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  1. I can see this, in the cities. On the mountain, I’m skeptical. If the show of force, present two weeks ago, on a simple rumor of antifa S arrival down town, is any indication.

    The good guys numbered800/900 armed to the teeth, alledged Antifa, MAYBE 200. Point being their are ” Select” communities who simply won’t put up with the left’s bullshit.

    Have police forces, who simply won’t be interested in investigating, simply won’t investigat the DRT, felonious left. “They played, and they paid!. ”

    While I have many many friends who are anti popo, they are wise enough to recognize the fact that We Are A NationOf Laws. Without Order, we invite massive disorder.

    I support the removal of impli d immunity, but only if it applies to the DA’s Courts, and our elected officials.

    I view the issues caused by “immunity” to be squarely on the shoulder of SCOTUS back in 1981. What we are seeing is a direct manfestation of that stupid fucking decision.


  2. Great GLP post…



    There is a power vacuum forming in some areas. This is really happening people. I strongly urge you to take seriously the events unfolding around the USA. Voting will not save you. We went from our version of “normal”, March 2020 to a planned pandemic shut down, economic destruction, record unemployment, formed armies burning cities/police stations and homes, a call to disband police without even a plan on how to handle the void they would leave behind, and essentially a global call to persecute the white race.

    The rioter terrorists are being released from jail. (This should at least be no surprise really since the worthless US gov’t habitually releases pedophiles, rapists and murders.)The US gov’t has failed. It is a complete failure to its people. All in 3 months. This is NOT by accident or coincidence. We are under attack by globalist entities who want American soil to finally be under their TOTAL control. Trade one tyranny for another.

    Now the Marxists are implementing their next stages of destabilization, which include tearing down statues, demanding the“redefining of racism”, declaring territory seceded from the U.S. , attacking private homes- burning their US flags just to name a few things. Online market places, netflix, HBO, celebrities, senators, and seemingly the entire world are calling sympathetic attention to this the Black Lives Matter terrorist organization and calling for the shaming of the white race.

    And now, the time has come for you to act. What will you do? We are at war. Understand this fact. If you don’t get it, I can’t help you understand. You are already defeated. What to do? Start by caring. Start by giving a shit. Educate yourself. Pry off the indoctrination. Take pride that you are part of the earth. And be an asset to it. Agree to fight tyranny when needed. Rally up if you can. Prepare. Rise up my native brothers and sisters, my white, black , brown, and tan brothers and sisters. Rise up all you true human beings.

    Rise up in your mind, your prowess, your intelligence, your wits and embrace your natural earth born right to survive and repel tyranny and oppression of all kinds. The fight for our lives is at hand. …..and their round 2 of the plandemic is already keyed for go. …..and MY GOD….November. People, something this ominous is rare and does not require prophetic predictions. We are in serious trouble as a society / nation- right NOW. -A Trump victory will ignite absolute chaos. -A Trump loss will ignite absolute chaos. You see that math? . The Marxist/globalist/ social engineers are operating from a playbook.

    I truly believe at this point that a global world government is their end game. They are not stupid, but quite the opposite. They are just wicked beyond imagination. Talk with your people about what you need to do. And take this seriously without freaking out and knee-jerk reacting. Be smart. Be wise. Get wise council from those you trust. There’s way too much to type out here in one post…….

    But if we fail to UNITE, our concerns will all be in vain. Do you hear me? IN VAIN. UNITE. Stop in-fighting and UNITE. ALLIED TRIBAL DEFAULT of the true human beings. Make it happen. It starts with you. We need to stand out and separate from those who wish to destroy us and our people.

  3. . Yes–they are planning to come to your neighborhoods. In fact attempts have been made already. Last week there was an attempt on Yucaipa California–but the ANTIFA goons were beaten back and then dozens and dozens of people from the town came out with weapons to protect the downtown district.



    Here’s a post on a neighborhood internet site from Las Vegas. ANTIFA was planning a large-scale attack on a Las Vegas suburb, but here thwarted when police warned the residents who then came out armed to protect their homes….

    A letter from an armed neighbor posted in Las Vegas Emergency. Antifa coming to the burbs.
    Posted in Las Vegas Emergency:

    Ok I was not going to post this as I’m sick of the lies on social media but all of you need to hear what happened here last night. At about 4pm we started getting notices that our outside shopping distract Downtown Summerlin was suddenly closed and evacuated.

    About an hour later we saw online postings shared through the community that said the hell with downtown Las Vegas let’s go to downtown Summerlin and loot and let’s go to the local neighborhoods and destroy them. About 400 heavily armed police showed up and blocked the Downtown Summerlin district and started covering the surrounding streets where we live.

    We saw postings online that specifically called out our neighborhoods for attack. residents were terrified we all have seen what’s happening on TV etc. as a neighborhood we took action. We organized and set up a watch on the Main Street from downtown into our three neighborhoods.

    Yes we were armed and heavily armed but we kept the weapons in our cars.

    A police officer came by and asked if we were locals. We said yes, she asked if we were protecting the neighborhood we said yes. She asked if we were armed we said yes heavily and she asked open carry and we said yes. She then proceeded to tell what to do. She said we were targets of the antifa they were going to try and enter the neighborhood and burn as many cars as possible and damage and loot as many homes as they could. She asked us to tell everyone get cars off the streets and take in anything that could be used as a weapon against a home like potted plants in planters etc.

    She told they had found huge piles of bricks all around downtown and our neighborhood as well as they arrested someone setting up a food and water camp in the desert nearby.
    She said the road was heavily covered by the sheriffs department but if we saw a mob coming to us that meant something bad happened and do not let them into the neighborhood. She was serious. She also said they may try to flank us and come around the back way so keep our eyes open.

    As we waited and watched we noticed the typical antifa punks in their black outfits and helmets. One kept driving by in a car another was on a skateboard and another on a bike. We had another walking they were waking through the neighborhoods and we had lookouts in all three. 704 homes banded together to protect our families and property. We finally decided after bike boy and walking guy made five passes to show them what we got. At that point we took out our weapons and held them down or strapped them to our shoulders.

    We got their attention that’s for sure. Within a few minutes they disappeared. At this point I got notice that one of these peaceful protesters was filling up 8 pallets of glass bottles at the chevron station with gas up the street. People realized he was making a lot of Molotov cocktails and confronted him and he took off. Soon after our show of force the protesters went to a Main Street and got picked up and left except a few who went to nearby neighborhood and attempted some home break ins and were caught.

    So when I see idiots on social media saying that these are peaceful protestors and it’s the President staging this stuff etc I say how dare you.

    Your ignorant stupid blind hatred is disgusting. Never in my life did I think I would have to take up arms to defend my home and my family. These were not right wing militias or any of them other crap you always blame these were hard core anti America socialists intent on causing as much damage as possible. This is not TV or social media I was there and I am angry and getting angrier by the day. This has nothing to do with the BLM movement. The majority of what we saw was 20 something white spoiled punks with CA plates on their cars.

    How dare you socialist antifa piece of ****s attempt to come into my neighborhood and threaten extreme violence. I can tell you if they had gotten in and started destroying things not one would have made it out. We had about 20 other homeowners who wanted to be with us but I feared accidental violence and said if we need you we will call.

    We did not go looking for antifa we did it move from the entrance to our neighborhoods. We stood there ready to protect our families friends and homes.

    Every one of these antifa we saw all dressed the same and all had backpacks and we knew they had bricks in those backpacks. In a split second one of us could have been hit with one of those bricks and it would kill you. The only reason it did not happen is they knew they would be shot.

    I am disgusted by those on social media saying these are peaceful protesters being harassed by the police. Grow the **** up and stop the BS. One Molotov cocktail would take out multiple homes in Vegas in the heat this place is a tinder box.

    Our neighborhood is on the far west side of town a mile from open desert we have nothing to do with anything going on. All of the postings online were kill the rich let’s burn their homes.

    So before another one of you defends these rioters why don’t you walk out into the violence for yourself. My wife was terrified she wanted to take our dogs and leave. How dare you left wing assholes threaten to destroy and kill us.

    I am beyond disgusted with what I am seeing posted. Go watch your CNN and MSNBC and live in your fairy land world but last night was terrifying. Thinking that we could really come
    Under a violent attack and I may have to use a weapon to defend myself and my family. What the hell is wrong with you people. These are not protesters this is not non violent.

    Share this with anyone people need to know the truth of who and what these people are. This is antifa we have their postings we saw it for ourselves they were coming for us and we would have shot every last one of them to protect our families. We got lucky but it will happen in some city soon people will fight back.

    I’m pissed it’s obvious and it’s idiots out there calling these people peaceful and blaming the government and police grow up.


    It is just a matter of time until these thugs are armed and trained up enough to carry out coordinated armed military-style attacks in numbers. Already we have been seeing small ANTIFA groups arming and training themselves–and I believe that this process is on going with these organized groups building force strength with numbers sufficient to carry out operations with on with multiple company sized units.

    I think they will start to target with assassination attacks on conservative media and leaders, conservative local leaders/organizers, conservative owned businesses and their owners and so on and so forth. What you are seeing now is the resurgence of Weather Underground type units-but on a vastly larger scale than that of the 60’s and 70’s. All of them well funded and well organized down to encrypted means of communications.

  4. You all are concerned with the affairs of man. That’s the short game.

    Get right with your maker. There’s the long game.

    Arm up and BLOAT

  5. King Chaz is handing out AR15’s from the back of his Tesla.
    At 800 to `1000 hondos or more per pop–who is funding this?
    Also check out the fek he gives a rifle to–he doesn’t even know how to load it properly.
    Seems like a good place to go up and pry some firepower out of some fek’s cold dead fingers.


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