6 thoughts on “The LGBT Industrial Complex”

  1. A thought about “THEM”, the human extinction movement, specifically a feature of club useful/useless moron: Gen globo=pedo=perv, aka z and its 54 genders, how it’s at or past its prime breeding age.
    Aside from its intent to pull the ordered civilization of the Caucasian western hemisphere down around its ears, (think CHAZ, regardless its all staged false flag theater which would dry up the NewYork minute the money dries up to pay and provide the actors and useful idiots its still a useful metaphor in its astro-turf way), aside from the cloud cuckoo land they attempt to create, the truth is you got to create babies, raise them up to at least be alive, to create the next generation. Right? Well for one thing, thats a legacy thing, like a statue of Robert E Lee. Sure you can deface teardown and Alynski great Ol’ Gen Lee all you want, yet if you fail to produce get your line of DNA ends abruptly.
    I can see some arguments and opposing points to the point here, but my main thought is even the ideological farce of world marxian madness needs legacy to keep going. It needs slave classes. Or…is this really the human extinction movement? To take that notion further, obviously they hate us trad white guys with rifles in ways there’s no language to describe this ultimate contempt, if they are willing to pull the human race down into stone age savagery just to liquidate us in entirety, getting their fetid meathooks of a rack of nuclear warheads to do so is almost a prerequisite, simply because to get rid of us white guys with rifles, every one of us, nukes are really the only choice to guarantee we are all dead.
    Sorry about going off tangent there.
    Being Gen Z and carpet munching pickle smooching anal worshippers are so past all that trad American crap like family, western Christian culture, and legacy, running/maintaining civilization at a level above voodoo medicine, looks like to me squatting above a cat hole, mud huts, and spear chuckers, living off the concrete and asphalt wasteland of white privilege, where’s the next gen of useful/useless dupe crotch droppings going to come from. Lord forbid they unintentionally emulate the very civilization that gave them life to start with.
    See what I’m trying to sneak up on here?
    Somehow it seems a bit of critical thinking that needs answers to the questions. Sure you can tear it all down, let it burn…yet…there’s different kinds of “let it all burn”, and I’m not trying to make a point about which is “more moral” or which is right, there’s something elemental here needs to be understood about the results and end game of THEM.

    Trying to imagine these gens of savages even having families or what passes for child bearing and raising.
    But maybe its a stupid question because they do not give a shit and never will? They really are that obot-ised a generation? So inured, so totally mind jobbed, programmed like the good little Manchurian candidates their intellegentsia mind wipers intended them to be. Of course the ghetto rat free shit spear chuckers, they received their own special kind of savagery programming, a real generational government sponsored plantation upbringing, bred to have close to zero time sense, and to use the little head in all things, the big head is to hold sensory equipment, about the only other use for the big head is as a big exploding fuzzy ball of red mist and pink gray matter when situation warrants.

    When they produce crotch droppings who is going to provide on demand industrial human fetus genocide because nothing gets in the way of muh revolution than a crotch droppings. And how can you justify bring more privileged whites into this world if your the next Che!. Never mind those little packs of mood/mind altering, mind abortion pills run out.

    There’s this minds eye visage in concrete gray hazy sepia tones of soi raised underdeveloped/malnourished vegan flat chested females nursing their get… if they aren’t appalled to find some form of raaacism and white privilege in nurture and love for the white babies that they produce.

    No fucking around here, seriously, these automaton/brainwashed pasty red diaper total dupe things who walk upright bipedal, with appearance like homo sapiens, whats going to happen when they look at the tiny wife beater mouth breathing trailer trash racist abomination that came from their bodies?
    Will they drop it in a burnt out dumpster? Leave it in a mud hole where it fell from their womb?
    Suddenly overcome with love and nurture, something which is the core and crux and foundation and legacy and history of everything they hate and envy and strive with all their retarded fiber to destroy, for this tiny bundle of life?

    But maybe that is a dumb question which is self explanatory.
    Yeah, but somehow it means something awfully profound.
    An unescapable reality.

    You need to create and nurture the next generation or you become extinct.

    1. When and where did we see this before?
      And it’s always the same (((names))). Somehow vice follows them around like the plague, must be bad luck or something………
      guess it was just an accident they created Hollywood and Las Vegas, or the Havana casinos too.

    2. “about the only other use for the big head is as a big exploding fuzzy ball of red mist and pink gray matter when situation warrants.”
      Spot on right there. 300 million+

  2. The “Women’s Movement” and the deviant lobby will end up regretting the alliance with the Moslems. When this alliance has weakened the security forces sufficiently enough for the jihadis to emerge and strike for a caliphate here, there are going to be literally thousands of these people thrown off of high buildings or into fires, or simply shot if they are lucky. I imagine the horror on the little college antifa freaks faces when they realize the Sons of Mohamed they helped empower are going to exterminate them. They will try shaving off the purple hair, but that wont work, bald witches are gonna get burned alive too. If any of you nation wrecking heros happen to be reading this in the course of scouting out us bad counter-revolutionary types, know this: You will find no safe haven behind the lines of any heritage America force that I am apart of, So don’t even try. Remember you started this and planned to offer us no quarter. So that is how it will be played.

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