6 thoughts on “Update Your Stylebooks”

    1. Well,…it’s NOT like they could have had a third notice that said, “Nogger Season”….
      Maybe…”Antifag Season”…or “Commie Season”..or “Globalist Season”..oh wait,
      can’t do that one..the ‘Adult Diaper League’ and ‘Socialist Pisshits Lying Constantly’
      would be both spontaneously violently ejecting out their anal tampons because NOW
      anyone using ‘globalist’ is AUTOMATICALLY a “hateful, racist, anti-semitic, Confederate
      Flag waving Not-C!!!”

      I mean..c’mon..it’s a ‘fact’ that (((THEY WHO CANNOT BE NAMED))) have EVER
      actually faked a ‘hate-crime’ to enlarge sympathy/support for (((THEMSELVES)))….

      “Hey Rabbi’s!!, it’s like 2AM, so whatcha’ doing?!?”

      Don’t worry though!…the “Golden One” WILL ‘save’ America – he made
      a genuine, honest-t0-god ‘Pinky Swear!!
      Just like he said about ‘Red Flag Laws’…”Take their guns! Due Process later!”
      You CAN trust him…honest injun!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      1. Just imagine if the banks all close tomorrow and never re-open, or the internet goes down.
        I’ve been driving around town today trying to pay my utilities and all the fukn offices are still closed. Half the town (pop. 1,000) still walking around with masks on and we never had 1 single case here. The level of stupid obedience is mind numbing. And these fucks will never figure out they’ve been played the fool, they live for it, to be sheep their entire lives, herded and shorn whenever needed. They’ll just line up for the next crisis and play along.

        1. funny

          i laugh out loud when i see ballcap sporting , fat gutted, bearded, tatt’d slob wearing the “dirty t-shirt n jeans” fashion in a damn mask…

          HA HA HA

          real tough guy murkins they are

          fucking losers

          i’m sooooo skeeeerd

          burn it all down, and then….. burn it all down again

          there’s nothing worthy of saving- IT’S ALL CRAP

          tfA-t hath spoketh

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