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  1. I spent a year in Kosovo/Kosova on a Liaison Monitoring Team. There were six villages in my AO which were and had been Roman Catholic. They were all ethnic Albanians. Next to those towns were muslim ethnic Albanians. Some towns were Croatian Roman Catholic and one was Croatian muslim.

    These people didn’t have a conflict with one another about religion. The problem was ethnic aggression, those people don’t like each other over genetics. Since the issue was genocide, NATO had to step in by treaty requirements. There was never a religious muslim against West conflict.

    That’s where the propaganda will get people here killed if they follow the propaganda narrative. It wasn’t religious, it was genetics ethnic rivalry and ethnic based conflict. In the Roman Catholic areas with a priest, the ethnicities tolerated one another because the Church had some power.

    Letnice is the location of the Church of the Black Madonna where Mother Teresa (sic?) attended from Macedonia just a few miles away. The right wing radio talk show hosts were wrong or lied about the conflict. The JNA Yugoslavian National Army was comprised entirely of ethnic Serbs and they were mean to everyone except Serbs. All of these ethnics were Yugoslavian by nationality.

    1. Fits with Dijon, France now. The Chechens and North Africans going at it. Both muslim .

        1. Ha , retirement pad. Could be Syrians in the mix , but ‘Syrians’ is Newspeak for the flotsam of the Med most of whom are it bit blackish for Syrians. Still though, I didn’t do much digging on the latest festivities.
          I agree with Jim Sinclair – ‘my idea of retirement is a body bag.’

  2. Lot of times history fails to point out much of what is called 4th G insurgent war, along with genocide in the 20th century was only made possible thru support from State actors far away from the actual war and genocide.
    Almost without exception the 20th century of both banksters world wars, and the Korean war is a history of using proxy forces in the form of revolutionary insurgents to advance the large Nation State’s agenda and politics.
    Take for instance the Vietnam War, where the Vietcong, and more so the N. Vietnam army where almost entirely supported by both Chinese and Russian soviets, where the NV’s literally manufactured none of their war materiel and never close to the victuals and other commissary required to wage total war against the west. Both communist regimes never had to contend with these wars by proxy on home turf. Where free to transport their war supply without enemy interdiction upon international waters or non participant territory.

    The point here is organic, true all grass roots revolutions and insurgency is very rare thru history, the same for genocide.
    There is exactly one, read that, 1, successful slave revolt, grass roots, organic revolutionary war of session from tyranny, and even our first war of secession required outside large state actor support. And here’s the really unique part, the Continental Army even with large State support, from mostly the French, was still not what defeared the British militarily, in fact it was a real nail biter, it was a small group of mostly French Indian War combat veterans, and those they trained after, who beginning at Kings Mountain, put an arse whipping in the Bits so bad by the time they reached the southern Virginia mountains they where toast. The rest was a mop up operation.
    Men like Robert E. Lee’s father and Ben Commee single handedly, with about the finest example of light small unit infantry arms and tactics, outfought in 10-1 odds combat the finest and largest Army on earth.
    All along from the start, these SUI combat veterans who are the original Rogers Rangers, actually Captain John Stark’s men in all but name, where repeatedly held back from waging their small unit infantry combat 4thG style of waefare, by the hierarchy of the Continental Army & Congress and politics of 2nd Generation warfare accepted norms and thinking of the time, as a futile last ditch resource, and only when all seemed lost and General G. Washington’s army was kaput did these French Indian wars veterans given the green light. The rest is history, and a very important one which time nor circumstances diminish, of anything they apply in spades now.

    It is time we as Free Armed Men, American American’s, recognize and actualize a great profound truth of us. We have all the elements of a 4th G revolutionary/seccession citizen soldier army, quite capable in arms resources and fighting prowess to litterally kick anyones arse in the world on our home turf, the only element which requires consolidating is a Legion mindset where we believe in ourselves, in solidarity on the central issue of our time and our civilization, we possess everything else required to be an Army which no foe, domestic or foriegn can defeat never mind conquer.
    All that is required is the grass roots organic mindset and determination with some good old Polish like Solidarity and we win. We can win in weeks if not days. The entire commie/corrupt lickspittle organization will collapse so quickly it will blow our minds. Globo=pedo would fold likewise.
    Nothing can stand in the way of American America with a bone our teeth and an AR15 in our hands. Not for nothing, we already own the valuable key territory lock stock and barrel. We control the resources of a vast rich landmass. Flyover Nation. It is our enemy who must not only take the high ground they must put their soldiers with a rifle, boots on that territory, and keep it. They do not possess those resources both menpower wise and resource. In fact their only avenue for success is using the rhetorical, the phsycological battle front of hearts and minds, along with applying their very limited resources using the lying media wing, portraying themselves as the victorious glorious peoples struggle, when all along they can not risk a realistic shooting war, where they know to the core there is no place to hide, no place to run, from The Legion of Men of The West out for blood and comeuppance. Our enemy must win on the cheap, their manpower a perishable finite resource they must guard at all costs from being defeated in detail. What is essentially not much more than a small mercenary army numbering in maybe the low thousands at best, an army which requires much gold and support, with no deep abiding fealty nor connection to hearth home family and republic. Not even a resemblance of the great warrior virtues and codes never mind deep patriotism of American American’s constituting Freefor.

    We get the Genocide never mind defeat and enslavement we deserve.
    Without the lying ass media, lockspittles and minions, hired guns, like antifart and BLM would not exist. They all simply have no power but that which is created by the yellow media, it is an army of false perceptions. Fake, made from whole cloth, an army that in a NY minute would evaporate the moment the gold they are paid dries up, the support they have gone, they have no capabilities as our Freefor has and possesses organically, its all astro-turf verses grass roots.

    As armed Free Men, we have using our persinal wealth we create with our own hands and sweat, self arm ourselves with the finest infantry combat small arms ever devised, we supply ourselves with suitable “powder & ball”, equipped ourselves with top shelf combat gear, training ourselves thru an array of combat and tactical resources, and in the face of unrelenting emasculation and revisionist history narratives, create the mindset where the greatest weapon is whats between our ears and resides in our hearts.

    All thats left is Solidarity. That this legion, begins to grok it is A Legion.
    This is the honorable resistance. It exists all over this great land, in family enclaves, in lone patriots, in small communities, it exists in small towns and villages all over America.
    This is the bread & butter of resistance to tyranny. To saving what needs saving, preserving what needs preserving, and building upon the great legacy we where gifted so long ago. It is we ourselves, the only army that will, and can fight and win. There is no other, there are no ones coming to save us. The grand gestalt, the Great Zeitgeist, The Paradigm, it is our ultimate indomitable audacious legitimacy, thats power unlike any power and only we dirt people have this power. No tyrant or ideology no politik, no corruption can ever possess this power.
    Why do you think we are so reviled, held in such contempt, feared like nothing else, like no other threat or enemy?
    It is hate and envy for what as American American’s we naturally, organically, own, we are born with it, it courses through our veins, has a special place in our heart of hearts, the gift our founders recognized and made live, ordered, never to be stamped out by the tyrants jackboot.
    To be free from tyranny of the State, tyrants, corrupto elites, the whole lot of them.
    And live as let live with ourselves as people, good folks, people who believe in something better, larger, a land where we can have nice things of our choosing and no others. A land where people leave just a bit more than they take, a land of makers, creators, charity of spirit, virtue of prudence, legacy of codes and traditions hard won long learned, our culture, and a land where nobody tells us what our priorities are to be.
    Our resistance is not only not futile, our resistance to tyranny and The State is the most profound fertile thing imaginable.
    We, Are Who We Are Waiting For.

    1. Even the simplest thing won’t work for Team America. How many times have they been told to leave their cell phones, turn them off or get rid of them (they’re a communist spy device) and folks refuse to do so. I absolutely fuk’n guarantee there will be at least one or two phones smuggled in by someone. Gotta take selfies and text the kids……..
      And you expect Americans to get their shit together?

  3. Spent five years there stationed in various parts of the country. SFOR, and it’s follow on mission, then working/training with the new BiH army.
    I saw much and Those years changed me.
    Most Americans aren’t as had as the average Bosnian.


    1. All of them would try and scam us for stuff and try to make a fool of us in our faces while smiling. Third Worlders in Europe, go figure.

  4. I spent a winter in Sarajevo in the 90s with IFOR / SFOR. I have been forever changed by my experience. Americans have no idea what is coming their way.

    Get. Out. Of. The. Cities.

  5. I believe one of the best solutions is that anyone not agreeing with the founding fathers America. Should be deported. Liberia was set up for just such a circumstance. You don’t like it here? Cool, go build something wonderful! I’m sure there’s some empty cruise ships we can retrofit???? Just thinking.

  6. Another one by Glenny


    It’s not about the breakup particularly but the region as a whole for the last 200 years. There’s a lot about how old hatreds can simmer for generations and be let loose under seemingly unrelated circumstances.

    I read it a few years back and walked away thinking war there was inevitable. There are some lessons there for us.

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