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  1. Jerusalem is Babylon . New York is just a festering outpost of the Zionist Jews designed to extract wealth from us goim through control of our governments. When they are finished harvesting our America It will lay in ashes unless….. we figure this out pretty quick. Hopefully we will not suffer the fate of 1917 Russia, but will require getting off our asses.

    1. It’s not just about getting off our asses, but more important, reprogramming our minds. Learning how this came about and exactly what their tactics were is a start, then re-educating people about the lies that were planted in our hard drives. Once people start to figure that out, they should be plenty pissed off and seek some revenge at those who manipulated us for over 100 yrs now.
      As I have pointed out many times, Hollywood and the music industry were responsible for much of it, along with the Bolshevik driven school system which made little brainwashed proles of us all. We don’t know any better until we are willing to seek the truth, then it’s hard to stop the flood gates of awakening and awareness. A mental rebirth. Myself and many here can speak from experience.

  2. I would love to see nothing but a wasteland where that evil city now stands. I don’t really care how it comes to pass either. Nobody living there is any countryman of mine.

  3. Meanwhile New Amsterdam which is replaced was an open city where all races and religions thrived.

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