Sunday Morning, 6/14/2020

When the MLK formula of “not color of skin, but content of character” dies, so too dies any chance of reconciliation.

With the death of reconciliation between peoples as a possibility, all that remains is domination and submission.

Domination by any means necessary to produce submission of others is a functional definition of slavery.

It is also a functional definition of war.

Not “war” of the post-WW2 multinational coalition variety, ostensibly to achieve limited political goals, allegedly in support of fundamental human rights.

Not “war” of Augustinian theological parsing, either.

The governments and elites of the West, both secular and spiritual, have allied with each other not to serve their citizens in enjoying life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but instead to bring a particular group of those citizens from their minority status into permanent majority power, supposedly as restitution for wrongs historically committed both by blacks and whites during the transatlantic slave trade era.

Whites who truthfully and factually assert that neither they nor their ancestors had not one iota of involvement in human trafficking and enslavement will nonetheless be subject to the lashstrokes of social shaming, ostracism, and job loss.

You will be ordered to bend the knee to this dogma of white crimes against humanity, and to recite its creeds as your own lest you be permanently judged as a racist.

You will be ordered to affirm the daily truths aloud as a demonstration of your goodthink.

Silence is violence, sayeth the New Overlords.

Your life before current events is over.

You are already at war for your people and your way of life.

Embrace your new status as a hated criminal.

Accept your fate.

Stand, if even as the last of Western Civilization, and defy the Destroyers.

Let your struggle and your death serve Good.


24 thoughts on “Sunday Morning, 6/14/2020”

  1. Woe be onto the skunk that corners me on the street demanding that I fall to my knees and beg forgiveness. Fuk that shite!

    Congrats CA on this new site–hopefully you own this server and cannot be erased again.

    1. Why not just be in a place that would be a rarity and if it did happen that the Community would be on your side instead of wanting to crucify you like those who defended themselves against Amaud…

      1. Simple question right there. The answer though, involves hard choices. All readers on the old site(s) have been told about hard choices more than once. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Quit trying. People will come to you, at some point. And then, you’ll have to figure out what they can bring to the table, as you assess their worth.

    2. Also don’t close comment so quickly.
      Let things fly here–you are not beholding to the fools at WordPress anymore.

      1. I’d say not. If people can’t comment quick enough under the new ROE, that could mean that they’re too busy with detaching themselves from the keyboard life. Not a bad thing IMO. Err’body should try harder at doing that. PT and paid-for training at overcoming personal weaknesses, might be called “better choices.”

        Principle, is that old Econ 101 thing of opportunity cost.

    1. Niggers tear up shit, loot it, and burn it down. And now, suddenly, you declare “Ms. Wolff’s question is answered.” However, the White American high-criminals and child rapists of the local, state , and D.C. political class have a laundry list of flagrant crimes to answer for. However, no matter how in YOUR face their criminal depravity, it was never time to start shooting them, fighting them, or actually hold them accountable. Oh, but now, you suddenly want to go to the mat, a no-holds barred battle. Fuck you, you craven faggot. Crawl back under the rotted stump your slimed out from under, you fucking mutt.

      1. “…suddenly…”


        You’re new here, aren’t you?

        Oh, and, btw… just how have you been opposing TYRANNY all these last, oh… 50 years? Hmmm? Posting limp and tediously repetitive accusations of bad imitations of barnyard animal noises:
        “Cuuuuckcukcuk cukketycluck,” and “larpettylarpettylarplarplarp,”
        in predictable sequence with retarded ad hominem attacks on sexual orientation and preference… which suggest nothing so much as projection and denial on your part.

        So, someone dropped the poison in your ear last year and, “Suddenly!,” you’re the judge and informant for everyone else, mostly your elders, betters and doers.

        Mental midgitry, arduous and contorted language and morality such as you tiresomely drool here deserves all the inattention it demerits.
        But occasionally, it’s a duty and a real pleasure to spill your guts on the floor.

  2. My forebearers were from Ireland, Scotland, France via Nova Scotia, and several native tribes. I am not the son of a slave holder, or have I owned slaves. I owe no one any debt for actions taken, or transactions completed 100 years before I was conceived.
    The group that is requiring my conviction and self flagellation have determined that my only sin is being “white”. I am tired of hearing about my “privledge” and never acknowledging that I show up in my appointed place of employment, on time, and dressed correctly every day, and they shkw up when they feel like. Deferred gratification is a learned process, immediate fulfilment of all trivial desires may make you happy today, but leaves you broke and jaded.

  3. who ‘we’ white man?

    you anglos have really fucked this up haven’t ewes?

    have no worries

    tfA-t has a plan…


    1. Plan?

      Sure, cower in place while screaming gleefullly for the death of everyone else.

      Sure adds a lot to the discussion… and paints a bullseye on your forehead.

  4. Only time I’ll bend the knee is to have a more stable firing platform to shoot these scum.

  5. by Billy Beck:
    You are at war, and your government cannot protect you. The enemy is far too committed and nimble for any of the government’s force to turn quickly enough and face any given attack until it’s upon you: right there in the same room with you. You must integrate the fact that if the enemy attacks, then *you* are at the front, and you must learn to act with every possible exploitation of the Western mind, including the indispensable device of firearms for defense against the known tactics of people who you must know may try to kill you and everyone around you, at any moment. You must know this.
    You are at war, and your government cannot protect you. Dismiss all piece-meal rationales of “hate”: you might as well decry “dance floor violence” after Bataclan and Pulse, but you will require principles, nonetheless, when it’s a train blown-up or a shopping mall full of women and children. Do not grant the authority of “the authorities” and their insistent disintegrations of reality; their prosecutors’ pious proceedings, their investigations engineered for hoarding facts and designed to craft narratives, their video pageants strutting their “communities” and taking uniformed bows. Understand that you will be at the front: not them.
    You are at war, and your government cannot protect you. Understand that every step that it takes toward disarming you or any of your fellows, during these distinct times in which attacks like Bataclan and Pulse are well-known and could be fiercely met in grand old American traditions of courage and decisive action, is a step relinquished to evil: it’s wrong, in defiance of manifest facts, and positively dangerous to American life.
    You are at war, and your government cannot protect you.
    You must understand that *you* will be at the front.

    1. All well said, if some time back… y’know, before “NOW.”

      Because it has now been made inarguably clear that “your government” isn’t yours and has not, mostly, ever been.

      The .gov, at whatever level, is complicit by design, greed, power madness, ego and incompetence, in all the ills that befall us. Politicians all calculate upon those five fulcrums of mendacity for their own advantage, with not a care for your benefit or harm.

      The front is wherever you turn to face.

  6. In my family and my wife’s, five of our forebear’s server in the Union Army and the Marines during the civil war. We don’t owe anyone any thing. If anything there is a debt to my ancestors. It makes my blood boil to see these brain dead idiots parade around.

    God Bless America, Long live the Republic, Deus Vult

  7. Well, actually, it so happens that even though I am ‘white’ (blue eyes, dark blond hair) I have an African slave ancestor in my lineage on my mother’s side, about 5 generations back. This person was from Senegal-Gambia and lived in the area of the Ohio river valley in the 18th Century. This slave is in the family geneology and has been confirmed by no less than 2 DNA-ancestry testing services, including 23andme. I’m an American mutt, there is also a native american in there….Can’t wait for my reparations check, that should be sweet!

  8. “It is better to be despised by the despicable than admired by the admirable.”

  9. Haven’t commented here before but from now on plan on stopping by everyday along with TheBurningPlatform..

    Good to see you folks back in the fight!

  10. “It is also a functional definition of war.”

    No. The “definition” you concocted was the LITERAL definition of PILPUL, CASUISTRY, SOPHISTRY.

    “Who said to them: Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.”
    Matthew 16:6

    cas·u·ist·ry | ˈkaZHo͞oəstrē |
    the use of clever but unsound reasoning, especially in relation to moral questions; sophistry.

  11. The adults involved in bullying that youngster into chains and fake forgiveness should lose custody rights. Then they should be lined up against a wall and shot. Disgusting behavior. Incidentally, some diverse darkie is organizing BLM demos in small towns. Roseville, Lodi, Davis, and Marysville have already been culturally enriched.
    “I really wanted this event to be a sort of a catalyst and rallying point for us,” said Dillan Horton, organizer of the Davis March for Justice. “I really do think we have a big opportunity to do something substantial here.”
    The reason that I moved here was because it was big time white bread. Not looking for any marble cake bake.
    As chair of the city’s Police Accountability Commission, Horton feels it’s important for smaller towns to hold big rallies in effort to spark conversations about the policing reform millions of demonstrators across the country are calling for, as Horton put it, “…really solidifying a pattern, a set of proposals and some energy for change in the community.”
    It’s time to escape/move.

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