8 thoughts on “Lee Greenwood Was Unavailable For Comment”

  1. I got to about the 20 second mark and had enough.
    Bless her little heart.

  2. I thought the master race by virtue of skin color could not be RACIST. Hey lady that AK-47 or M-4 ARE the insurance against being looted by a bunch of hoodlums.

  3. That is all the cogent argument I need. I’m not certain what species that was, but the fact that it should be caged until relocation is quite obvious.

  4. So; 1) she reserves the right to loot, by inference, if not, outright claim, 2) their validity to protect their property is negated because it is a) cheap chinese home supply s**t and b) they are fake a** ramadadians, and the coup de grace is she is gonna tell her popo cuz they is armed to prevent her and her from killing her black brethren if they so choose to use the George Floyd discount….. I could say I am speechless but that would be a lie. I just have no racially insensitive speech to explain her diatribe neh ultimate desire to use her seemingly Constitutional right to use her George Floyd discount. Napalm anyone?? Bueller, Bueller??

  5. At least she knows what it is (AK 47s) and what its for ( protecin’ they shit.)

    That’s sort of impressive.

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