7 thoughts on “TL Davis: A People Betrayed”

  1. Angry today,
    Might not be tomorrow,
    I doubt it.

    When I was a child my father advised, “when solving a problem, listen to what the majority are saying, then, figure out what the exact opposite of that solution is. Often the blindness of mobs prevent people from seeing *what* the problem actually is, then, with this in mind, consider BOTH.”
    In this case,
    Making the police weaker, softer ,rule laden and more handcuffed or defunded is allowing the intemperate to wreak havoc.

    What would the opposite look like?

    Perhaps an “officer friendly” patrol who come, film and observes mostly and Then decides if the FUCKING BERSERKER POLICE need to be dispatched,
    The BESERKERS will be nameless, faceless, purposely hired psychopaths immune to ANY prosecution while employed.
    No one, not even the officer friendlys will know who these masked nightmares are.
    (Officer friendly will intercede if life or limb is in jeopardy. Otherwise they observe, and politely but firmly ask the offender to cooperate)
    The public need to be endlessly informed that the BERSERKER POLICE have full authority to do ANYTHING they want to maintain order,
    NO act is too outrageous or heinous,
    NO force too much,
    They will arrive in overwhelming FORCE armed to the nuts with anything they want to bring.
    Machine guns
    Hand grenades
    Flame throwers.
    Abrams tanks
    Industrial wood chippers.
    they will burn down your crack house with you in it if you don’t surrender.
    And they will do it immediately after their first demand to surrender is rebuffed.
    Rob some place and *shoot* at “officer friendly” and you. Are. Dead. Here comes the BERSERKERS.They will not stop until you are. Guaranteed.
    They will kill the hostages to get to you.
    Shoot a bazooka into a heroin den.
    Run you over in the streets, killing innocents as well as the guilty.
    They will drop a safe from a helicopter to stop your fleeing car.
    They will machine gun you to hunks of hamburger and then go for a taco.
    Gangs/ drug lords will have to disband or face a full on WAR against the BESERKERS.
    They will have FULL authority to just get it done.
    And full immunity.


    You will stand down now, or I will call the BESERKERS.
    Prison is a vacation compared to what happens next.
    Word will spread,
    They will televise their own mayhem.
    The public will be horrified, but unable to do anything about it but whine.
    Those committing crimes will understand that their time on earth is rapidly coming to a close.
    Yup, Officer Friendly can abuse this.
    KNOW THAT IT CAN BE ABUSED, be on your best, most polite behaviour if you even see a regular policeman.

    This plan allows for those with temperate minds to cooperate, and for those with intemperate minds to exit the gene pool.
    This is what the complete opposite of “what we are doing now”, looks like.
    I think it could work.
    Your pal

    1. Simple minds, overwrought with the distemper of the times, seek simple solutions.

      Typical of the left, an homage to muh feelzguds, but fraught with inclination to injustice and, er, ooops!…… TRYANNY!

      Kill ’em all… God will know his own. Take care of it your own selves. Don’t call a .gov entity… CYA is baked in their cake, Off. Friendly or Berserkers.

      Some assholes burn, loot, beat, rape, murder you and yours?

      Don’t. Call. 911.

      Just handle it like Men.

      Handle it.

    2. Giving the state immunity to kill its citizens if they don’t lick boots properly. Excellent idea. I’m sure it’ll never be used against you. Or innocents.

      Let’s just keep relearning history. It’s more fun that way.

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