3 thoughts on “GoV: A New Nationalist Party in Italy”

  1. Before you know it, we will have another Mussolini and Hitler, and people will look forward to it.
    History is repeating itself 100 yrs later, but this time truth will expose who did this to us, sure don’t want to one of that tribe.

  2. Few people realize how close Italy came to going commie at the end of the war. The communists had a significant presence. Especially in the northern regions.

    Who do you think it was who not only shot him, but hauled Mussolini’s body from near Lake Como to Milan for stringing up?

  3. Does anyone have a problem with any of this:
    1. Pro-life;
    2. Pro-natural family;
    3. Stop immigration, start repatriation;
    4. Ban freemasonry and other similar sects;
    5. Ban usury; print only “people’s money”;
    6. Restore the 1929 State/Church agreement;
    7. Cancel all anti-patriotic laws;
    8. Create workers’ corporations to protect the people from the globalists.

    Good luck to them.

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