One thought on “They Have A Plan”

  1. Indeed, TINVOWOOT, voting was never for getting ourselves out of anything, it was intended as the peaceful means of never getting ourselves into a position where we needed to vote our way out of anything to begin with.
    And that gets us to the next form of voting. Withdrawal of our consent. The most powerful weapon ever devised. Along with our rifles, we are the most powerful form of power which exists.
    They would not be attempting the impossible task of getting rid of us White Bitter Clingers if the above was not the truth of us, and “THEM”, (The Human Extinction Movement).
    Never heard anyone call our enemy smart. Cunning yes. Relentless OK. Sly, indeed. Stupid? Not exactly, there seems to be no adequate language to define this dead end branch of the human species, yet maybe thats just it, dead end. Eventual extinction of a sub-species.
    They certainly have like a virus infested everything. To give THEM credit, “In war there is a certain quality to quantity all its own”
    Species WP Insects.

    “They”, during my early years as a certain generation of American Americans, proscribed all and any leaders the dirt people could choose freely and be inspired by and look towards for guidance and secure their faith in country and themselves. This is always been a very important objective in the agenda of the so called long march. After all, they snuffed JFK. The list of leader figures representing the codes, values, history and legacy of the Men of The West who have been tirelessly attacked has grown to include anything and everything representing us as Men of The West and our awesome civilization. The great fuck you of 2016 included
    Yesterday, 1 million dirt people requested tickets to President Trump’s Oklahoma rally. Lets go out on a limb and for arguments sake suppose, including all who desire but for reasons by the thousands could not attend a Trump rally, spread out over the lower 48, near a million Deplorable’s try to purchase tickets, the maffs is simple, 48 states X’s 1 million equals 48 million Deplorable’s. Not unreasonable, being the truth back in 2016 64 million Deplorable’s voted against She who they thought could never loose.
    Imagine where we would be if otherwise?

    There is not many things which cause THEM to become unhinged, deranged to a state of berserker with hate and envy, and the desire to kill all who refuse to come to the human extinction movements call.
    Because, Kill the Deplorable’s, Kill The White Daemon’s, is about all they can do to the Deplorable’s. After 50 decades of red diaper baby bullshit designed to liquidate American Americans, we are still here. We still got guns. We still withdraw our consent. We Defy!
    We, the deplorable’s, are not effected by the strategy and tactics of fear weaponized, it is why we are Deplorable’s, why She who they thought could never loose rightfully fears and holds unlimited contempt for we the dirt people of fly over nation.
    Quantrary to yellow media false narratives of late the only successful grass roots, genuine open source insurgency driven color revolution to happen here, began on 11-8-2016. An addendum to our color revolution, took place on 1-20-2020, it was armed to the fucking teeth. I went, I was there, 50,000 armed to the teeth shitlords, as is with 64 million Deplorable’s, are not wrong. Most germane here is this plurality is legion. It is beginning to grok it is a plurality with power no usurper nor tyrant can ever possess, as was intended to begin with in our history, because it is the ultimate in power, ultimate in legitimacy, (it is also the paradigm of 4th Generation War writ large: 4G war is war of legitimacy), Legitimacy Armed To The Fucking Teeth, and as it coagulates into a plurality which withdraws its whole consent, it takes on a life force, becomes self aware it is a plurality to begin with, it transforms itself into a Legion, this is the paradigm of the greatest danger to globo=pedo
    If there is one thing the Men of The West, so succinctly referred to as American Americans, are exceptionally good at thru 2000 years of history, is not going into that long good night. Is it then any wonder why our symbols of our history must be eradicated at all costs? You got to be special kind of crazy not to be afraid of our great citizen warrior history and inborn nature. The list of usurpers who have fallen to our warrior nature constitutes the underlying foundation of most of western history.
    Dismiss we Freemen at your risk. Fret resistance is futile, cry all is lost, that is inconsequential, chicken shit to be exact, to the manifest indomitable nature of us as individuals and as a plurality, after all we are still here quietly observing events, as the weakest and foolish naturally go down in flames, a most target rich environment. Strategically, as globo=homo and its minions crash against these unwilling and ignorant dupes, another brand of cannon fodder, with a clown show of crisis actors and false flag events, the military axiom regarding never interrupt your enemy as they are making mistakes makes great sense. Besides, winning the rhetorical and political, the proscribed/approved narrative war is not winning the war of genocide against the plurality, the Legion. To win in this “Warr”, as in Hobbesian Warr, you must put boots on the ground, put a rifle in their hands, and take, then hold territory, there is no other way short of dropping nukes to take and hold the kind of territory involved in liquidating the dirt people in the globo=pedo’s term, “The Unsecured Spaces”, aka, flyover nation. A tall order by any standard of military arts.

    As a dirty stinking commie you must, you have to kill everyone of us dead, give each of us the commie dirt nap.
    A truth of us, they gingerly and slyly skirt, we are armed to the fucking teeth, as they throw everything and the kitchen sink into baiting the Legion into a shooting war of extermination. They had 50,000 of us in the bag in Richmond on 1-20-2020. They blinked. They had us right where they needed us. They choked. They could not have asked for a finer collection of bitter clingers. They backed off. They could have created any narrative, and false flag circumstances, to justify taking us out. They chickened out.
    I was there. You could see it happen. They de-conflicted. Whatever plans they had, they shut it down. The relief was palpable, you could see it plain as the sun in body language, tactical stance, the state of situational awareness of op-force changed, it was subtle sure, but watching it happen was totally sublime.
    Who has an army of 50,000 self armed & equipped, provides its own ammunition, training, vittles, transportation, all the logistics of a regimental brigade, that can get itself from point A to point B, effeciently, quickly, unimpeded by its logistics tail or political interference, doing it totally leaderless, yet with a common mission of armed prudent defiance, that has the fucking balls to stand up openly to the regime and put it’s head in the beasts mouth and dare it to start shit?
    Imagine 50,000 US military soldiers and their logistical requirements doing the same.
    Go ahead, I’ll wait.
    For days.

    An inherent component of the Men of The West’s nature, our codes, our innate natural prudence, is not being drawn into a fight on the enemies terms at a time and place of their choosing. Examples abound. The ability to be patient, tolerant of a myriad of injuries insults and trespasses against our persons honor and codes, gives us a warrior stature second to none. These great warrior virtues are from our history, ling learned-hard won. Institutional memory, cultural memory, civilizational memory, historical memory, best of all, Legacy. BLM, antifa, all the sordid minions and lickspittles, scalawags, and karens, ain’t none of them have these qualities of character. Virtues? Don’t make me laugh till I choke, please.

    These actors strategy dictated by the demands, and limitations, of their marxian ideological farce, and the tactics derived are a dead horse, never having bared worthy fruit, poison fruit yeah, bumper crops of it, consuming vast treasure and resources, and most precious of all, time. Time is for them is a critical resource, though it does not stop them from doubling down and repeating the same mistakes over and over. It is when the desired outcomes fail to materialize, that time can never be replaced.
    To put it frankly, that fat lady ain’t even warming up, she isn’t even in the building.

    It’s easy, and in certain ways grossly lazy thinking, along with fertile ground for trolls and agent provocateurs, to contend what the yellow media portrays as THE narrative, represents American Americans. Nothing is further from the truth. How could anybody else possibly tell you what your priorities should be?
    Our zeitgeist, the plurality we are and our recognition of such power we have is legion, they really do not know us and our indomitable spirit, they can not understand such a thing, they would not be what they are if they did, they do not for all their cunning and ruthlessness understand how mean good folks get when they violate our codes.

    Liberty, individual and ordered, is hard. Liberty is the single most dangerous thing to hold to and live. It requires nerves of steel, indomitable will, people of focus, creativity and critical thinking, the most responsible prudence for ones actions imaginable, for nothing like it has before occurred in human history, those who are truly Freemen possess motive power unlike any, an audacity that screams, unfettered action is it’s god father, which after much soul searching and communion with prudence and ones mortal faith, the recourse to arms and violent means of redress are far more evolutionary than revolutionary, the proof abounds in both wars of secession, why 1609, 1775, 1859…tick…tock… why 11-8-16 and 1-20-20, this third war of secession from the institutional order State underway may be the pivotal point in this war against our free will and liberty begun in Jamestown, 1609.
    I’s no coincidence they created out of whole cloth the revisionism, its foul humanism, they call the 1619 project.
    All examples of our Liberty derived existence must be eradicated, and why that truth of us is under all out attack in order to destroy and disappear this truth of us and our natural freedoms and liberty, in particular our innate natural born nature to resist and defy. Its in our bones and blood, runs thru our veins. It is why this is a Warr of extermination. We and our natural will to power of Freemen can not be permitted to exist, even one of us can be allowed to survive, because this is all it takes, just one mind of a Freeman to cause the rebirth of liberty and its ideas.
    Be aware, as all cultures and civilizations, all have something which they are centered around, Our Rifles are the center of Our History

    Believe you me, if little old us Deplorable’s, we the dirt people, if we are toast, Kaput, our Rifles meaningless, our will dominated, our motive power to remain prudent depleted, our great audacity spent, if we where not the total existential threat to globo=pedo’s precious one world dominion, if we are not indeed all that stands in their way, none of this comic false flag, patently obvious crisis as a means, hilariously predictable marxist tripe staged order out of chaos fake crap going down would not be.

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