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  1. No time to read the printed stuff today. On Independence Day, a large heavily armed group of Patriots will be gathering in down town Seattle, coordinating and falling onto the communist zone of CHAZ.

    The intent is to physically remove literally every Antifa and BLM communist from the zone, remove the block aids, and return the police precinct to the Police. Stand by and make sure their isn’t a reocupation of the zone.

    These patriots are bikes, mil, ex mil, ex cops, ex drug dealers who love this country, etc etc, fathers, mothers, young folk who haven’t lost their patriotism in college to the higher Ed recruiters.

    Could be a bloody event, may not be. End of the day, the communist are leaving, of their own accord, or In a fucking body bag. Their call.

    Anybody here who’s ready to stand up, and take back what the left has given themselves is invited. ” expect lots and lots of fed’s, to be within the crowd”

    Masks, head covering, gloves, and disposable clothing and foot wear. Sanitize your ammo, someone posted brass catchers couple days ago, very sanitary, solution to leaving zero or minimal evidence.

    Some will not be at the gathering park, we’ll be doing ” research”, while understand gathering, I just recognize it as a honey trap for fed investigators, and other bad things possible. No sense letting them photo yourself, don’t forget to cover your eyes.


  2. I’ll see your “Adolph” and raise you a “Bubala”: https://judaism.is/images/bracken%20killer2.jpg

    As for your other ritual epithet, the swastika-scrawling rabbis don’t need anyone’s help defacing cemeteries and Satan’s synagogues: https://judaism.is/antisemitism.html#fakers

    Here’s the talmudic origin of your “shoot on sight” immorality. They also use the “pursuer” (rodef) rationalization to justify abortion ( https://judaism.is/abortion.html ):

    As he was leaving, that man said to Rabbi Sheila: Does God perform such miracles for liars? He replied: Scoundrel! Aren’t gentiles called donkeys? As it is written: “Whose flesh is as the flesh of donkeys” (Ezekiel 23:20). Rabbi Sheila saw that he was going to tell the Persian authorities that he called them donkeys. He said: This man has the legal status of a pursuer. He seeks to have me killed. And the Torah said: If one comes to kill you, kill him first. He struck him with the staff and killed him. Berakhot 58a https://www.sefaria.org/Berakhot.58a.15?lang=bi&with=all&lang2=en

  3. “Globalist,”
    “Frankfurt School,”
    “Mainstream Media,”
    and you won’t connect the single commonality, the DISPROPORTIONATE Jewish role in all of them.

    Even the “Jacobins of the French Revolution” you mentioned were under the command and control of Judeo-Masonry.

    Even the “Chinese Communists” about whom you frothed were born under (((Rabbi Hess, Marx, Lenin, and Voitinsky))).

    Communism and socialism have much in common. Adolph was financed by the banksters. The Nazis worked arm-in-arm with the Zionists. That makes your Nazi fetish all the more amusing.

    In what military context would a great warrior direct his forces away from Command and Control? Double agent? Psyop misdirection?

    1. Funny how you never hear about Hitler helping the jews to get to Palestine, or the jew scout troops funded by Germany to prepare them for their new home in Palestine.
      Look up Reich Union of Jewish Frontline Soldiers 1934-36.
      (looks like Wikipedia already hijacked and changed the entire program from the 1930’s)

      1. I am sure you are not surprised.

        Meet Philip Cross – [“Christian Zionist”] Rupert Murdoch’s Right-Hand Wikipedian
        by Rory Wood, Amity Underground
        “Philip Cross edits Wikipedia, all day every day. Over 130,000 edits: Christmas Day, Eid and the Champions League Final no less productive for him. His targets are extremely narrow: critics of the Iraq War, critics of Israel, basically everyone who couldn’t nod along to The Sunday Times opinion section. Most notably, he is completely obsessed with the Scottish politician and radio host George Galloway, having edited, reedited and cut information from Galloway’s page over 1,800 times … Cross is an avid Zionist with a special interest in safeguarding the extremely conservative Board of Deputies of British Jews …”

        Galloway’s War of Words With a Mystery Wikipedia Editor
        BBC News
        “‘Philip Cross’ has made hundreds of thousands of edits to Wikipedia pages. But in the process he’s angered anti-war activists and critics of British and Western foreign policy, who claim he’s been biased against them …The subject of [George] Galloway’s ire is a prolific Wikipedia editor who goes by the name ‘Philip Cross.’ He’s been the subject of a huge debate on the internet encyclopaedia – one of the world’s most popular websites – and also on Twitter. And he’s been accused of bias for interacting, sometimes negatively, with some of the people whose Wikipedia pages he’s edited … ‘His edits are remorselessly targeted at people who oppose the Iraq war, who’ve opposed the subsequent intervention wars … in Libya and Syria, and people who criticise Israel,’ Galloway says.”

        Wikipedia Editing Courses Launched by Zionist Groups
        The Guardian (Britain)
        “Since the earliest days of the worldwide web, the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has seen its rhetorical counterpart fought out on the talkboards and chatrooms of the internet. Now [August 2010] two Israeli groups seeking to gain the upper hand in the online debate have launched a course in ‘Zionist editing’ for Wikipedia, the online reference site. Yesha Council, representing the Jewish settler movement, and the rightwing Israel Sheli (My Israel) movement, ran their first workshop this week in Jerusalem, teaching participants how to rewrite and revise some of the most hotly disputed pages of the online reference site.”

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