glock 17 because that’s how it rolls out here. Also, a fairly long barrel .22lr with subsonics is really more quiet than an air rifle. Get one and dial it in!

    1. I hope they burn it down, all of it. Folks I know had a pow wow, concerning getting jiggy, with long range rifles, in Seattle. After talking it thru, they recognized the value in letting this shit stains run amok!.

      Antifa, and Black lies matter, will push it, into the fire. Just a matter of time and the GOOD folks will take matters into their own hands.

      We Had Antifa, in Klamath Falls two Sunday’s ago. I observed 800/900 armed Solid Americans, surrounding maybe 200 local sympathetic loosers. I took 100s of photos, for my BFF books,

      I watched the PooPoo, walk the side walks of Main Street, shaking hands, patting the solid citizens on the back. Not one weapon was checks, or even questioned.

      More importantly when anybody from sugarman square, left, they were followed by heavily armed farmers and red necks. They were advised up front, they threw one stone, one gas bomb, they were going to all take an a beating like they’ve never had before.

      Interesting evening. I learned alot regarding their tactics, their comms. How they positioned their bug out bags.

      They were alledged to be two large buses out of Portland, I searched a 7/8 block area, never found their logistics center, or transports. Believe it likely they were in rental vans, cars.

      Portland police bureau, were the reporting entity. Apparently Face Book for the locals.

      The local ranchers/farmers impressed me, cool calm collected. Orginized, I especially after they sent armed groups after any Antifa types.

      I did see a interesting thing. One of the Antifa guys busted out of the middle of the crowd on some sort of scooter. From across the street three skaters, with m4s, wearing Rhodesians chest packs, mounted motorized scooters, and chased em down. Herded em back to their park. I was impressed, was actually very effective on the busy streets.

      I’m researching a decent scooter, with a motor/ electric with a decent battery capacity, for moving around town in a crowd. Like I said,,,,,, very effective transportation. These motors must have been electric, I heard zero noise from them.

      Old dogs CAN learn!.


      Got a good laugh after that one.

  4. So much great advice to take stock of going forward into the insurrection spreading across the country. I agree with the point of who to trust and to what degree. Our regular contact with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers give them all various amounts of information about our personal life. Assuming you’re not already someone the higher powers are interested in keeping things and subjects of ” controversial ” interest out of casual conversations and the common areas of your home may help staying below the radar until it’s time to make your move.
    It’s a damn shame our country has come to this but here we are.
    Head down, eyes open, moving forward..

    1. KTM’s been working on an electric dirt bike, and also 2wd prototypes. Should be awesome.

      How’s your post surgery coming along?
      I’m finally hiking again after my foot surgery, did 6.5 miles up in the Winds with no problems last week.

  5. Another aspect to consider is the ability to leave it, destroy it, or dispose of it. Some of the useful idiots in our current sportiness have been picked up for their actions (arson, destruction of property) by matching their social media pictures with pictures taken at the protest or by passive cameras in the area.

    A Seattle rioter was picked up for arson of police cars by matching her tattoos from social media to pictures from the protests of her tattoos on her hands and bicep. When the warrant was served her clothes and equipment from the action were picked up at the same time.

    If one was to run an op in minecraft leave your sexy tactical boots and tactical clothing at home. Leave everything that your are not willing to part with behind. Cheap one use will rule the day. When the minecraft op is done gloves, boots, clothing, etc… are destroyed

    You are on social media to spread the agitprop of the dissident, right? Make sure your personal pictures are of kittens and rainbows.

    Strength and Honour

  6. Also, Glocks got a bitchen .22 LR out now. I don’t have any knowledge. Also offering up another

    Don’t forget the Kel Tec .22 mag. This critters a bad mofo. My wife has the carbine, and the pistol, ten thirty round mags. Under her SUV ‘s back seat. The barrel on the carbines threaded. Just in case you want to add quiet to the equation.


    1. Hey Dirk, got a question. I have looked many times at those Kel Tecs. 30 rounds of WMR? What’s not to love? But the reliability issues with them has always stopped me.
      How has yours been doing? Does it go bang with every trigger pull?

    2. Spare barrels, extractors, and firing pins! Dispose of the used set! Stone or file your ejector.

  7. You forgot to mention that it’s all but impossible to get ballistics from a .22 bullet and the .22 isn’t that loud.

    Just saying.

  8. I hope you fat old guys are taking advantage of the summer weather to really melt off pounds and lower your cholesterol patrolling your AO on MOUNTAIN BIKES.


    Think using bikes for infiltration, surveillance, pursuit, evasion and escape.
    Fortunate here to live in the vast empty Blue Mountains of Oregon….

  9. Oh for f**ks sake, a .22lr or .22WMR wheel gun?? Why oh why. That slab oh s**t platform is superior to a Glock or SA XD .45ACP compact?? Again, why oh why?? If you cant CCA a full frame 1911 .45ACP then put down the f****n doughnuts fatboy. You are doing it wrong. I am ++59 yo and carry a 1911 in my skateboarder/surfer garb all day every day. For f**cks sake, do a pushup or burpee or squat. Your grandbabies are watching. A .22 wheel gun as super secret squirrel assassin magic ray gun – puhleasssse.

    1. The purpose of the revolver is it retains its brass. You know, leave no evidence behind.

  10. This is very similar to the taurus I had but, a 357. I had to take a file and buff several points off, to get the cylinder to turn. I believe I would go with a RUGER SP 101 IMO.

    1. “retention of forensic evidence” was a real tough one for some folks.

      Besides the .22 revolvers I also like the .38 Spl 140 gr wadcutters at slower speed (750 fps). They’re not super quiet but they sure will do the Job and brass stays with you as you vacate.

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