One thought on “Soros & FUSA”

  1. What with all he and his syndicate of human extinction have done all over the earth, in all the country’s they have visitated destruction and death, that evil piece of shit is still walking is beyond me.

    Without doubt the clinton crime syndicate and this reptile megalomaniac are responsible for and or are the root of creating pretty much most of the political and economic turmoil and destruction in this world since 1990.
    A pedophile Rhodes Scholar, an Alynski Stalinite in a bed sheet, and a Nazi child prodigy maniacal psychopath, determined to rule the world using an ideological farce called marxism as a cover for creation of a world spanning organized crime system enriching themselves off the profits from hollowing out, corrupting western States from the top down inside out.

    Prior to these 3 scumbags, the worst of real politik along with international socialism, and it’s flavors of international crime was a very different critter.

    How they have survived the dirt nap this long is a most remarkable occurrence.

    It would shock the politikal world the rejoicing which would result from hanging the three of them and their captains along with other minions, such as the usurpers born out of and funded by Soros’s States Attorneys General project, with piano wire.

    How many fetuses, babies, children and woman have they stuffed into their meat grinder of human trafficking, pedeophilia for fun, torture, profit, blackmail/extortion, and baby part organ legging?
    How many billions has this human trafficking conduit they created for these pieces of shit?
    To understand the dictum of war about “Make war pay for war”, is to understand how truly evil these things with two legs are.

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