4 thoughts on “Winning Against The Woke”

  1. Secession? Really? So if we just give the west coast to the Left, they’re all just going to move there and live the rest of their lives in happiness and leave us alone? Who really thinks that’s going to happen? Who really thinks the Left is going to quit fighting their culture war if we would just let them secede?

  2. (sigh) For 3 years I have been nagging you to build an eep site… even though I strongly oppose the evil amorality that increasingly influences your platform.

    “Your skin color is your uniform” and “Shoot on sight” are NOT the way to a better society. You have fallen into the trap set for all of us. A violent race war is the script that (((Hollywood))) has written for us.

    “Who said to them: Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” Matthew 16:6

    1. Al’s right.
      They are herding us into another war of their making and sitting back while we beat each other to death, all over issues they created.
      Just remember (((who))) created Hollywood and what purpose it has served for them. That and their music industry which has also served for the same purpose, to demote white European culture and establish an inferior product by which to dumb down the population.
      Laugh it off if you want but we’ve been their guinea pigs for a long time, and the experiment worked, to their ultimate success. Look at the shithole we have become.
      Meanwhile in the chosen land, there is no gun control or multiculturalism and they’re shipping out all the undesirables. Funny how things work when they’re in control.

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