9 thoughts on “Bracken Sends”

    1. The sole basis for Roberts “compromised” decisions is his membership in the Uniparty and ruling elite. Nothing more.

    2. That’s quite a bit more powerful control than the original speculation about “irregularities” in the adoption of his son.

    1. When, just when are people going to wake up to the fact they’re playing in a rigged game???
      Never mind, we already know the answer to that.

      When you sit down and really face facts, maybe this is a good time for a great cleansing, one of epic proportions as tfAt predicts. We truly have hit rock bottom, or worse, we’re now into the negative factors and no sign of improvement.

      What do I care, I’ll be space dust in a few years anyway.

  1. This already happened, … 217 years ago. The decision was a unanimous 4-0.

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