8 thoughts on “Reality”

  1. If you are reading the WRSA then you have already picked a side. Stand Fast, Stand Firm!

  2. As always, Cuckservative Danny still believes the total sum of what ails us
    is the “left.” Typical.

    1. Don’t forget to vote Republican, your vote will fix all this. (as the Uni-Party laughs themselves silly)
      Never mind the Bolshevik coup going on against the American people. Somehow folks still haven’t made the connection we’re being robbed blind and lied to by our Bolshevik banking friends;

  3. Start by carrying 24/7/365. Everyone is unfriendly unless known to you and in good.

    1. Probably don’t need to say it but, I’ve open carried a 1911 and concealed a small 9 for most of 30 years now. Wife’s got a couple little guns too and is skilled, thank God. She asked me the other day if I could do it, meaning could I defend us with the necessary will to survive. If I could enter into a fatal confrontation with an attacker.

      I replied that I’ve practiced over 30 years, hundreds of hours, tens of thousands of rounds on the range and in competition. Hunted, dispatched injured animals up close and confronted those bent on evil deeds at my home and in the neighborhood.

      She has, at times; referred to me, especially during an argument, as cold blooded, immovable, heartless, and I admit to all that. I said I think I got this. I’ve mostly used an IDPA, IPSC, USPSA cardboard Target. Either purchased or cut out. (cheaper). Center mass and head shots. Good with my 30.06 out to 6 or 700 meters or there abouts. Shotgun, out to 300 meters w/ slugs. Need glasses now but still can shoot.

      Point to all this is that it will be a fight to the end and most folks around us are busy with other things. Kids, lawns, 2 or 4 wheel toys etc. Shit has already hit the fan so the alarm bells are ringing. If you’re not ready now you have precious little time left. This is not ever going back where we came from. “THEY’ will, in fact, come out to the suburbs and the country as several of them have indicated. We need to be ready and have a welcoming party for them or they will feel like they have carte blanche and do as they please and take what they want.

      Not here and not without a fight. We’re in our sixties, wife’s 100% disabled, still better than any two of them I’ve got my aches and pains as well… Not going out on our knees and for damn sure not kissing any M-Fers feet.

  4. “The days of going un-armed in America are over” — one of my buddies… a retired LEO.
    I’ve picked my side. I’m for me. I will do whatever I have to in order to survive.

  5. The jokes on the left, their just to stupid to realize that these anarchist have a bullet for them too.

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