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  1. I read this trash yesterday. I loved the line about UNRELIABLE news sights like Brietbart, zerohedge, and RT. I wouldn’t take a free subscription to there rag even to line the bottom of my birdcage. The Washington Post all the propaganda fit to print strait from the CIA or whatever other alphabet soup agency they are spreading their collective legs for. As they get called all the time PRESSTITUTES.

  2. “…studies the antivax movmement and other extreme groups…”

    What mook would trust Bill Gates at this point?

  3. So an event the Big Bugaloo is now a “movement?” Only a lying leftist liberal could come up with that.
    So those two shooters who shot the lawmen, what was their motivation? I doubt it was connected with any rational people preparing for the final collapse.

    They don’t know how to conveniently categorize us non-communists and after “right wing” they only have the modifier “extremists.” Wow, individualism no longer exists in their minds and policies.

  4. and just like that, they went from the 3% to the Boogaloos……….

    1. When I heard that moniker a couple of weeks ago, and had no idea what it meant, I knew it was time to pull up WRSA and check in. From whence did that term come?

      1. Not sure, I think it was somebody here. Our host CA would know.

  5. Now, that’s funny right there…..
    Also what is a jackalope ?
    If you mate a jackalope with a boogaloo do you get a jackaloo or a boogalope ?
    If you rub the two remaining brain cells of three liberals, do you spark synaptic function ?
    If you fart in the general direction of a progressive will you be accused of assault with Covid-19?
    Caution: spark + fart = boom (chaka-laka!)

    1. Are you the same Shinmen of Uncle Bob’s little corner of the universe? Used to hang around there some. Have seen you post on a few other alt sites. Several seem to take issue with you interfering with their manic posting of videos, poems and Bible versus on Burning Platform..lol.

  6. Who handed this unclassified version of the Report to the Washington Post? Fedbois are unclever.

  7. It delights me that the experts know so much. This reads like a SPLC page.

  8. They’re so far behind the Dorner curve, it’s laughable.
    Shoulda heard the radio in my AO (Nat Guard / County / City) 2 Sundays ago. Clueless.

    Cheers to the Luau!
    SPORKY approaches.

  9. Doubt “Fedbois” had to work that hard. WAPO likely did the proofing and editing for that Rah-Rah.

  10. Just a quick question…. I know that WRSA has had to self-host due to WP deplatforming the site… What is the status of restarting the daily email of posts? Thanks

    1. Gotta get either the widgets or the theme (the template for the place) to get that functions – and a bunch of others – to work.

      The recovery process has been reasonably successful.

      I’d say we’ll be ready to go sea by 30 June, but don’t tell the Admiral.

      For the record, I am a modified hunt-and-peck typist with attitude issues – so in terms of tech skills, meh.

      This place is back online due to the efforts of someone who will remain anonymous (for now) who got us here. Our collective gratitude should be given for that person’s irreplaceable assistance.

      My user experience nearly blows right now, so mgmt has incentive to fix things, including the mail function.

  11. airforce sargents get lonely too it would seem.

    if you’d start with “the blind men and the elephant”, by john saxe and then throw in a few catchy phrases like “right wing extremist in Hawaiian shirts”, and “unknown connections”, and “white-nationalist paraphernalia” every other paragraph, you could get a job as a 5th grader writing tripe for the washington post. and it took three of them to come up with this? wonder how many seconds were actually spent “researching” the word “boogaloo” on facebook for this article. and they still know nothing.

  12. Consider the intellectual, critical thinking capacity of the idiots who believe this tripe. They will believe anything, especially if they have no foundation of character and values, let alone any thought process of their own, except the herd mentality, fear of being disavowed and shunned by the mob.
    These are people who are floundering, and indeed drowning – without their realizing, in the pabulum circling the toilet bowl of what passes for virtue and truth.
    These same people who are swayed by the sweet propaganda being dripped into their ears, could just as easily be swayed by a counter-propaganda which reveals the lies and deceit they are led to believe.

    However this is not being done. The right is forced into a position of retreat. The left is using any subterfuge to advance their program of offense being the best defense. On examination, one will discern that their premise is unfounded since the foundation lacks the truth.

    Once the targeted right start pushing back – or shall we say -spit on their hands, hoist the black flag….. The leftist opposition will evaporate. They lack the skill, intellect, panache and leger-de-main
    of the former USSR – which figured out that their former ideology and tenacity to prove themselves, proved their own undoing and unraveling – or at least such is the appearance.

    No one is such a moron as to consider themselves so smart. A Greek proverb says “The smart bird is caught by the beak”

    Once law enforcement in certain areas is defunded, then the orchestra will start playing. We should send camera drones to watch the circus writhe itself to pieces. Who’s bringing the popcorn ?
    Since the police will not do the job, why not have a few “boogaloos” protect people, homes and businesses ?

    Hopefully, we may win this battle without firing a shot……or if we do, it will end very quickly.

    BTW……CA, others may have mentioned this already but the bottom of the webpage still says “Proudly powered by WordPress”

  13. If there really are a million and a half folks on Boogaloo pages on Facebook, that’s a lot of folks who need to learn about OPSEC and Gray Man.

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