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    1. Here’s a comparison of all of them, by the guy who runs the ‘Warrior Poet Society,’ and chose USCAA, but also recommends CCW Safe as an attractive option. Numbers wise, for me, it was clear that CCW Safe, for my situation, was the best choice, and I was exactly the opposite of the WPS reviewer: I almost went with USCAA, but chose CCW Safe instead.

      Check it out: https://warriorpoetsociety.us/uscca-review/

  1. Ummm…yeah. This really shouldn’t be news to folks.
    There are great courses – Dave Kopel comes to mind, see his site.
    Oh and gee, there’s an outfit called USCCA that offers legal insurance.I
    Just off the top of my head

  2. And those wicky wacky hypnotized by most broadcasting Net-Works
    wanting to be “in style” will not listen, and continue to be accessories
    to mayhem, murder and destruction:

    Why Are Black Conservatives Called Uncle Tom?—
    Larry Elder Talks George Floyd Protests & New Film

    Thank Goodness that the wicky wackies are only about 13% to
    14% of this population, made “to look” like many more by
    most Broad-Casting Net-Works…


  3. USCCA has the better policies for the money…
    The other outfit which claims “unlimited” help,
    well, they vote on whether to enact that option.
    Don’t be fooled…go USCCA.

  4. if you need a lawyer afterwards

    you fucked it all up

    just shoot and shut-up

    it works

    ask me how i know 🙂

  5. I still carry a million dollar policy, me/ my wife. Kids have 500k, I pay for. I get it thru my insurance company. Under 500.00 a year, cheap umbrella policy.

    But then I shoot one of these lumps of shit, I won’t be calling the popo. And I sure as fuck, won’t be confessing to anything.

    ” Don’t Talk To Cops” period. Especially if you are not free to walk away. They either arrest me, or let me walk, no in between.

    This umbrella policy covers any issues, from accidental death, to court room defense.


  6. No, no, and hell no, to any of that.
    4473’s are bad enough.
    All gun “groups” are the same.
    You’re all paying for a “right” to exercise freely with your private property.
    They all just want your hard earned money.
    Think of the guns you could buy instead of giving it to such rackets.
    Graham’s rules only.

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