2 thoughts on “Essential Bracken”

  1. I remember when Matt originally posted this piece. Very appropriate for the time period and some of it still stands tall in that regard. However I think it needs a refresh:

    * Once the violence starts the commute will be online for those that can. Just consider the impact that CoVid had on traffic, it nearly disappeared. Same will happen after the 2nd or 3rd flash mob occurs in a locale.

    * That means for those that have to commute the lanes of opportunity many and the bottlenecks less. You know what they say if you know that you are going to hit a deer.

    * Drones, lots of them, released as a heat seeking swarm against the mob:

    “The strike team approaches the prearranged high point looking down on the mob. The spotter pulls back the cover of the bed and hits the activate button. The driver with an app on his phone indicates the general direction for the swarm to approach. From the launch platform hundreds of drones spew forth and head to the intersection. Each bot is equipped with chlorine capsule capable of blinding a person on impact. And impact they do, singly or in pairs seeking out the heat signatures of the mobbers. Running is not escape as one or more drones follow like a group of africanized bees.

    By the time that the last drone has impacted the strike team is half way to a prearranged rally point.”

    * I don’t think Matt will have to worry about the EBT system failing. EBT is a token for food, but not the food itself which is a critical distinction. I point that out because one could have a full EBT card and not be able to eat as there is no food on the shelves. In our current BLM malaise the truckers have already put cities on notice that they will not take a load into any urban area that has disbanded the police force. Like say, Minneapolis.

    1. A more likely EBT scenario too is that the card is filled but inflation has so destroyed the economy that there’s nothing to buy, or the $100,000 in EBT bucks isn’t enough to buy a $500,000 can of spam.

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