Antifa Watch


     You have mentioned accountability several times before.  This website is interesting, in that it gives the normie a way to put a face to the national pain right now.  This humanizes the conflict and gives one a sense that antifa can be your neighbor, the kid down the block, your deli clerk… they are out there and normies need to be attuned to this source of uncontrolled risk in their daily interactions.
     An informed populace is a better populace.

8 thoughts on “Antifa Watch”

    1. Even if masks worked, most folks I see are wearing masks with no full seal around them (and almost all of them are the town libtards). It’s insane!
      Many of us here know how to get a good seal on a gasmask but these dumb ass civilians are clueless about infiltration, the mask is more of a compliance statement, or now, fashion.
      And the scam continues into Phase 2 now, more masks and confinement for the dumbmass proles.

      1. Ya, saw a young maiden admiring herself in a storefront with the mask as she walked past.
        It’s over.

      2. How right you are about that all important seal. Since retiring from the fire service I now sport a full beard as I am too lazy to shave everyday, and no longer need to. I carry a mask in my pocket so that I can enter the few places that have signs posted otherwise I do not wear it. Wife wants the beard gone, I told her that when it goes it will be due to the need to mask up for the fight to come so pray that I keep the beard.

        1. You can still look good and stay safe, I sport a 5″ beard but my cheeks and under my chin are shaved, gas mask still seals.
          I was my unit NBC NCO, spent almost a week in MOPP suits decontaminating equipt at NBC school in 1975 and the memory stays with me still. Doing the funky chicken on the way out isn’t my idea of fun.

    2. To be fair, in the case of 99.999% of Murikan’ women, the face mask/veil accessory has undoubtedly found new popularity, as it excellently hides from view that the brides and wives to be are maniacal slack-jawed dick eaters. Without question, it’s the only way those toxic-waste whores/Section 8’s find the suckers willing to offer up a ring and a trip to the altar nowadays.

      1. whichever way this turns out, wymin are gonna be in a world of hurt for hundreds of years into the future..

        fucking tramps are going to get the muzzie treatment for all their rotten, backstabbing, whoring ways.

        tic toc ladies 🙂

  1. I bet it will be super hard to spot these folks. Brilliant. This must be from the same guy that designed the Chazganistan gardens. If you see a guy with a Maga hat lobbing a molly or piss bombs or skateboarding a cop car feel free to shoot him.

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