3 thoughts on “FUSA Is A Cult”

  1. I recall that photo. The (white) students were being made to somewhat realistically experience the indignity of slavery…..because fedgov education. As if were impossible for them to learn about historical blight that is human enslavement, not just African people being enslaved, without publicly demeaning them.

    1. This stupidity will have to run it’s course. Seems like all the brainwashed liberal white dumbmasses want to play along.
      No one listens to or studies actual history, or else they would be teaching about the white slaves from Europe taken to Africa long before negroes were taken to the New World. Or the fact that not all negroes are African Americans, an African American is a recent immigrant from Africa, white or black.
      The Bolshevik media has an agenda and the white Christians refuse to wake up to the fact they’ve been brainwashed into a state of complacency and denial that it’s happening to them. Gonna be a lot of stupid dead white folks soon.

      1. All affirmative, Semper Fi!

        Except: “Gonna be a lot of stupid dead white folks soon.”

        Unfortunately, although deserving.

        This cannot be the majority, or “they” win, and the light goes out all over the world and for a very long time.

        If we cannot find the reason to fight and die for something there, we are cowards, morally and spiritually emasculated, insufficient unto “The animated contest of Liberty,” and undeserving of the Blessings thereof.

        It’s on.

        Decide, commit, act.

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