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  1. I’m a glass more than half full American American Patriot.
    The institutional fails and corruptions are a positive sign they need to be gone. If they wjere anti-fragile institutions of positive Liberty Freeman orientations they would have survived attempts to waylay and destroy them.
    Great thing is our avowed enemies are doing the grunt work taking them out. By the time Trump is re-instated as the god emperor, or not, don’t matter, the slate is wiped clean.

    Freemen don’t need inalienable law enforcers.
    A job we used to handle local, we gave up that responsibility, you see the fruits of that. Our enemies are doing us a boon making inalienable law armed badged leg-breakers irrelevant. Another institutional job welfare and Karen breeding Danegeld government orifice done.
    In that and other plague of locust agents eating out our existence done.
    Freemen are always properly armed and prepared to do their duty derived from natural unalienable law.
    And this applies across the board in literally every facet in the sphere of our lives if we are 100% responsible for our life and lives in our AO.
    There are no excuses now, thats another slate our enemies have wiped clean.
    It was that our enemies had for a time gulled us into leaving to their meddling every facet in the sphere of our lives, in fact, this facet & sphere definition is the original description of the Soviet Nomenklatura class who owned Russia in fee simple. The virus chinks hold this distinction currently. The interesting thing here involves the analogy of how once you take everything from a man he is then totally free. In once again becoming prudent responsible Freemen, the power over every facet in the sphere of our lives and activities returns to us, in fee simple. Pretty awesome back-fire upon our self anointed rulers.

    Do we require “government”?
    Me, no fuckin’ way. I can live by my druthers, I have the personal resources and skills, values virtues, codes and knowledge, the education to do quite well thank you without a governing artifact interfering in my life. I already live as close as it is possible and have a rich fulfilling life with so little government now. All that remains is pretty easy to use to my advantage or outfox. Thank you very much. A step further out is much a done deal.

    The institutional orders do not determine my priorities and the agents of this order do not either.
    I wish I could safely reveal many details because they are good things to share, learned from decades of effort, a life really, thinking outside the institutional envelope.

    From personal life experience, I know that it is the dirt people who ever can effect positive change in this world. I know too this is true because us dirt people would not be the existential enemy of the institutional order to begin with. Simple truths as this are the important truths.

    Also know this by my words, and by evidence all around. My eyes do not lie. Those who would kill us for our good folks ways, they create nothing. You could say they create turmoil, chaos etc, that would be a proper observation, maybe paradoxically, its not so, as chaos and turmoil etc are created because they destroy everything they touch. It is what they do.
    Even so, they id not create this great civilization of ours, create the science, arts, industry, wealth, medicine, technology, they do not farm, raise livestock, mine valuables from the earth, gather trees to make all the wonderful products we have, drill for oil and dig coal out of mother earth that the technology is used to make the energy so valuable used for our way of life far less mean brutal, short and hard.

    Lot of shit needs fixing and doing away with, the institutional order exists to keep the institutional order going now, just as the swamp exists now to maintain its illusion and farce of legitimacy going. Looks like they have reached the point of diminishing return, as in its requiring more resources to maintain the institutions than the institutions can garner. Lot of institutional inertia, these leviathans can run on quite awhiles from that inertia. Longer they do, the more fragile they are and when they fail finally they collapse so quickly if your not looking right at them when it happens you miss it taking place. That is the nature of illegitimate institutions and their inalienable power.

    Look at the FBI and the rest involved in the palace coup. The clintons trail of murdered associates and enemies. Their insidious crime syndicate and treason for dollars. All the rest, from the obama regime to soros. Ruby Ridge to Waco. Fast & Furious, Oklahoma City 911 etc, we need no stinking convictions to know the whole institutional order is completely fucked. Born out of weaponizing all the things. Never to possess legitimacy again. Toast. Kaput! People know this truth. Nothing can take that awareness away once gained and realized. It is what it is. The institutional order has failed. In totality. How do you fix such a mind job anyways?

    All things considered, this is the SHTF we all wondered about for so long. Not when. But now. Apocalypse Now. Armageddon, is a place and time, it teaches. Ragnorak is the end of the gods and all things. The Chinese Mandate of Heaven. How Water Empires last for centuries, and one tiny push from the outside and they crumble.

    The first thing came to my mind when the chink-flu panic-demic was foisted on us is this is the best thing could happen. Then the so called color revolution the false flag riot nitwits are running, talk about the best thing could happen. Again, back-blast. all sorts of folks who would otherwise remain blissfully self imposed ignorant are questioning the institutional order, this is like hornet spray to these red diaper insects running this stupidity. The once mighty unquestionable institutional order of deep state/globo=pedo like WHO and Dr. Farce are a joke in ways unimaginable before 1-20-2020.
    It takes so little to withdraw your consent, sometimes people hardly if at all realize it for what it is, in some ways that makes it even more the most powerful weapon ever devised against the assholes running shit and their precious institutional order. The jokes on the clueless Darvos elites, they are busy with those little pinkies in the air as they sip their champagne and toast their masters of the universe circle jerk.
    Funny thing, kind of got this suspicion the same useful idiots ripping the institutional order to shreds is the same ones who may end up chasing those Darvos clowns down and ripping them to gobbetts. It would be poetic. After all its the Darvos crowd of clowns who created those useful idiots. And us dirt people we are not an easy target, millions of us are armed to the fucking teeth. Its not a difficult thing after all these years of preparedness mindset and thinking for us to defend ourselves, those useful idiots are like berserkers of old, they are in a state, they want to destroy, kill, destroy, they been literally bred for it its an army of free shit retarded savages bred for one thing, and generations of them brainwashed, made savages, their inner human evil nurtured, cultivated, a monster created. It’s going to do what its bred to do. If it can not have its savage urges satisfied on us dirt people, remember its a lazy beast, handed everything on a solver platter, it knows no serious hardship, its never had to earn a paycheck, raise a family, pay off the loan sharks for 30 years at three times the principle, it begins to run up against armed dirt people who do not back down and kill, its gonna run so fast for easy meat we will see a cloud of dust, and now that globo=pedo has unleashed this mob, they are going to discover its this really fickle beast.
    Would that be something now.
    Even funnier, is those useful idiots need those institutional orders to survive in any semblance of the life they enjoy, and its advantages, now. The Darvos stools, they REALLY need their institutional orders.
    All along, as millions are figuring out, as they join The Honorable Resistance, we are the ones who got no use for those institutional orders, and our enemies are in effect our best allies, in that they are destroying what all along we needed to rid ourselves of as Freemen.


    Think, give it a good think.
    How long is BLM and antifa or whatever jackass thing gets pulled out of the clown shows arse, is going to last when they come lookin’ to as they are threatening, burn down our property, kill our livestock, makes us white folks pay.
    Not one would ever be seen again after trying that stuff up on this ridge here.
    Only the trees would know where their bones lay.
    Guarantee it.

    Watch how fast they choose easier less lethal victims.
    I think they hoped for this new age neo-bolshevik man, ended up with spoiled useless getto rats and pasty soi boy red diaper babies with the vocabulary and thinking of a parrot.

    My bucks on me and my friends and family.
    We been preparing for this for decades, refining our mindsets, acquiring useful skills, training, we have been forced to live with less, thru lean times, years long layoffs, we create tangible things with our hard won resources. We know this shit. Its our sons and brothers who went and learned learn wage 4G war, some who have incredibly made it their mission to teach the rest of us to teach each other how to be citizen soldiers, not Army Warriors, but 4th Generation warfare thinkers and doers, like open source insurgency, a unique kind of leaderless resistance. People such as myself, I hunt things in their environment, I kill them, and cut them up for food too. I’m good at it. Been at since I can remember. I like to do it. I’ve developed whole skills, techniques, built an array of weapons in which I have refined and focused the features I desire to fine edge. I am only one man.
    There are millions, I am happy to be like, in their good company.
    We do not go looking for a fight. In fact we are the most reluctant, the most prudent of men. God bless us for there we go, you you try to fuck with us, burn down our homes, kill us.

  2. Respectfully differ. 245 years ago “no one” came either. Right now we’re at around 1760. Learn from history.

  3. FYI – ZeroHedge capitulated and has started heavy moderation of the comments section. Lots of profiles/comments being deleted. Sad that (((they))) got Tyler to grovel before their demands.

    1. Obviously (((the globalists))) knew WHERE to grab and exert ‘pressure’…
      They took one look at him, and Tyler felt his ‘moneybags’ being gripped
      and twisted virtually and none too gently!!

      Not at all surprised to see it happen..except to say that I am surprised
      that it took (((them))) this long to notice and then ‘act’….

      Kind of like that recent ‘video project’ that (((they))) put out that
      CA showed on the previous iteration of this blog; the one where
      they’re calling for other minorities to hate and ostracize whites.

      I’d venture to say that it was (((them))) that put pressure on wordpress
      to go ‘Full Nuclear Option’ and take out WRSA recently.

      And still, people DON’T see (((them))) for what (((they))) are..and what (((they))) do….
      and have ALWAYS done…..

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

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