8 thoughts on “PSA”

  1. Eventually men like me will realize that we have no choice but to step off the porch.
    When we do, America will burn

    1. DUDE! IF you are a Vietnam vet you are already 70+ years old! How long you plan on waiting? And what the fuck ARE you waiting for? The nigger mobs to come down your street? IF you or any of the rest of you were ever gonna do anything but blow ass gas ,THE TIME IS NOW. So GO TO IT big daddy. Or do what you have done your whole lives. …..Nothing. The communist government WANT’s you to shoot back. Try it and watch how long it takes them to run and hide. In 1972 the NG shot 4 rioters at Kent State. Within the next week police and the Guard had done the same thing at six other university’s. The rioting that had been going on since the 1964 Camden riots STOPPED! and did not restart. Now think on what would happen if some hard white men killed every communist they came across for just SEVEN DAYS. This shit would STOP the moment it stopped being a free lunch. Stop talking. Use your 2A now or watch it vanish in smoke. THE COMMUNIST ARE WINNING. STOP BUYING GUNS AND USE THEM. FIGHT BACK. OR DIE.

  2. Beyond done with these A$$hats. Any excuse to destroy, maim, or eradicate. I am fed up with the enabling Demonrats and their cohorts, they blame anyone but themselves!! What a crazy year 2020 has turned into. We are only part way into 6 months, and I fear what November brings.

  3. “We’ve got God, ourselves, and each other. That’s it.”

    you don’t even have that..

    your on your own


    300 million have to go

  4. Yes, you all need to head to Idaho, OR you could move to TFATS Indian island, The Home of 5.00 chicken, delivered for an additional 4.00 dollars.

    Order early, were running out quickly. Tee, does that chicken come with WATERMELON! Asking for a friend.

    Your old pal, Dirt.

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