7 thoughts on “APD Bodycam Footage of Shooting of Rayshard Brooks”

  1. So happy to see you back. Thanks for all your hard work – it is appreciated.

  2. Bad shoot, sadly!. The taser is a one shot unit. Once it’s discharged, it’s a plastic non leathal nothing. After the taser discharge, and miss, deadly forces is not authorized.

    He acknowledges he knew it was a taser, not a firearm. Had the black man NOT discharged the taser, turned and pointed it at the poopoo, shooting is appropriate.

    That’s not the case.

    I’m amused Atlanta, fires him, like that fuck ups going away, naaaa their on the hook, to the gills.

    I’ve had exactly the same thing happen, my head was down when the pour whites guy turned and discharged the taser at me, ” not mine” he missed, and I bum tackled him, gently of course. The guy was high, usually a pretty good guy. I felt my skills were good enough that neighbors of us had to die.

    We both won, that day. EVERYTIME I see this kid, he thanks me for not killing him, he’s a father, with three children, an awesome stunningly pretty wife, working for the state now. In fact, stood up for tom in court, asking the judge, to cut him slack, explaining he had a rough day. He got informal probation for six months. Community service.

    He did his community service at the PD, doing odd jobs, and apologized every day. Years later I took him on a couple ride alongside, ” he was considering becoming a cop”

    Thank god I was able to talk him out of that nonsense. To.d him, be a fireman,,,,,,, everybody loves fireman, he’ll you can even eat the cookies citizens deliver at Christmas. Lol.

    Feel bad for this kid. He’s going down he will be made an example.


  3. Glad to see you back online WRSA!

    Watching the video now. Just more proof that WRSA is where to go for the facts.

  4. Ok so I saw what I believe are mistakes made on both sides, I’ll start off with I don’t live in Atlanta or Georgia so maybe the laws are different there, generally a parking lot is not considered a public space, it is private property owned by a citizen or corporation who may own the business on it or rent out space. This was basically trespassing, a civil violation not a criminal one so truthfully it should have been up to the manager if charges were filed, after all he hadn’t damaged anything. The police were there at the manager’s request and I believe showed patience because he was obviously confused and probably very intoxicated. So why did it go down this way, he was not confrontational until they tried putting the cuffs on him, they could have taken the keys, they already had his ID and called someone to come get him. Explain the situation to them, give them his things and wish them a good night. Everybody could have gone home safely, but no, instead it becomes another shit show.
    Head down, eyes open, moving forward

    1. This is correct. Liberals often support criminalizing every aspect of life. I think police should only arrest people for committing a real crime with criminal intent (possessing drugs violates no rights of others and is not a real crime nor is speech). People who drink have no criminal intent when they are driving. They don’t realize they are impaired. I personally don’t drink but arresting people for DUI when a person hit no one or nothing is overreach. If the issue is it being dangerous for fellow motorists, then calling a cab and billing for a tow truck or letting a family member take the car is ideal.

      People should not be restrained unless they have been witnessed to commit an act of violence.

      But all this guy did broke the liberal laws cops enforce. The guy wasn’t innocent and grabbed a taser. It’s unfortunate on all accounts. Certainly though, burning a private business is just compounds the injustice. The people who burn and loot are actual criminals deserving a swift hand.

    2. Just me, the Wendy’s is in deed private property, ” open to the public” those three words come with consequences.

      It’s BS, yet, our legislators and judges saw fit, to incorporate the language. It’s code for the police can troll their, if they want.

      I would say this, I’ve sadly had to deal with the aftermath of drunk drivers rain of distraction. I’ve had the sad duty of informing parents that the son, was struck and killed.

      I’ve had to notify families on many occasions that mom or dad were gone, killed by a drunk driver. I’m a big believer in heavy DUI enforcement, it’s in everybodies best interests.

  5. Saw the video. The guy was very respectful and with good attitude,
    No damage to property or life involved, and even the car was
    parked correctly.
    Looks obvious the guy freaked out with handcuffs and going to jail,
    and took off.
    All I can say is “sad that” – really.

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