11 thoughts on “Bezmenov – Must Watch”

  1. “You should be reading about the Yugoslavian collapse.”

    And Sir, the best free material about this is?

    1. I highly recommend “Seasons in Hell: Understanding Bosnia’s War” by Ed Vulliamy, 1994.

      It’s probably gathering dust at your local free library, or you can get it used on Amazon Marketplace for a couple bucks, and well worth it.

  2. Bezmenov nailed it. We didn’t listen. Now, the struggle will be more difficult than if we had acted then. How much more difficult will it be while we wait still longer? Glad you’re back on the air CA!

  3. 0321, I get it, per my last question to you. I would say this,,,,,most here ARE NOT Warriors, their concern Americans, pissed off Americans, rightfully so.

    Do you think your thoughts on trumps election,,is somehow different just in his election cycle? Na, this is and has been from the beginning. Yet we United States citizens enjoy more freedoms then any other place on the planet.

    What’s changed, the Internet. Men like you are not influenced by the Internet, your convictions, your moral fiber are solid. Where we differ is, I see my vote as a simple tool, I see non voters as fuckimg tools, who support the oppositions agenda.

    vote, don’t vote, is your call. If you don’t use EVERY tool at your disposal, then I question your warrior-ness. A smart fighter, or are you in this just for yourself? Screw everybody else. ” I know your not”

    Have a hard time believing you don’t recognize the gift you provide to the communists by not voting, I get it, it’s an X ambush, as doctrine teaches your not going to beat that ambush by running away, no,,,,,one must attack,
    With every available tool.

    Even if it’s the use of the vote, the propaganda of the vote.

    Some of you here are so bitter, so hateful, your blinded by your own vision, Don’t vote, I really don’t care. When your getting you ass kicked by the communist, don’t show up in someone else’s fox hole expecting sanctuary.

    Voting cost you zero, voting bought us four more years, when we “the silent majority” the real America, not the American demonstrated by MSM, nightly, kicked the shit out of the establishment, 3.5 years ago.

    I’m praying nightly for that miracle again. Me, you we all pay a tax to the govt, it’s just easier then fighting em all the time. Stoic, I think is the term make positive change where you have the ability to do so.

    0321, I single you out, cuz you can handle it, I know your sole, a good sole, an objective sole. I consider you a friend, a friend I can bounce ideas, thoughts off of, and get a fair Frank response, pro con, it’s all food for thought.

    I know a shooting wars coming, a civil war, against this Marxist, Communist thrust. I hate the idea. Four years ago, I didn’t really believe we would go down this rabbit hole, I still had faith in man kind.

    I’ve changed, and not for the better. See you in hell, brother.


    1. Dirk,
      I just left a response on the previous comments to Aesops .22 article. Didn’t see this yet.
      My reason for not voting; it’s been a rigged game for a long time now, my vote gets cancelled out by 1,000 fake Bolshevik votes, and every time I went down to vote they made me re-register. I asked them why, they had no problem finding me for my property tax bill every year but couldn’t keep me on the voter rolls? Most of the folks running the polls are local commies too. Whole thing seems moot.
      A firing squad would make more sense, just to clean things up a bit. Then we might see some fair elections, but history has shown otherwise.
      I guess the other thing is I wised up a long time ago to how crooked our system is, the duly elected officials spend 5% of their time in front of the public, telling us what a great job they do and pass bills to represent their constituents wishes and the other 95% rubbing elbows with lobbyists, bankers and corporate execs filling out their portfolios. How many of them are worth 1,000x more than when they entered politics, and the voters keep them in office for decades. The system is broken and needs to collapse in on itself. You can’t fix crooked politicians or stupid voters.
      Next week I’ll explain how I feel about bankers and schools. 🙂

  4. That was pretty smart. Find the dumbest and highest (hash) people you can and just blend in with them and disappear.

  5. Look on the bright side: once the new hereditary marxist-leninist regime is in place the very first to be liquified will be the useful idiots. Such regimes are very very socially conservative.
    There will be no homelessness, drugs, illegal migrants, LGBTQs, etc etc etc. GONE.
    Everyone will have a job.
    Racial minorities will smile for the camera.
    Education will be free, universal and rigorous. The universities will be cleansed of the poison and get back to the business of training engineers and doctors.

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