6 thoughts on “You Will Be Made To Care”

  1. Manipulating Trump into going along with the con bump stocks constitute a firearm being a class II NFA weapon, was a real cunning piece of subterfuge.
    They probably realized too late they made a real blunder and opened a serious can of worms for themselves when they failed to proscribe pistol braces. Proscribing bump stocks is a foot in the door, precedence to do so with pistol stocks to remedy their fuckup. This has been in the works for some time.

    Got a sneaking intuition this may be the ATF Nazguls bridge too far.
    Are they really this ignorant, where they fail to recognize by way of intolerable acts of attainders of writ and proscribing millions of American’s property outlawed via some make believe special powers created from whole cloth, and turn property owners instant criminal felons? Proof such hubris understands no limits to its powers.
    As Mike Vanderboegh put it how they are about to make every weapon imaginable legal far as us dirt people are concerned.
    Really pissing off approximately 100 million armed to the fucking teeth American Americans constitutes very poor, major life decision making. Must have missed the heart of the meaning of the Richmond on 1-20-2020 memo. How you fail to recognize the message from 50,000 armed to the teeth shitlords who showed up right in the center of their safe place is something to seriously ponder. Then there’s NY, Colorado and Conn, millions who refused to comply with proscription of personal arms.
    On the face of it looks like a really stupid act. Might be there’s a lot more to this proscription we aren’t aware of yet, as in it’s a component of a larger scheme of disarmament, while in itself outlawing pistol braces is intolerable, its small potatoes in a large pot of disarmament stew they are cooking up.

    My own perspective is centered on three elements of natural right to arms, Our Rifles are the center of our history, My Rifle is my property, (thats the first thing), everything is about guns.

    Everything boils down to who has guns and who don’t have guns.
    All the rest is a fucking sideshow.

    The awakening perceptions, of how out of control and irrelevant, illegitimate, and corrupt, the agencies and departments, branches and major actors, constituting the federal government, the same increasing perceptions with state and local also, gets a huge boost because of this clown act.
    The law of unintended consequences is inviolate.

    Honk! Honk!

  2. “…if the government is going to make of you a criminal, be the best one you can be.”

  3. Don’t forget the argument that the lower receiver on an AR really isn’t the receiver, so whatever stock is screwed to it is irrelevant (since the lower receiver is now null and void as a legal argument). 50-100k court cases over the wrong pistol brace won’t matter if everyone remembers the faulty receiver clause. ATF shot themselves in the foot over their own AR lower receiver classification.
    OR, every single AR platform in this country is now exempt from prosecution over an ATF faux pas.

    I’ve noticed several short AR pistol platforms in CHAZ, are they exempt too, being outside US fedgov jurisdiction now?

  4. Pistol braces suck anyways, just put a standard stock on ’em and call it done, FED-ickheads can call it whatever they want, and they will, and they will call all of us intollerant, racist felons, and? they can fuck right off.

    1. Once things go hot, there better be good stuff coming out of the closet. Going to a gunfight with a naive mentality of thinking everyone is law abiding will find you dead real quick.
      There’s no doubt in my mind there will be belt feds and RPG’s showing up in Antifa hands. Plan accordingly.

  5. should be very exciting and entertaining to see murkins mowed down by the dozens at a time 🙂

    use everything at your disposal to eliminate as many as possible…

    too many assholes infect the murkin soil as it is

    tfA-t will keep the popcorn warm and enjoy the shitshow

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