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  1. Here we go again.

    Advocation of a losing strategy based upon membership within a special class of downtrodden citizenry, is still a losing strategy.

    Pray tell, when has any true Southerner needed or desired the suffocating embrace of the overlords’ grace?

    Voting is a relatively free and easy exercise to express opposition, just as easily and freely as expressing support.

    The author has surely noted the animus from all the ruling class towards the current occupant of the Oval Office.

    The better strategy is to provide him cover, while he affords us a little more time and space, hopefully wisely spent.

    A vote against the communist agenda is a righteous act. If The GOP enjoys temporary benefit as a result, who is harmed other than those of course who actually believe the GOP AND have surrendered their voices, power and authority to same?

    I find no solace or solution in claiming victimhood as justification for shortsightedness.

    1. AD, right on! It’s a strategic vote. Costs nothing. You non voters ARE voting for the communist. Buy time, vote! You life, the life of your loved ones, just may benifit from it.

      If I didnt care, I wouldn’t vote. I care deeply about what’s happening, I’ll vote for Trump.


    2. I have to laugh at the idea that the ‘us’ you’re referring to have been using this time to organize and prepare. The communist agenda, meanwhile, has been taking your universities, your churches, your institutions, you city councils, your states, your corporations, your courts, your media, etc.

      Anybody that still thinks voting GOP is a righteous act at this point has no real understanding of the situation America is in.

      1. Kay De, I get it, “Voting” it’s a choice we get to make. I clearly see your point. I feel my votes just pissing in the wind. Their is but one solution at this point.

        Let me ask you this. When you going to start shooting sir? When are you going to get to killing? These communist fucks. You won’t, your a coward, as I’m a coward, I don’t want screw up what I’ve got going on anymore then you do. I’m still praying for a peaceful solution, but know in my heart it won’t be the case.

        So until the final solution starts, I’m gonna put my mark on a ballet. Who knows, maybe Corvus will kill all the communist. Until then I’ll use the simple and complex tools available.


        Which leads to,another question, are we killing all the us full idiots, or just the shot callers?

      2. Kay-de-leon, I did some thinking about this comment. It’s a great comment and you’re right, only problem is you’re telling the wrong people. The men that come here are warriors, many from birth it would seem. This is not an insult, being a warrior is very necessary function in God’s economy upon a fallen world. They have a tool, a hammer if you will, and they see a nail. Preparing to use the hammer for that nail is what they do. It’s not wrong.

        They are not the ones to take back “universities, your churches, your institutions, you city councils, your states, your corporations, your courts, your media, etc.”

        If you have a plan, and plan to recruit those whose hammer and nail is these things so that we don’t have to go war, I for one, and even any warrior in his right mind, would want to try those things, and none to soon the way things are shaping up.

        So, I’m open to help with recruiting and planning and training for the saving of Western Civilization without war, but the men here that are preparing are in fact doing the right thing; God made them that way.

        Do you have a plan? I sure don’t.

    3. I don’t vote for gun controllers. You can tell all that you need to know about a man by whether he thinks you ought to be free to go armed. Trump is a gun controller. That means he wants power over me, the power of life and death. That’s straight from the devil. To presume to have attained to this power is a grave wickedness indeed.

      God is the author of life, the finisher of our faith, He and He alone sets the number of a man’s days.

  2. “Advocation of a losing strategy based upon membership within a special class of downtrodden citizenry, is still a losing strategy.”
    Don’t be so hard on yourself. Lot’s of faggots value your ‘losing strategy’ and covet your degenerate Cucking as a winning way forward.

  3. The conservative voting public still hasn’t figured out how the Uni-Party works, whereas the Bolsheviks exploit it to their advantage.
    Trying to rearrange their hard drives is not going to work, they keep going back to the voting booths expecting new results.

    1. 0321, tell us your “more better plan” how 0321 sees this breaking down. you have the briefcase chained to your wrist,,with THE SECRET PLAN inside.

      Don’t matter how it breaks, gonna be a shit show. Lotta dead folk be laying around. I’ve seen what man is capable of doing to another human, most here have not killed another human being, a fellow American, not some enemy combatant in dirkadirkastan, the contrast is OVERWHELMING.

      Yet I recognize, we’re their, match strike away from a 1000y silent kill, or a blade into the base of ones skull., a knife kidney punch, if you want then to experience pain in its highest form. You want to hurt them, for hurting our home, our way of life.

      Hope you all have college prof’s, media, especially Corporate MSM, politicians, and bankers on your lists.

      Tannerites, a great ignition source, pretty decent destruction rate, if applied correctly. Just add scrap,metal, and gas fumes, for a gas assisted explosion, GAE,

      Copper sheets ” shaped”are force multipliers.

      0321, time to teach these folks basic skills, while we can. Above a very generalized, I’m sure most here get what I threw out, bit don’t bits, up to them.

      Lance if your out their I miss you brother.


      1. Because he’s controlled opposition.
        He works more for Israel/banksters than for the US. Notice the $7 Trillion debt load from the last 3 months that just vanished into someone’s pockets?
        How many campaign promises did he fulfill? How about his support for the 2a?
        Some of you folks are blinded by your need of a hero, he’s selling us out and you praise him like a messiah (actually, he is a jewish messiah) while he whispers sweet nothings in your ear. And thats all you’ll ever get from him, besides a shit ton of tweets.

      2. Who’s this ‘We’ kemosabe?!?…

        ‘We’ certainly ain’t ME!!

        As to ‘how’ the drumphschtick came to sit in a thoroughly over-rated
        chair in an over-rated place in ‘Mordor on the Potomac’…well, it
        certainly weren’t the ‘people’ that put him there. He’s nothing more
        than a puppet on controlled strings..saying what you want to hear and
        appearing to do what you desire him to do..when actually he’s just playing
        out his part on the Kabuki Theater for your entertainment as well as to
        keep you deceived, distracted and your attention divided from the globalist
        banksters and others that are his REAL bosses..just as they are for both
        ‘cuntgress’ and ‘the special 9 olympics kids’ on the bench.

        Thats WHY they bailed drumphschtick out of his personal 1 BILLION $$+ debt
        back in the 90’s..to make sure that he works for THEM..not YOU!!

        So, except for maybe the most local issues or individuals..voting IS a
        total crock of shit..but some people STILL like to worship ‘Volcano Gods’
        and such…and where that’s concerned, you can’t fix stupid!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    2. SemperFi, 0321

      The majority of the cuntservative voting public still haven’t figured
      out that their best option for long term survival IS to create culturally
      based ‘No-Go Zones’; it works for the moslems, Ahmish, Orthodox
      jews and the white folks have done for about 20 years with their community
      of Orania, in South Africa (and that was started by just 2 families in the beginning!).


      It’s working for them, so it CAN work for whites here..and it delivers
      a much more direct benefit than just ‘voting’ every 2 or 4 years for a
      different ‘master’ (that BECAUSE of the ‘Overton Window’ will mean
      that ‘republicans MUST cater and bow to openly bolshievek voters
      IF they want to continue to be elected).

      The other option, I’ve listed before but apparently some folks here
      and elsewhere don’t think it’s ‘reasonable’..so they’re still holding
      out for a ‘solution’ via either ‘race war’ or ‘jesus returning’..or BOTH!!

      That solution (via TFM) was and is:
      1. Take women’s rights away (NO vote for women)
      2. NO empowerment for women
      3.End ‘universal suffrage; only net taxpayers and veterans vote!)
      4. End ALL welfare, both domestic and international

      But nooooooooo… the above steps are ‘too radical’…

      Ok.,..then start creating those cultural ‘no-go zones’ like Orania, etc..

      Or do folks STILL want to play the ‘voting game’ and fantasize
      that they’ll survive a race war for jesus?….

      Which solution is more sane and likely to lead to success and survival?
      And which is just plain shit brained stupid and geared to failure and death?

      Choose wisely……

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

  4. “What if the best approach is to just walk away?”

    I say yes.
    Thats withdrawal of consent, its BFYTW. The most powerful weapon ever devised.
    Their entire facade of legitimacy is contingent upon enough people grifted and gulled to believe they have legitimacy.
    Conservatism has never conserved anything, except 2 things, a place at the table of spoils and other lucre, and enough of a clueless plurality to maintain the grift conservatism is there to conserve your best interests.
    Got to give them credit, they are masters at it.
    AG Bill Barr is a mistro of the gull. He epitomizes the art of pulling the wool over the eyes of those who live by the crumbs of hope he will save the day and preserve the rule of law and justice for those who are enemies of conservatism.
    The swamp is infested with these actors. They deserve Oscars for their acting abilities. When billions in your offshore account and millions in cash and gifts are at stake, there isn’t much higher calling than the incentive to preserve that. They move heaven and earth to make it so.
    All predicated, all pivots, all is contingent upon this tiny little thing, an illusion of legitimacy.

    The ironic thing is, the simple, free, painless, easy, effortless act of withdrawing ones consent, which nobody is, nor can anyone coerce or force you, to give or withdraw your consent, or even tacitly provide your consent, is all you need to do to preserve, conserve, the things the swamp creatures con you into believing they preserve for you yet 100% have never provided in the first instance.
    How gullible and stupid can you be to not withdraw whats yours and yours alone, in exchange for absolutely fucking zero for giving it?
    How fucking more obvious can it be made you been played for a total sucker?

    Go ahead, withdraw your consent, you wanna see shit happen.
    The great thing, the really beautiful thing, is it costs you not a thing to withdraw your consent.
    Never mind after all, they already played your for a fish for giving it.
    This is American as Mom & Apple Pie stuff. It’s civics and history at its most basic.
    That you have not withdrew your consent speaks volumes of how ignorant a fool you been taken for.
    Walk away.
    “I Won’t!”

    What are they going to do if you withdraw your consent, threaten to take your guns? Call you a raaacist? Give your hard earned won wealth to alien invaders? Deny you healthcare that isn’t designed to eat out your existence and make you a debt slave? Offshore your job? Call you a domestic terrorist? Sell everything in America including the seed corn to the commie chinks for some pieces of silver?
    WTF is wrong with your fucking brain?
    WTF are you ass-scared of?
    What have you ever conserved giving your consent to the dead elephants but your being a total sucker and most of the wealth you created by the sweat of your brow over your working life?
    Are you a Man or a fuckin’ slave?

  5. I see some reading comprehension skills have scarcely improved around here.

    1. Very good to hear from you again, dear lady. Glad you’re stills sharp as ever!

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