7 thoughts on “Cell Outages Across FUSA”

  1. Official ‘Unoffical’ reason for the cellular outages across ‘Mureica’:

    Millions of spontaneous calls into/out of ‘De Peeples Repooblic of CHAZ’
    where the same message is repeated, “Mom!..I’m busy fighting the revolution!
    I’m hungry!!…are we out of ‘Hot Pockets?!?'”

    ‘CHAZ’ will start to self-destruct in 5..4..3…2…destruction NOW in progress!!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. OT

    CA, do you remember a linked Future Fic piece at WRSA that was a satire about worship of the Negro as a new god? The fictional religion had many trappings of Christian types of worship ceremonies. I don’t remember how long ago it was, maybe a year or two, or what site had written it. I wish I could describe it better. Any clue? The bowing down pics everywhere reminded me of it.

    (I know, this is a little bit like remember the time that the thing with guy and yeah that was funny) But I do hope somebody remembers. It’s time to repost it.

    1. Afternoon ProGunFred,

      This ISN’T what you’re looking for but your comment did remind me
      of this book by author Taleeb Starkes:


      “The Gospel of Knee-sus is a non-canonical work, which retells the historical events that led to the revelation, cruci-fiction, and resurrection of a disgruntled National Football League (NFL) quarterback. ”

      Speaking of works of fiction where the blacks of America FINALLY come face
      to face with the consequences of THEIR actions, here’s the link to Francis Porretto’s
      “The Two Doors”..as CA would say, “Be aware – BADTHINK INSIDE”:


      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  3. A heavy burst of solar plasma emissions have been hitting us for the past several days. Solar Minimums do this frequently. Expect more
    disruptions to communications etc. over the next few decades.
    Pray we don’t get hit with another Carrington Event or technologically we will be back in 1860 overnight.

    1. I’m not sure another Carrington event would be a bad thing. A tremendous amount of problems would be taken care of in about 90 days. In another 250 the reset would be moving forward and the trash taken care of. Let it rain, I’m not scared at all, some won’t survive, maybe they shouldn’t. But those that do will prosper given time to establish society in the proper form.

    2. People having to work for their food, instead of playing call of duty all day..
      …has a certain romance to it.

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