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  1. Wonder how the Street Medics would cope with their Ballisticians being kinetically injured, versus flushing tear gas out of eyes?

  2. At first read this AAR appears authored by a Marxist Studies Psych 101 professor. Celebratory wordsmithing of destruction…theft, arson, physical harm and the warm afterglow experienced by the masses lends to the impression of truly demonic overwatch.

    I don’t claim a large social circle, but those in my circle understand clearly what they see and what it means.

  3. fascinating article.

    perhaps counteract by letting the crowd riot and loot, all the while collecting identities. then, send in small teams to kill them in their beds, whilst making it look like a gang vs. gang killing. turn them against each other.

  4. Good read on opfor’s TTP’s..

    One thing to consider, is LE did NOT use deadly force, though they could have and shut that fucking thing down in nano seconds..

    Ballistic projectiles, bricks, stones and molotovs are deadly weapons and they should have responded with aimed fire at the chuckelheads doing the throwing, to create a perimeter. The set up counter sniper teams to pick off the ‘rats that may have decided to shoot back…

    A scoped 308/338/556 w trained shooter trumps a chimp with an ak or ar and most likely, zero serious training or experience with it…

    The Israelis have beaucoup experience with crowd control and using .22’s to shoot at rioters and leaders, usually thigh shots…

    Its gonna be on bigglie when LE decides to say fuck it and use live rounds…

    Just my .00002 worth of opinion…

    1. I guess you get what you pay for……….you’re so busy in your fantasy sniper world you can’t see reality.
      Who do you think the cops work for? Unions are a Bolshevik construct for over 150 yrs now. And we are now seeing who our gov’t really works for, they and the cops are working hand in hand to bring this country down, they have no intention of stopping this scorched earth policy in the cities. Why do they just stand around allowing the rioters to run free and then arrest patriots over nothing? You’re not paying attention , or your mind is clouded by Bolshevik media brainwashing to worship the cops.
      Makes me wonder which side you’re on.

  5. Pretty rich source of insights of how these actors are operating.
    First what I get out of it is as W.S. Lind postulates: “4th Generation War is war of legitimacy of The State”
    This seems the #1 objective here, de-legitimizing The State.
    How you do that is just about exactly as these guys are doing it.
    Seems stupidly obvious to say this, but there you are, the truth is right there all you need is to disseminate it and use basic critical 4G thinking. It’s not complicated. It’s also along similar thinking of FreeFor action. That last in itself is a highly instructional point of fact.
    These guys are doing it.
    As a really great small unit infantry tactic leader said all the way back to the first great banksters world war of extermination of the Men of The western hemisphere, “in war it is the act that counts”.

    Along with 4G warfare is other critters, think OODA Loop, and open source insurgency, “Leaderless Resistance”, ( ps, don’t tell anyone, but LEADERLESS RESISTANCE!, thats impossible, can’t happen, your an idiot to say leaderless resistance, “its the stupidest comment ever written”, etc), in its many possible forms, LIC – Low Intensity Conflict, which isn’t low intensity for those caught up in it or collateral damage. Great thing these characters are revealing is leaderless insurgency is not only possible, they are doing it. Duh! Like why else would you publish open source AAR’s? To instruct your leaderless, open source cells, operating independently, yet towards the same objectives and desired results.
    There’s countless small communities, tribes, villages, and such constituting FreeFor, we see examples popping up across the country, defending and protecting theirs from BLM and antifart. If you got your basic shit together even at the loosest most basic level, you got friends family, tribe, nieghbors who will, are prepared, or are in actuality organized more or less as “leaderless”, “resisting”evil against you and yours. (But thats impossible! How many actors and characters trolls and agent provocateurs on WRSA told us all so how many times over the years?)
    Must be like the chink-flu, it only applies to White Christian Men of The West and their activities, but the virus can tell when its dirty stinkin’ commies and their ilk and opts not to infect those actors.

    Leaderless Resistance is the optimal form of “organization” in this age of 4th G War. Its the only viable form of insurgency, peaceful or violent. There is nobody coming to save us dirt people. We are on our own. Nothing wrong with this. In fact, its pretty good shit. We don’t need no steekin State. It’s totally betrayed us and failed in even its most essential duty to protect our interests as citizens of The Republic. Though, got to give Ol’ Trump credit where credit is due, along with Andrew Jackson, the god emperor has proven time and time again to at least follow thru on his sworn oath, #1 on the list is protecting the interest of The People, and political promises, in face of the vast array of evil doing everything in its power to stop him, and really the underlying truth, it is we the Deplorable’s they are trying to be gone with. None of which has much of a chance of exterminating the vast hoed of WP Insects, thats going to involve LIC to the knife, existential 4G war. The antifragile way to get it done is everything starts local local local.

    My main thought after that, involves antifart and the rest. Are they astro-turf or truly grass-roots?
    No doubt the support and command structure is not something you would call grass-roots, what do you call a more or less organic 5th column, with its intelligentsia brainwashing the youth of the nation, the actors organizuing their so called “colot revolution, the neo-bolshevik crowd and generational red diaper babies, along with the massive yellow media complex. They are surely for lack of another term, americanized, or is that amerikanized, from their comintern origins?
    Maybe they consider themselves grass-roots.
    Its an important dynamic.

    This antifart AAR is definately somebody employing the elements of 4G warfare in their tactics and objectives, assessing, modifying tactics, and providing intelligence and accounts of the results for actors involved, that it is posted as it is as open source, they are providing intelligence to specific actors who are operating as more or less leaderless insurgency or even lone wolves.

    This is plausible due to antifart’s basic organizational guidelines for action, being essentially go out and break shit, burn down things, loot, intimidate, assault, beat, kill, stir up shit, attack specific targets using general profiles and objectives, in small groups or singular actors.
    There is the example of attacking rural areas, of late using cross bows to kill cattle, its actually pretty good operational tactics, the terrorism element is priceless in regards its returns on risk and investment. There’s the sensationalism aspect, it reads well in the news, its low risk too. Scope out cow pasture by driving thru farm lands. Pick out your targets, come back when things are quiet, jump out with crossbows, shot em, jump back in the vehicle and nobody knows who done it. You want to make the neighborhood mad? Send a message of terror and intimidation? You got it. Be a shit stirrer among your peers, oh yeah, thats the ticket, lots of antifart brownie points.

    They ain’t winning hearts and minds out in the heartland killing livestock, tell you that. You stir up a fucking hornets nest. Even cattle rustling is like a fart in a mitten compared to terror killing cows out here in flyover nation by shit stain assholes in black. What they cause is hardening of hearts and no quarter, by people who are born with a rifle in one hand and a tractor steering wheel in the other, real life and death is a part of life, people who know what killing is about in no uncertain terms. There is no urban or metro analog.
    Trust fund soi pasty white red diaper baby brats and useless ghetto welfare rats shooting cows?
    BIG mistake.

    It’s rather practical to publish in this format because antifart at least, (BLM not so much as they seem to be under centralized highly organized command and control), functions as a more ad-hock improvisational loosely affiliated network of “cells”, and promote “footloose” individuals to employ open source tactics and as opportunity represents itself. So its not practical for a variety of reasons, nor desirable from opsec perspectives, to organized clandestine AAR’s and war councils, so simply publish on the open net and your minions or soldiers pick it up and share it.

    Pretty good operational style all said and done.
    Like tracers though, it is a double edge sword so to speak publishing your AAR’s openly as your enemy gets to learn also. Then again if your enemy is not taking 4 G warfare action it don’t matter if they have access to your open source intelligence.
    Will State assets use this intelligence gold mine for their needs? I’d hazard a cynical guess and say no, they are too orientated towards surveillance of FreeFor, the great white supremacist and 3% boogyman, and may not even have the resources orientated towards intelligence gathering globo=pedo’s forces, unless Trump and his people have set up elements contrary and free from deep state/globo=pedo interference.

    1. Great reply, a stand-alone essay for sure, just clean up a few typos and let’s post it.

  6. Now THAT is an AAR, Mtn Forge. I will not be surprised to learn the answer to your last question is: in all probability. Trump doesn’t appear to get taken unprepared, often.

    I do so love the way Trump keeps all sides in a near state of insanity.

    Agree with you…we are in our own out here in flyover country. Well, on our own from a purely State sponsored perspective. However, not so much when left to our own devices, and responses.

    Things just keep getting more interesting.

    Good to see you are still here.

  7. The first thought I had was about the piece on Raconteur Report about dissembling a riot with four suppressed Ruger 10/22s. Looking for that piece now….may be worth reposting

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