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  1. I would have returned fire. I make NO distinction for cop, armed government workers, soldier, protestor, or rioter. YOU shoot at me on my land I shoot back, and it wont be with paintball guns. I WILL NOT LIVE ON MY KNEE’S!!! If I loose so be it but I will take my 5 with me no matter who or what they think they represent. FOOT

  2. appriciate Brackens solution related contribution. Listen, you all know this. If your not ready yet, your not going to be. We recently did inventory on literally everything.

    Took two days for ammo and reload equipment alone. Didn’t like the numbers, so ordered 6k more .308. It’s no secret now to elections going to be flamed.

    Best one can do is make a commitment to protect your turf. I don’t pay much attention to what’s being said, reporters lips move, their lying . MSM, is MY primary target selection. These cocks suckers are directly responsible for fanning the fire. UN fucking exceptable.

    I started a new project, started growing opium poppies, it’s legal here, as long as your not scoring the pods. I’d had good luck growing several years ago, but the 24 ounces of seeds I purchased on AmAZON,are a few years old now. If your interested do the research, not all the seeds will produce the medicine. Those seeds are worthless. I purchased on Amazon, seeds from Afganistan, shipped to my door.

    Long story short I need to have the ability to grow our one medicine. Perhaps you boys could look into it. It’s a self reliance kinda thing. Just picked up our butchered beef, exceptionally good beef, had to purchase a second freezer, as we were at capacity.

    Our in depth inventory produced interesting items, I’d forgotten we had, we purchased a couple of noses to transfer propane from the 100 pounder, bottles to smaller more manageable propane bottles.

    Also small pumps for fuel transfer needs. Pop the station underground top, drop the 1.5 inch hose, run the secondary hose into your portable tanks attach the pump to a battery, via pos/ neg cables, and your in business.

    We’ve ordered up 250 gallons of diesel, as two of our trucks are diesel. Also topped off the fifty gallon drums with lantern fuel, we’ve kept 50 gallons on hand, we’ve bumped it to 100 gallons.

    I need to purchase 5 more 100 pound propane bottles. For long term storage. And we’re adding to the pistol mag counts.

    Interesting times, were traveling, at the Oregon coast. I’ve never carried as many weapons and ammo as this trip. My standard load out was impressive, admittedly I’m over the top now. 2 308s, ar-10s, 2 m4s, two shotguns, two Glock 45 cal, and two Glock 9 mm, a 1000k ammo for the 308s and the m4s.

    10 mags each for the pistols. That’s way over the top, admittedly. But we’re 400 miles from home, if I have to set up shop here, we will with authority.

    Lastly, you fella’s in the cities need to be networking with friends and associate out on farm, in the sticks. We have room here, you will be required to bring your own food and tools. We offer deep woods space, only. I’m sure if it comes to it the ranchers will trade food for labor. Many thousands of cattle in the valley, guarding them, and feeding them is going to be difficult,

    Hired hands are on the table. Even that shit stain TeeeeeeeFatttttttt is welcome, check your bullshit at the highway. These guys will have zero qual,s about making you DRT, for running your soup koolers.

    Tee maybe you could set up a lemonaid stand out on the highway, with your sweet management skills set. Fucking looser.

    I personally have never seen what we are seeing, right now. Some old partners are living here, we BBQed with that crew last night. These families are pretty serious about taking care of business.

    Their running two or three fishing and crabbing trips between them daily, stocking up on sea foods. That’s two boats, or three, depending on other commitments, everyday. What I’m buying, their harvesting. Admire that greatly.

    Astly, for the first time ever my wife, is considering trailering our sailboat over here and mooring it. Keep it. Stocked. It’s only. 28 ft Oday, but she’s sea worthy. The Pacific Ocean is a very unforgiving place to be, wrong time of the year. I wish I had Brackens skills, I don’t, very limited open water sailing. It’s a possible bingo solution. The up side is it carries lots of water and has lots of room for supplies. Exceptionally large cabin, berthing area.

    No roller reffer, gotta go forward to change out the head sail. Kinda spooky on a rolling deck. Also has an atomic 4 gas inboard, with all the goodies for endurance.

    Options are good.

    Friends, you may see it differently, Daisy Luthers got a great article out its mostly right, from my point of view. What’s important is, it’s addressing and offering suggestions, for the immediate future. Worth a read.

    DMV, thank you for posting the links to the stuff your putting up. I don’t have the skills to dig it up, truthfully your helping us old retards. Thank you. When you stay positive, your a national treasure, I appriciate that.

    Be safe, don’t do crowds.


    1. Please don’t thank me, I’m the foul mouthed asshole I was made to be, and my fire no longer discriminates. Especially when I catch a whiff of deluded nonsense and bureaucratic nonsense. I WILL NEVER AGAIN PLAY NICELY WITH OTHERS, regardless of whether or not you’re my enemy.

    2. Poppies -real poppies- are so beautiful. Amazing that our grandmothers grew them, used them, yet no one in the family was a druggie. I can remember my grandma’s colorful, large poppies that grew in the garden of her Victorian house. The cops probably knew since she was known to all of them. (A “baby nurse”, she helped their mamas birth most of them.) No one ever said boo about the poppies. She had huge bouquets in the house, especially in the entrance hall on this massive old table. Originally, people put their “calling” cards in the silver tray in front of them. When it was time to dry them, we’d go out to the summer kitchen, split the pods to get seeds out. 😳 Next year, the various cousins and I would help her plant rows of them. The DEA would probably have her on the ground, stripped searched, and cuffed for jail. How far we have fallen. She also grew hemp so I guess that grandma was unrepentant.

  3. Good onya, Dirk. Good to see you here again.

    That is some “partial!” list of materiel……………..

    You make the rest of us preppers look really lame! 😉

  4. Surprised Bracken posted this. What’s next, Matt? Gonna name the Jew?

    1. I am shocked at this too. Is this the right video? If so, that is a change of heart for sure.

      “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

      Can we agree now on this much at least? People may disagree on the best methods to accomplish said, but do we recognize the need at least?

  5. Hmmmmm…so will Matt tell the rest of us WHO these ‘globalists/globalist banksters’ are
    that are funding, supporting and from their shadows, quietly directing their ‘useful idiots’
    in ‘[some] black lives matter’ antifa, ‘by-any-means-necessary/bam’ and other bolshievest
    modeled ‘movements?…..

    ***Crickets chirping in the twilight****

    Yeah, that’s about what I thought too…..

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    1. Yeah, last year it was the ragheads fault, now it’s the Chinese and not once does he point the finger at the jew banking elite who’ve been pulling the strings of our bought politicians , MIC and corporations for over 100 years. Reminds me of Trump, nothing but controlled opposition.

  6. Like the video says..
    You think these riots are bad…
    Wait till Trump is reelected.
    The left has pulled the grenade pin on violence and tossed at themselves, they have looted and burned their zip codes and locked up their economies in a pandemic quarantine.
    The red state zip codes have been mostly spared.
    The threat of “vote for us or we’ll burn it all down” has all but guaranteed a Trump victory.
    The real trouble starts after the election. Whites in blue zip codes better run,
    No matter who wins…

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