8 thoughts on “DTG: Modern Minuteman Kit”

  1. Great overview, yes it’s time. Hate the idea of carrying again, yet I am. If I’m in a vehicle there’s also a rifle and ten 30 mags, or 25 round mags for my .308. ALL my carry ammo, is bleach washed, “deletes ALL DNA, prints. ”

    Have decided, if pushed to shoot, post event, no intentions of calling the poopoo. Being hard core right conservative, I recognize We will be held accountable, not antifa or BLM, or Muslim orginizations.

    Also carry a small bottle of bleach in my truck door panel, to stymie GSR. Fuck the rules. They started it, if I’m in it, it’s cuz they brought it to me.

    Don’t do crowds.


    1. If there was a rule of law or an honest crime lab remaining, forensic evasion could build on that bleach idea thing. Probably shouldn’t put that out, lest there be a run on bleach. Oh, happened already, ich hab mich vergessen.

      An extra FP and extractor are cheap. A spare bolt to replace the one you’ve throwed out of the truck, is more expensive, but quicker to replace on the common rifles.

      Revolvers still have their proper and upcoming niche. Fired cases can be disposed of at your idea of a proper place.

    2. Any and all ammo “loaded” is handled straight from the box, to the mag,
      with gloves…Thought I was somewhat “Grey” by doing this.
      How is the “bleached” method performed ? Sounds like a better route.

      Thank You in advance…

  2. Something no one ever brings up is weapons cleaning gear. I know the AR is a self cleaning rifle and will never be improved on, but how many of you have a cleaning kit on you or in the buttstock? How many of you know how to use a broken shell extractor? Or know how to change gas rings on the bolt? What about extra oil?
    What about some food and water, even 10 minutes of high stress will wear you out and leave you parched.
    I have an MRE sustainment pouch on the back of my plate carrier, inside is a water bladder, nylon G.I. poncho/body bag, weapons cleaning kit, aviator gloves/watch cap, butt wipe/handi wipes in a zip lock and some food.
    No one expects unusual circumstances but these are turning into those, and always try to have backup equipt handy. Mr. Murphy is always watching.
    I always carried 3 flashlights when I went on night dives, just in case he was swimming with us.

  3. 24/7/365 you should be carrying cocked locked and one in the pipe, and have your head on a swivel. Never hurts to be cautious.

  4. Bleach, is applied via a cloth rag, using gloves, each round is hand wiped do not forget the base, or primer area. Once loaded don’t even consider touching it again. ”

    “my ex associates are also wiping their mags, with bleach” we’re retired, and tired of the dumb stuff. You catch me, is one thing, but I’m not calling in my shooting, I’m casually driving or walking, or riding out of the area.

    Weapons, all my Glocks have been stifled, using a hot wood burner set. Easy Peasy. Zero chance of a print. DNA, is possible but highly unlikely.

    Hint, quieter, is better. Some pretty nifty diesel separators available on the net. Oddly enough their the common can thread pitch, I’m told do require a bit of ” porting” on a press. Rumor has it, I used a line bore bar, for consistency.

    Any mom pop shop tools are adequate.



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