7 thoughts on “Wilder: You Are Not Alone”

  1. That to me is where a lot of people go wrong. Being physically fit is one thing but changing your mind to contemplate the unthinkable and hardening your heart are at least as important and perhaps more so.

    1. I would argue that hardening your heart is the #1 priority.

      Once this is done, you can successfully survive whatever miseries that may come.

      I’m older, not a 25 year-old fire-breather anymore. I physically train, often beyond my physical limits, and suffer the results, as old men often do. But I continue, because I must; people depend on me for their survival, and I refuse to fail in my duties.

      I’ve read quite a few historical books on what happens, when people (in times like this) fail to harden their hearts. They become the next meal for the collectivist predators.

      Sack up. Sharpen your knives, get dialed on your gunfighting abilities. Get skilled on hand-to-hand combat (Krav Maga).

      And understand that if YOU die, your family is as good as dead. 😐

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    “Nothing under the sun is new, neither is any man able to say: Behold this is new: for it hath already gone before in the ages that were before us.”
    Ecclesiastes 1:10

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  3. Just as the right realizes we are not alone and there are many of us who want to be allowed to make our own choices, the left is convinced that everyone thinks like them or should be forced to submit to their world view. Now who are the fascists?

  4. Dirty stinking commies with an operating reliable power grid?
    Thats raaacist.

    The number 1 rule before you wage war, in order to wage effective war, is to know what your enemy holds dearest.
    In this day and age for particular actors meat space is something from another galaxy.
    Hypothetically speaking, one method of effective tactics employed against say CHAZ for example would be to shut off the cell coverage, shut down power, and water.
    It is not something I would dream of doing, but I imagine there are a variety of non-standard ways this can be accomplished. A bit of out of the box consideration, a bit of reconnoitering, a basic box of useful implements, many things are possible.
    None of these essential services are “hardened” against determined open source interference.
    Disruptors of civilization today become non-effective when their resources which enable them to promote or share their narratives are denied them. After all, much is to do with look at me! The victim stance, is a powerful one, but only if its disseminated widely. Messaging and control of the narrative is absolutely essential by all involved. Deny this foundational element and what is left?
    This is social-tech orientated culture they have here. Its vital on all levels, the personal level is everything to the rank and file, to Karens there is nothing of higher importance, the operational level critical. The yellow media lives and dies by social networks. Without the means to communicate via the social platforms and networks they all loose about 99.999% of their effectiveness.
    It is their great weakness.
    Hypothetically saying.

  5. If you have the reloading supplies, your presses should be going in overdrive right now. Be ready for what is coming. And this article is right, be mentally ready to be willing to do what it takes to defend your family and friends.

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