11 thoughts on “Repetition Is The Mother Of Comprehension”

  1. Every range trip. pick up your brass. All of it. You don’t want to be the guy whose brass gets dumped at something (awesome) like this.
    A few years ago, I started to use gloves whenever I touched ANY ammunition. All of the bullets I have have never been touched bare-handed by me or anyone I know. It’s a good policy.

  2. Enjoyed the overview, the simple coordination Aesop demonstrates, is simple, yet very complex. Many breaking points, many built in failure points. Yet this group pulled it off!.

    Good learning tool.

    Did Malhur, Lavoys death not teach us anything, or have we all forgotten the hard lessons. Your in a group, you have snitches interwoven, period. For every 12 people, 4 of those folks will when contacted authorities, or are UC cops, Actually most likely FEDS, local medium to small town agencies, don’t give a shit.

    If it’s them or you, for an ideology, your going down not them. As much as I hate to repeat this,,,,,, I worked snitches/ informants for 25 years as a street cop. I know, my snitches were street level, which is where the day to day crime is. My goals were to take those fuckers out.

    For the record, EVERYBODY talks, if the incentive is in their best interests. Is it money, working a beef off, is it civic pride, or a true solid citizens who see themselves doing the right thing, many motivators involved.

    In that 25 years, I was told to ” fuck off” less then 7 /10 times. And I worked at least 1000, informants.

    Their are few rules in law enforcement, legislation protects those who they believe protects them. Those seven or ten, learned a hard lesson their only option was to be gone from the area. Otherwise they were tagged with a snitch jacket, the poopoo let slip the folks who didn’t talk were in fact talking, a shitty way to do business.

    I was actually proud of those who told me to fuck off, a bold position in the face of the system. I admired them,,for their courage.

    In this day, a leaderless cell, with effective comms with other UN named cells, is likely more effective. A group with structured command, won’t fair well.

    You all know this, your cell phones,,your cars, your watches, your pace makers are ALL tracked, EVERYTHING is recorded, calls texts, IMs, stored in facilities in Utah, and Idaho, I’m sure other repositories.

    Snail mail, is gtg, still, and FTF, is best. If you want confidentiality don’t talk on devices.

    I’m angry, I,started watching the news again, very bad for me. The propaganda, is overwhelming. The entire system is pre programmed for one thing, take Trump out, why is that?

    The left, broke the world financial system,,to take him down, I lost 18/20 k, it’s,only fiat money, but it’s MY money, I,won’t forget.

    The revolution is here, going to be interesting to see, how this battle, of,good and evil plays,out.

    Good luck to you all.


    1. Dirk,
      if you know the system is broken, why do you still play along? False hope of doing your civic duty that it will all get better?
      I know a lot of you just can’t bring yourselves to admit it is all kaput, fertig, game over, but that’s reality.
      I have spent decades thinking of some 15 year old HJ sitting behind a pile of rubble in Konigsberg or Berlin with a panzerfaust and the Soviets are 2 blocks away. Absolute sheer terror and not many options. We are almost at that point and I see so much denial among my friends who refuse to see the coming war. They don’t want to acknowledge that the system broke and is now headed down the drain. Our leaders are filling their pockets as they exit their offices before the final crash. And folks think writing letters to them and heading for the voting booth will buy us some more time. WHY?
      Looks like it’s time to pull the charging handle to the rear and let ‘er go.

    2. Hey Dirk,

      I wanted to respond to your comment from a few posts ago. It’s interesting philosophical conversation, for entertainment purposes only, of course.

      You suggested that we might be cowards for not giving our lives and futures to the fight right now. I don’t see it like that at all. I believe in saving what’s worth saving. America in it’s current form is not something I consider to be worth saving. I couldn’t care any less that Seattle has a commune downtown. I don’t care if joggers burn their grocery stores. I don’t care that cops are disliked. I hate that there are innocent people that suffer in all these places and institutions. It kills me to know just how mindfucked people are in this country. But alas- I didn’t create these problems and I can’t fix the world. There are people and places that are worth defending, and there are people and places that are on their own as far as I’m concerned.

      As to your last question- I’m not a master of chess, but I can play it. You don’t sacrifice your important pieces to pawns unless you absolutely have to.

      The propagandists are in overdrive right now. Fuck em and everything they touch.

      Hey Pro Gun Fred,

      Man plan is to be as anti-fragile as humanly possibly, and encourage as many worthwhile people as I can to do the same. My plan is to work to identify who those people are and be there for them hell or high water.

      Most people don’t have the stomach to even admit to themselves what’s happening, fewer still are willing to work towards positioning themselves to deal with it. Maybe that changes as the world burns and maybe it doesn’t.

      I’m probably not too far from your neck of the woods- happy to get in touch if you’re trying to network.

  3. CA and all others, a bit O/T but perhaps not…

    His channel is called “The Way of the World”.


    I’m shocked he hasn’t been exorcised from utube yet. He’s also on BitChute, but not all his videos are there as of today. (This one isn’t.)I’m sure they will be soon.

    He’s already had Patreon dump him and (I think) PayPal as well. Utube will kill him in due course, be assured.

    His videos are *very* well made. He deserves support.

  4. CA, I would have sent you this link via email but I don’t have it any longer.

    Can you post it again or shoot it to me? Thanx!

  5. The po-leece of this state encrypted after 911 but it was fun to listen to John Law get whipped by his wife/girl with prying ears.
    The comrades are the laughingstock of the world prattling on about oppression and sticking it to the man while being some of the most clueless self-centered permanent adolescents ever.
    They are just bored and clueless as they get played by the controllers to do the heavy lifting of hard societal reset button.

  6. There was a link to a fictional short story involving a female governor on the old site. I looked through the Wayback Machine, but I can’t find it. CA, could you repost it here? Thanks –

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