9 thoughts on ““This isn’t Blue versus Grey. This is White versus Everyone Else.””

  1. Well… I never volunteered for this:

    “Just as everyone knows they’re going to die but
    kind of has to pretend they aren’t just so they can
    get out of bed in the morning, I knew this was coming
    but I tried to pretend it would happen after I died.”


  2. Pete, I just read a comment at Vanderleun’s place that made me smile.
    “Oh, a friend and I had an idea: The nicest real estate in town is along the parkways. The best is Lake of the Isles Parkway, which covers that lake. Houses there go for large, large sums.

    We could clean out the garages and put together a bunch of tents with stoves, a foam cooler full of beer, and ratty sleeping bags. We arrive early one morning and throw these up along this parkway, right in front of these very nice homes, most of which have BLM signs. Then we arrange a truck to pick up some future residents in the big camps. Move-In Ready Just For You, with Beer! And when you get hungry, just knock on the doors of the nearby homes. They’ll be eager to share!”
    That’s outside the box thinking, and exactly the sand-in-the-gears type of thinking to encourage. Shy of throwing lead, might even change some minds. I offered to route a few dollars the man’s way, should he be serious.

  3. Welcome to South Africa everyone. You won’t like it here but the good news is you get a free necklace as a parting gift.

    1. OR…you CAN do what TWO white families did about 20 years ago in South Africa
      and create a ‘No-Go Zone’ as they did with Orania…easily over 1500 white people
      if not more and the black bolsheviks DON’T fuck with them any more than folks
      fuck with these people who HAVE functional ‘N0-Go Zones’:

      Ultra Orthodox Jews

      So, what are people waiting for here…the ‘Second Cumming of drumpfhschtick’
      where he CONTINUES to bend the knee and fellate Jared Kushner & Lord Rothschild?…..

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  4. Please start with your children. If you are sending them into the toxic, globalist morass of the public school system please inoculate them with knowledge first and then give constant boosters. Do not send them out into the world without a solid foundation of pro American, pro White, pro freedom values. If you don’t do this then the vacuum will be filled by the Globosocialist commissars in Media/PopCulture/Academia. Will White people ever wake up? It may already be too late…

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