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  1. Why Did the Revolution Start in Minnesota?

    “Minneapolis was historically a city of predominately white Christian citizens. The percentage of white citizens in Minneapolis remained at 99% from 1910 until 1950. Non-whites started coming to the city in large numbers in the 1970s and 1980s. In 1980, the percentage dropped below 90% to 87%. By 1990, the city was more than 20 percent non-white. By 2019, only 60% of the population of Minneapolis was white.”


      1. With respect to Minneapolis, the late Dr. David Pence (a devout Catholic, albeit N.O.(Resquiat in Pacem)) did a lot of work on the subject 20 years ago in a series of magazines he authored entitled “City Fathers.” And while it focuses on Minneapolis, what he wrote rung true for most all cities, particularly American cities.

        Unfortunately, it does not appear that that magazine exists anywhere online. However, here is something that touches on Dr. Pence’s work: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/weekly-standard/return-to-murderapolis

  2. Whenever someone now asks me what’s up, I just simply reply, “getting ready for the revolution”………….

  3. My admiration for Robert as a purveyor of unvarnished truths is only surpassed by my admiration for Robert’s courage and conviction to do so.

    Lord bless and rest his soul, Mike Vanderboegh aka Dutchman6, late of Sipsey Street Irregulars, and citizen journalist who exposed Operation Fast & Furious, among his many great acts of defiance and fight for liberty, sublimely stated at every opportunity, these people Robert Gore writes of, “THEM,” The Human Extinction Movement, “are socialists without an AK47.”

    Yet. That is on the cusp of changing.

    And thats the underlying truth of where they intend to arrive via BLM and antifart’s staged, designed to appear as organic natural uprising, nothing but false flag operations astro-turf.

    What is in store for all who refuse to bend their knee and withdraw their consent, is an invariable constant, an excellent analogy of what is hiding under the facade of fake legitimacy, what’s hidden behind the ideological farce called marxism, no matter it’s flavor, is examples of the historical Comintern actions of central America from the 60’s up till now, back then via administrations of actors such as Che and Castro, supported by the failed Russian Soviet:

    Communism’s purpose is to call all who will come to it’s siren sing, and kill the rest.

    Ring a bell?

    This in effect is what is going on right before our eyes, a horde of useful dupes, who came to the call of the pied piper’s of the amerikan left, who are fulfilling in part the objective of creating the turmoil, Chaos, under which, the intentional distractions and the 5th column yellow media’s monopoly of messaging, they can operate unrestricted in going after and eventually to liquidate all who are resisting and defying the destruction of America, and at last eliminate everything regarding American American’s and their G#d given natural rights and ordered liberty, paving the way for imposing upon all the commies precious one world order.

    All that stands in their way is us dirt people, we the Deplorable’s.

    It is the most profound act in human history and to this very second, when it was created, that all Freemen are not only unalienable sovereign in their granting their consent, but withdrawing their consent, what Eric Frank Russell in his master piece “Then There Where None”, called the most powerful weapon ever devised”, and what is the real pickle of these dirty stinking commies and their minions is the natural right and natural rule of law, the right to arms as unalienable, and their use against usurpers and other evil, is the most basic essential ultimate power and legitimacy, to use our arms to defend and protect ourselves.

    In other words they are waging 4G war to disarm us or kill us. Either ends is acceptable.
    Armed and determined we can never be vanquished. An armed indomitable Freeman can never be stopped, only killed.
    That it is all about guns.
    Everything comes down to guns.
    They can not rule with unlimited raw naked power people who are armed to the teeth. They can only win the rhetorical war.
    What is also a bulwark is our history is centered upon The Rifle, it is part and parcel of our culture, that our culture is always upstream of realpolitik. In part why American American’s are impossible to disarm, why we are a Legion of armed to the teeth citizen warriors, its in our blood, it is to the bone. The elemental truth of our indomitable armed and free nature, is frustratingly displayed in the defacing vandalism and destruction of all statues and symbolism, revisionist/humanist altering our elimination of our citizen solder Martial history, our codes, our 2000 year old culture which has its origins in the warrior/solder/citizen Christian Greco Roman Athenian history which created The West, ie, we are The Men of The West who they must destroy, because we are naturally and rightfully armed to the teeth.
    They can not risk creating grass roots, open source, insurgent armed uprising by armed and supporting America American’s.
    They have exhausted all attempts to disarm us, from emasculation to creation of inalienable “laws” out of whole cloth. Not only failed, but backfired.
    The last desperate act to destroy bulwark American American’s is the creation of an entirely false astro-turf “color revolution”. In order to set the stage for their most effective instrument they call, Order out of Chaos.

    The problem with order out of chaos is it only is effective when you can make all you can, a vast majority, afraid, so afraid they are willing to submit and go along with anything as long as they are provided an escape hatch where they “feelz” safe. Then, all who are not afraid, all who defy, resist, stick out like a sore thumb, and the Karen’s then can isolate and attack those who are not afraid, or represent potential threat/symbolism of resistance, and defeat piecemeal. Because, the other element of order out of chaos is to divide and conquer.

    The Karen’s are so afraid of anyone who refuses to submit they will move heaven and earth to unmask, betray, attack, destroy, silence, what have you, exactly because they fear like nothing else, being free themselves, as in responsible for their actions, prudent, adults. Seriously. The truth of that abounds. Their existential fear of you and themselves owning guns, because an armed American is a Free American, is in itself one of the founding responsibilities which created America, being an American American is to be a responsible self determining, self reliant self determining adult. It’s essential personal Liberty.
    And a Republic, which is built and predicated upon the individual natural rights and blessings of Liberty, is a civilization of ordered Liberty. The most dangerous thing imaginable to self indentured voluntary slavery, to a cult of an ideological farce.
    Full circle.

    In America, the left is the unarmed cult of marxism without AK47’s…
    They are sneaking up on that.

    Notice how, in CHAZ or whatever BS they call it today, the agent provocateurs running this circus, right smack dab in the center of one of the foulest, total statist urban citizen disarmament zone, they pulled brandy new factory fresh AR15’s out of trunks and began passing them out.
    See what they did?
    First they disarm everyone, outlaw and erase the idea, the right of all Freemen, to be armed and secure in their property, persons, and Liberty. Then under the order of chaos they created as a facade to distract everyone from whats really going on, to disguise the true objectives, to create false excuse to justify passing out guns, against total make believe inalienable disarmament diktat American American’s are under pain of omprisonment or ultimately death if they violate such proscribed tyranny, they pass out rifles to favored useful dupes and cannon fodder. Because we all know, useless freeloader ghetto rats and pasty white red diaper soi spoilt brats, all need guns, to protect themselves from White privilege’s evil race supremacists.
    The double standard is rich. The double standard of double standards.

    It’s all about guns, everything is about guns, who has guns and who don’t have guns, who is ruled by guns and who rules by the gun.
    Everything else is a sideshow.

    Think of the Bolshevik pointing his gun at the camera, as an ultimate Karen with a gun.

  4. morning, 0321, KDL, happy fathers day to you guys. Read and reread our posts, well done. 0321 first, yes your right, and I agree, life is nothing if man doesn’t have ” Hope” . I’m hoping for a reasonable outcome, knowing it’s not going to appear.

    Could care less about the Nazi Germans who forced their youth into fighting, a lost war, all so they could continue to loot and plunder, cover the escape, of the Nazi leadership to South America.

    Some real brave loosers.

    0321, do you see our side forcing ANYBODY into,fighting, for us,,,,,,, I,don’t.

    All it takes is for good men like you, KayDeLong to do nothing. I hope and I pray nightly that we find a solution. Thus far my prayers have not been answered.

    0321, while we differ on minor points we both agree, that shits bad. I’m now to the point I truly believe a two way hot fights coming. We will not beat em at the ballot box, yet I see the significance on one minute to mark my ballot every four years. It costs nothing, on the other hand, allowing the left to re control the political,spectrum, is a fucking historical blunder.

    So,etching is happening in Seattle on Imdependence day, in Seattle. I MAY just be their. Somehow my logic stream thinks this is needed, yet Virginia, was a collasual waste of time.

    Their is or was but one patriot I respected, that was LaVoy, like it or not, the man was a born leader, which is why he was assu aged by the Oregon State Police. The rest of us, are angry Americans, content with waiting it out, until it’s to late. I’m sadly in that crowd aswell. And I’m ashamed of it.

    I’ve posted the OSP SWAT officers name, the man who is responsible for shooting LaVoy in the back. His punishment was a promotion to LT, and the station Commander in Albany Oregon. No one cared, no one gave a shit. Incidently this LT, aninimity is court guarded. Every two months maybe three, the OSP, has to go back to court to protect his identity.
    And OSP, has habitually done just that.

    For an ex cop to spit out the shooters name is largely frowned on, yet I feel so strongly not only about the murder, but OSP,’s cover up, that I feel compelled to report the shooters name to the world. I don’t wish I’ll will on him. Just could not stand by and watch this minipulation of vague laws, to,cover this cowards actions. This has cost me many many old friends who fundamentally disagree with me dime this fuck out!. Fuck him, fuck them. Do it right, you have zero,to hide from.

    Incidentally that OSP SWAT guy had another murder incident prior to the assignation of LaVoy, where he shot another man in the back, I believe it was in Washington County in the Portland area. Again zero accountability. Was promoted to SGT, after that shooting.

    He will murder with impunity again, mark my words. A sanctioned leagal gun for OSP.

    Kay De, thank you,for your well thought response. For what it’s worth I agree with you more then not. I believe you’ve taken partially out of context my words, point.

    Dying needlessly for any cause except for your loved ones is a fools errand. I came to understand along time ago, battlefield situations involve a lot of good fortune, good luck, staying alive.

    Over on ZeroGov, BB, has a saying posted that is truth, I’ll try and put t out, I’m sure I won’t get it right. Out of 100 men most are useless, cowards, will never fire their weapons, out of that 100 10/15 are fighters, will engage, will fight, but their is only one in that 100 who is a true warrior, a fuckimg killing machine.

    I don’t know if BB coined it or not, but I’ve see personally that he is spot on. Warriors like leaders are born, not elected. As a street cop, I NEVER to a promotional test, not in 25 years. I came to law enforcement with a checkered childhood, bluntly, I was a fucking menace to society. Zero boundaries, zero moral, or ethics, and zero love for laws.

    The irony is, I ended up in law enforcement, I promised God, I would take care of my people, I would make wrong right where I could, prayed for the wisdom to understand the difference.

    I was very very sucessful, I cleaned up 100s of burglaries every year. My place was on the street, not in the station sucking the bosses dick. I watch as many many fellow police officers spent their time building their promotions, all were useless fucks, unable or unwilling to make questionable calls, choices.

    I made many many bad calls, when you have seconds to rationalize others intentions, or state of mind, it’s easy to get it wrong. I never beat anybody. I had the gift of gab, my verbal foo. Was good enough that most people would understand my actions were dictated by their actions and deeds.

    I,always gave my people my card,,with my home phone number. I fed their kids, when they couldn’t, I sat on their porches on and off duty, encouraging em to get away from the dope. Taking em to,coffee, or a meal, showing em that I fucking cared about them. This was my promise I made to God.

    SCOTUS, defined my job Justice Skallia,? Wrote the opinion.
    The definition of the job was

    1. Investigate crimes.
    2. Arrest those who committed those crimes.
    3. Protect the infastructure!!!.

    The very first time I read this, my career changed. No To Protect and Serve. I said to myself, fuck the infastructure, we here to protect those who are incapable. ” our world is jam packed with sheep” God help em I. This coming world.

    After twelve years on the streets, as a road dog, working the worst hoods in my turf, then Narcotics, I discovered that we, me wasn’t making a difference in any measurable way.

    I discovered we took on a new roll of SRO, School Resources Officers. I volunteered, was the first in the community. I got to work with the one group of people who could make the nesassary change our world needed.

    Was an SRO, for 9 years. I’ve never worked so hard in my life, I spent a 1000.00 a month of my own families money, feeding and clothing these high school kids, I spent hours in their homes, working with them in the parks, I must have purchased 300 sets of shoes for our needy youth.

    I had a running credit in all three high schools for kids who had no food to eat, and were to proud to ask for help. Their friends, secretly would come to me, and share the names and situation.

    I would ask them,to,stop by M office, when the had time. And would share its them that I had a account donated to help kids, eat. That I would like to add their name to that list. Sometimes took hours to make them understand this was not a hand out, but a loan of sorts, that was never to be paid back, until they were adults and able to help other folk in need.

    I begged borrowed and probly stole winter jackets for the kids.

    The Hispanic family’s I tried to help would not except a gift of money. Several mothers said they would make authentic Mexican food for me. And like an idiot I said, no thank you.

    I didn’t realize they were selling me Mexican foods, for money. Took me a few days to realize their intent. I both Mexican food by the hundreds.. You name it, I was purchasing it, so these families could pay their rent, keep a roof over their heads.

    My wife purchased a second huge freezer, which I. The end was stuffed full of killer Mexican food. I eat sooooo much Mexican food, I lost interest in it, I kept buying their food, as without assistance these family’s would be in trouble.

    I started work at 07:00, not one day in 9 years was I their later then 06:00, and rarely was home befor 19:00. After many years, I’m now ok with me Ian food again.

    Guess what these kids were making informed choices, regarding the law. We gave them the tools to make good choices. Sadly after nine years I was burned out. I asked for another assignment. The chief was pissed, stuck me back in patrol, where zero positive stuff was happening.

    I worked with nice folks but piss pour cops. Lazy cops. I abruptly quit, well retired, and returned to a place named MODOC County where I was a resident deputy, near a town named TuleLake Ca.

    I was back in my element, no more just throw everybody in jail, but back,to,working with the people in my turf. I tumbled down a mountain while taking down a cartel grow, was headed in to my sniper observer overwatch when I crashed hard.

    Was medically retired from CA. For my injuries sustained.

    I’ll never know if I really made a difference. I pray I did the right things, and I admit my failures. But the combination of both have made me who I am today, my moral ethical and leathal standings.

    Those three are being challanged daily by a corrupt govt, and a MSM.

    I’m going to Seattle, simply because I can no longer stand by and watch good men do nothing!.

    I encourage you all to join me, and the others by falling in your cities, and fighting the tyranny, and communist movement. It’s clear govt, city county’s and states are incapable, simply for this reason. Laws are for the lawful. Not the miscreants getting away with what’s happening.

    Sorry a lot just regurgitated, Happy Fathers Day again.


    1. Dirk, just remember this – “By their works they will be known”

      “The table is covered in blood.” The brother of man who died
      at CHAZ describes what he witnessed when he arrived at the scene.
      CHAZ “street medics” gave wannabe treatment at the Ranchos Tacos
      Restaurant they’ve been occupying as command center.”

  5. “Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.” ― Heraclitus

    It’s a good quote. My OSUT captain used this in the only officer speech he ever gave us. I thought it was pretty badass, and see the truth of it.

    If all that you said is true, I’m sure you made a difference. I wanted to go fight in wars I knew were bogus, if only to help regular people being completely fucked up by their local warlords. Help one person and you do, in a way, change the world.

    You gotta do what you feel is right, man. If you guys decide to get involved in the problems near you, then godspeed. I hope you don’t stick your neck out too far for people that aren’t worth it- but I’m sure you know your AO better than I do. We have far better people with us than they do.

    Also attributed to Heraclitus- “One is ten thousand to me, if he be the best.”

    Be smart out there, my man.

    1. the murkins don’t want freedom

      they want free shit

      most have swallowed the lie “hook, line, and sinker”

      everyone you see wearing a face diaper- they are the enemy of free thought and minds

      if your mind is enslaved, so is the body

      they have ID’d themselves for you..

      leave no prisoners alive

      now go and get ’em

      300 million + aren’t going to dirt nap themselves..

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