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From over the transom:


     I was heartened by how quickly the last meme made it to post.  However, this short email is entirely different.  In looking at a number of antifa/BLM group actions, they all seem to be fanatics of cameras.  Those cameras are a force multiplier for them, and they have significant personnel devoted to that task.
     A question that I cannot yet answer is, “what is the alternate task these “camerapersons” have?  If their role is hindered, what do they do?
     Now, consider the following:
     This will come to pass.  Camera lenses also exhibit what is known as “retroreflectivity”, where a laser beam will bounce back to the source if it hits a lens.  This is used in some devices to find lenses (items like this https://tplogic.com/beam-85/ )
     Torrey Pines Logic is/was run by a guy who (full disclosure) I met at the rough onset of GWOT.  His stuff then seemed to largely be Russian gear in a nicer case. 
     Consider as well that these antifa/BLM ruckuses are propaganda events above all else.  The propaganda needs to be seen to be effective.  A potential counter is to employ smoke or other technical means of optical interference.  Something like https://store.enolagaye.com/us/p/eg18-high-output-smoke-grenades/?attribute_pa_color=black&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIof2O5-uH6gIVCTiGCh15FQEnEAQYASABEgI4NPD_BwETake a look at their “cloud size guide” for indications of magnitude.  See also  https://store.enolagaye.com/p/mil-x-smoke-grenade/  and  https://store.enolagaye.com/p/sd75/  for possible civilian available means to be able to “break contact”.
     A potential counter for aggressive cameras is either “silly string” or gel shave cream sprayed onto a hand held camera.  Both are pretty harmless, the gel shave cream is probably easier to keep at hand with no questions.  Spray cooking oil would do nicely as well.  I suppose saline fluid thrown on a phone also would not be too awful.

Side note- since PD can readily get all the cell phone data (DRTBOXES) of who was there, why the has PD not used that to roll up the entire organization?  THAT is a very interesting question.  That data will reveal who was there, who they call/are called by.  Police perhaps are the foil to the main actor, a dupe.

     ——————————- TEAR LINE ———————————————–

     It is my assessment that the rioters and insurrectionists will continue their activities to generate operational & readiness fatigue in metro police forces.  They seem to be succeeding at that task.
     They will likely use the symbolic nature of the 4th of July to pull an all-out “Tet offensive”, and the rest of the summer will be consolidation of gains and opportunistic pushes out to select suburbs.
     Parties unknown (who fit the selected insurrectionist profile & MO) have already been seen scouting my own suburban enclave, 3 MUY (hat tip, Bracken) in a small SUV, 2 in front, MUY in back filming, driving slowly.  They did not seem to be trying to be low key.  All that was missing was bass music and the smell of weed.

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  1. Their “play book” is antifa EU, you want to understand their tactics, review that doc, think it’s still up. Understand” many if not all of these culls” ARE on someone’s pay roll. Hired via CraigsList in larger city hubs.

    If I were going for them, I see their logistics, their transport buses, their poop trailers, and their food wagons as prime legit targets. Couple of rifle rounds into the rear engined buses, should stop the buses right their. AP if you have access.

    Fuck up their ride home, in a smaller community with zero bus service, maybe rail transport, and no airport. You own these piles of human shit.


  2. Scouting. About a year ago a van that looked to be an ice cream neighborhood vending van slowly & very steadily drove up our isolated street and back down. No one came out because we don’t have ice cream vendors here. His music played announcing his presence and steadily he moved on never stopping because by the time anyone figured he was selling ice cream he was gone. Many would call me racist for stating the driver was a black man but I no longer care what they call me as ‘they’ do not define ‘me’. At the time I thought it would be a slick way to map out an area with discreet mounted cameras and a slow, by necessity, vehicle. Was he scouting & filming? Don’t know but never saw him again. Got my attention though. If so then their plans have been in the works for some time; plan accordingly.

    1. I would like to know the OP’s general AO since he thinks that it is being ‘scouted.’
      If he is reading this–please give us a clue.

      I have no doubt that up-scale urban areas will be targeted, all that is required is that they form-up a company sized, armed unit to cover their looters and burners . This I believe is in the works.

      I posted an alarm on another thread from Summerville Nevada (suburb of Las Vegas) where the police warned the residents in advance that they would be targeted–advised them all to ‘open carry’ and sure enough, scouts arrived on bikes and cars to scope out the situation. Attack was thwarted.

      Yucaipa Ca (short distance from San Bernadino) was targeted a couple weeks back–two bus loads of ANTIFA showed up. Bikers showed up and chased half of them away–the other half got the shit beat out of them. Search Yucaipa-ANTIFA on YouTube for video.

      Also a town in gold-country Ca. was going to be hit, that is until Hell’s Angels came up. Game was over at that point.

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