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    1. That’s not bravery, that’s brain dead stupidity.
      What was the end goal, to be beaten to a pulp, possibly killed over a red hat full of false promises? Just like that street preacher 2 days before, thinking he was immune to their retaliation.
      Unless you go in for the full win, why get hurt and or crippled to prove nothing. Except as an example of “don’t be that guy”.
      Tomorrow you’re a statistic in the newspaper and the day after, forgotten. Or on life support for the rest of your miserable life.

  1. What strikes me personally (living in a very rural out of the way place and not in my early 70’s) is that it appears that great majority (middle class?, younger group?
    Older folks such as myself, etc.) are not willing (or have been) to push back as this shit storm has rolled out. Normality basis? Cognitive dissonance? Propaganda ‘brain washing’? or maybe, “…just leave me alone and let someone else” take the risks? Looking at the history of the world and other ‘,movements’ it is clear that the movement does not need a majority of the population but only enough to not get involved.
    The only way to stop violence if to meet it with greater violence: it is the way of the world and to that end, with out significant ‘push back’, the majority is screwed. Bend over America: no lube for you because it is not only coming but now here ……… see you on the other side if you (and I) make it ….

    1. Agreed! Violence is the universal language that EVERYONE understands. Words, harsh letters and just general appeasing bullshit means nothing. Appeasing only signals an OK to keep doing what you are doing. Violence needs no translation. Does not need an interpreter. Violence speaks clearly distinctly. No reading between the lines. Violence met with an even greater over whelming violence sends a strong signal. WE the PEOPLE now have to adapt to a culture of preservation. To preserve our culture with an overwhelming viciousness heretofore unseen since the American Revolution and mid evil times. Harden up, harden your hearts. Do WE want our heritage back or not. The alternative is wakanda. YOU, WE must decide now.

  2. From Drudge: (quasi-Sumter) Suspected gunman arrested, identified after man is shot at Albuquerque protest – ‘Protesters in Albuquerque wrapped a chain around the neck of a bronze statue and began tugging and chanting, “Tear it down,” One protester repeatedly swung a pickax at the base of the statue. Their efforts to pull down a monument to Spanish conquistador Juan de Oñate suddenly stopped as four shots rang out.’


  3. Choose your leaders ? Laughable. Hey mom, we’re going to democratically elect our block commander. Put him/her in charge of Us, allow him to allocate our food, our bullets, ALL our preps, and order anybody he wants into suicide missions. And shitty guard shifts. He won’t be standing any cuzzzz he’s to important.

    What’s that, does he own a gun, well a hunting rifle,and a box of shells. does he have his own preps to survive on, wellllll no he and kitty were taking multi vacations every year.

    We will vote to let him control our food. And for his sweet leadership skills, he gets to eat our food. What’s that, ooooo he’s a fantastic car salesman, and an elder at the church.

    O come on Dirk, quit being a asshole about it,, he’s a good man, has he been in the military, wellllllll no, he was 4f, or collage bound. What degree did he get, naaaaa, he met kitty, fell in love and dropped out of college after the ” all clear” legislation passed.

    Gentleman leaders are born, not fucking elected,” look what our ELECTEDleaders have gotten us in DC, a popularity contest straight to the bottom.

    Will be a cold day in hell that I ever allow this shit bag, men or women like him to control or have access to anything I’ve worked my ass of, for.

    Personally I’m not any interest in leadership, other then my own family. And I’ll be go to hell before I follow anything this man or woman has to say. He WILL get you killed.

    If you live in a stick belt house, your screwed. I live in a stick built house, I understand the reality of one gas bomb in a hood will do.


  4. Thought it appropriate to share something happened couple hours ago in my AO.
    First to provide geographical context I live on a 3000ft high elevation remote mountain ridge rural farming community, which requires an 9,5 mile drive up a one lane goat path from an old state route which itself meanders thru miles of remote ridges and hollows, then a turn onto a smaller almost one lane goat path. We have no neighbors we can see except for during stick season, relatively isolated by hundreds of yards between properties, visable thru trees and bush, 2 to be exact. Our county is a tad smaller than 2/3rds the state of Rhode-Island, population approx 2000+, the state of West by G-d Virginia.

    Sitting at my desk looking out a window facing our road, I spied a Ford diesel engine van based style ambulance, well used, about early 2000 vintage, set up as a multi row passenger seat vehicle with side windows at each seat row, color white, all emergency lights removed, with a front left quarter panel and left front passenger door obviously from other vehicles with different paint colors.
    Said van was traveling about walking speed along our road frontage, past our mailbox, then halted at our driveways mouth, sat for about half a minute, engine idling, in drive.
    Visible from my window there where what appeared to be 6, maybe more dark silhouetted head profiles all turned towards our house, each silhouette with two white artifacts where a human’s eyes would be, I spied what appeared to be white teeth behind moving lips also, in contrast to the dark silohuetted heads and shoulders, various arm and hand movements, teeth flasing like would be seen if said mouths where speaking.
    Promptly this van backs up slowly, makes a 4 point turn, and very slowly, 10-15 mph, drives west down mile high straight, on the main goat path, towards the only civilization within 20 miles.
    Please note, I’m not native to this land, come from the great white north of NH, been here going on 15 years, in our time we know of no dark skin color West Virginian’s residing in our county, so it is reasonable to state a van with people who have what appears to be black shoe polish covering their exposed face neck and scalp, or could have been very dark cloth masks covering the entirety of their heads but with mouth and eye openings, is to put is plainly, an unusual happening. I have not witnessed this van previously. Curious to put it plainly. Very curious in light of events of late, as in there are no coincidences in globo=pedo world events.

    This probably needs no telling, but it is germane, as I am aware as most reading this most likely are, there is a myriad of not so subtle and some very explicit threats, and promises, from certain actors involved in present violent and terrorist social festivities, who have made statements on certain social network platforms and video/media resources, sympathetic to the obvious political values of said actors, where they and their compatriots are intent on leaving their urban enclaves, arriving in rural and farming areas, and where they find people who have American flags displayed, who are also of white Christian complexions, and obvious race heritage, they promise to burn down our properties, kill our livestock, and hold us responsible for supposed transgressions, pertaining to various acts involving tribe, civilization, and race orientated bigotry, crimes of slavery, the death of thousands of their particular race and or tribe, both present and as far back as the great ancients, of our 2000 year culture of Western Christian Athenian, Greco/Roman history, which we of our race and heritage has been inexcusably accused of committing.
    A grudge.
    Or not, but having the obvious false narrative and revised altered historical truth, created out of whole cloth to provide illegitimate legitimacy to media and intelligentsia lies created to give credence and or excuse to race/civil/class call for violence, committing murder, instigating pogrom, and threatening of genocide, targeted against my culture, codes, history and traditions, against my and my loved ones, my community, our ways of life.

    Make what of this you please.
    I felt it a viable notion and, yes, duty, to my fellow American Americans to share my experience in a calm rational honest pen with others who may have interest in what I sped today with my eyes.
    If you require clarification of my account, refer to Occam’s Razor, this theory of basic critical thinking is handy and provides context upon which to formulate your own opinion or other.

    As always,

    1. Regardless of my history of being a son of a bitch, when it comes to commenting, I certainly don’t wish any harm to befall you and yours at the hands of toxic-waste communists, statists, and their foot-soldiers. At a minimum, you need to slip out after dark, and set up as a one man LP…….every night or whenever possible, for the duration.

      1. I agree on the LP, if you have backup. Sitting by yourself in the woods trying to cover 360′ around yourself and nobody to help out is kind of a bleak proposition.
        And what if they have NODS?
        What’s your backup plan?

    2. Thanks for the heads up, looks like it’s time to start standing fire watch if you have reason to believe you’re being watched. And not just in front of the house. Get those intrusion devices up and monitored.
      Scary times are upon us.

  5. no one comes on or off this island without being recorded and watched…

    antifa?… LOLOLOLOL

    burn the Fusa to the ground with everyone in it 🙂

    let the peepul kill themselves off fighting for the last can of beans, then go in and sweep away any remaining living refuse into piles for use as garden fertilizer

    tfA-t hath commandeth it so

    1. “let the peepul kill themselves off fighting for the last can of beans….”

      Now that sounds like FUN!

  6. fishing line and old cans make an excellent early warning system if you don’t have manpower to cover the entire perimeter.
    You could also consider cultivating certain plants, like poison ivy and/or wild roses, in certain locations.

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