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    1. These guys will protest that their warriors, fighting an information war. Some liberal fucking judge will slap their hands.

      I hope for accountability, I don’t believe society will get it, after all their communists to the fucking bone. The retired police captain, should be sentenced to prison, period,,,, housed in main population.

      His education will start then. BUBBAs butt buddy, if he isn’t already.


      Dirts very very very unhappy with what’s being allowed to happen, Dirt has no illusions about who exactly is behind this, our very own gov.

    2. Yeah, read that too. Cancel culture steps up to the next level. From other accounts its got the looks of becoming a wave of a new kind of white collar criminal corruption and extortion. What they where doing to the couple in Natick Ma. is pure extortion by domestic terrorism.

      They look like neo-apparatchiks, that they are in control of corporate intelligence and security departments also looks like early beginnings of secret police state actors.
      Bet dollars to donuts they migrated from the IT departments that have been infested and controlled by trolls and agent provocateurs since the obama regime’s early citizen surveillance programs. WP Insects gone wild. Quite full of themselves and their moral superiority, for now highly annonymous and untouchable behind their corporate fronts.

      Kind of reminds me of the deep state palace coup teams of the weaponized DOJ CIA and FBI, possibly from whence this cancer originated. Be interesting to find out if any of them are previously employed federal deep-state/obot stay behind scumbags who where shit-canned after 2016.
      The earlier unholy alliance between the weaponized police state intelligence surveillance apparatus’s and ATT, Faceborg etc, might be another origin of this particular corporate cancer.

      Seems this convergence is incredibly contagious, it’s like hi-test Karen heroine, one fix of this kind of raw naked petty power and they become hooked on the absolute power euphoria. We pretty much witnessed the same thing at state and city level the absolute power displayed by governors and mayors of the panic-demic farse.
      Got the appearances of a mental sickness thats spreading like wildfire, running rampant thru-out the corporate inner sanctums.
      Did this SJW culture get loose or migrate from the factory and tech company’s “human resources” departments SJW’s convergence of the late 90’s early 2000’s? Of so, its spreading like a virus, taking on pandemic proportions, soon to take over every boardroom, maybe slither its way into the banksters domain, which should be really interesting. After all this is all globo=pedo’s creation. Now that would be an interesting and poetic nemesis.

      Ultimate Karens with corporate power and money?
      These scumbags have the stench of the cult of neo-bolsheviks, like meet the new corporate Nomenklatura class, who are the future class of managers for the masters of the universe globo=pedo clown show. Similar in ways to the Nomenklatura of the old Russian Soviet employed as their corporate slave class minions handling day to day order of communist Russia.
      China has their own particular style to draw upon for comparison sake, who are highly developed, have Mao’s kultural revolution as their foundation, with the Asian tyrant bent of lack of empathy for human life and their genocidal experience to draw from. And since they have agents infested many aspects of political and corporate America, might the commie chinks be actually training individuals to work as Manchurian Candidates?

      The amerikanized example in that article portends other crap, like what happens once these actors learn the ropes of how to employ extortion racketeering for lucre and power. Bet you these scumbags got caught because they are amateurs at this corruption game.
      Imagine Google and other tech monopolies totally converged controlled by this type of neo-bolshevik management class. The potential scale of money and influence to be gotten is like blood in the water to a school of man eater sharks.

      Good thing its got the built in self extinction element. Eat out its own existence, one more dynamic leading to the institutional order burning itself to the ground.
      Rather ugly and nasty too, forever corrupting corporate America, like the states and feds controlled by the leftists, never to be trusted by the dirt people again. Globo=pedo with parallels of Hobbes Leviathan. A corporate/crony septic tank is built on a foundation which can not hold up the weight of mind boggling corruption. It’s implosion is inevitable. Other peoples money is running out. The withdrawal of consent by dirt people is reaching a critical mass. This “cord cutting” and stepping back into meat space, going system D, re-birth of local local local, highly detrimental to globo=pedo’s agenda.

      It’s absolutely fascinating witnessing this taking place.
      As they say Moah! Faster Bitchez!

  1. So…are these guys gonna ‘declare war’..and if so,..on what??…


    Maybe this guy?…err..probably not….


    Maybe this ‘stunning and brave adipose enhanced pioneer’ will venture forth to…ah..skip it!!…


    Maybe this group…OH HELL NOOOO!!! The ‘Soy-Ometer’ is pegging just like the gals
    are going to later ‘peg’ their ’emotional support friends’ sitting next to them (and all
    the gal’s WILL be fantasizing about being violently taken by Shauntille, Treivaarius,
    Pooky and Rayray and Jaamuul)


    Maybe this guy…ULP..blarrrgh..NOOO!!! Expect however to see him at your local Wally-World
    as a ‘Greeter’ where he’ll proudly tell you about being soooo special in the ‘Special Olympics’ for eating a WHOLE container of Nutella with just his hands and tongue…he WILL also show you his ‘prize’ if you haven’t walked away yet…


    And finally, this contender…yes, MEN like him are the answer!


    Unfortunately actual competent and serious MEN have been demonized
    by nearly ALL quarters of society via the (((controlled media))) and (((THEIR)))
    other societal elements…look at what just happened in ‘Neu yet still stinky Old

    And as Jeff Foxworthy once said, “And that’s why we cain’t have nice things anymore!!”

    You MAY be able to salvage something from your various AO’s…just realize that
    the various local badged orcs and orcettes that work FOR the parasite class won’t
    want you to be able to be effective at doing so..or even let you do so…

    How you handle THAT ‘bump in the road’ is up to you……

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

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