11 thoughts on “Meet Your New Commissar”

  1. Just another fucking NIGGER!. You want to solve problems, I’m in. Na you are looking to promote yourself, make up problems, social issues.

    I coined a phrase 30 years ago, ” Their’s no promotion, Like self promotion,this Nigger has used his hatred to propel himself, to self importance. Right out of ” Rules for Radicals”.

    I refuse to be held Hostage for others, words and actions. After all, isn’t this why we teach history, so the same mistakes are never made again.,,,,,,,,, o wait, I got ahead of myself.


    1. We’re not taught history, we’re taught myths and lies, following agendas for the special ones, and the masses comply.
      Now we’re a nation of brainwashed proles who haven’t a clue what truth is. The only history we know is of deceit.

      1. Amen, brother. And, the reason we took up the duty and went to war, was to watch all this fucking circus as we embark on the evening of life? Fuck all this. If “they” don’t like it here in traditional America, they can go somewhere else and do whatever the fuck “they” want. Or, “they” can sit down and shut the fuck up. But “they” should stop reminding us that we need to take out the trash. No rest until chores are done, my friends. And as for all of their “linking arms and kneeling in solidarity” – we are very close to “us” all linking arms (and ammo belts) in solidarity. And yes, I know some of the punks who visit here will talk their usual shit. All I ask of them is:
        “come and say it to my face, bitch”. Please.

  2. “Things will start to get better when the last indignant buggy-whip maker is strangled with the entrails of the last commissar.” – Billy Beck, 8 December 2008

  3. 0321, MTN, only thing gonna fix this is kill em all. Zero mercy, cut their,fuckimg heads of and stick em on a pike. Tell everybody you remove that head, well come back,and kill the rest of you.

    0321, apology s, you are correct, our history is a bold face lie.


    1. Dirk,
      I knew we could agree on something besides liquor.
      Until we can turn our history around and the masses wake up to what’s been done to them, we’re still pretty much fuk’d. It takes education and awareness, and a seething hatred for those that fuk’d you to make radical changes, but it might still be possible.

      1. I believe it was said here years ago, brothers. It will be “all of us, or all of them.” Not good choices for them, even at this point. Simply because I am an older guy, does not make them out of range.

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