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  1. Ah, good old SSI.

    Still very curious what happened to cause them to “spike the guns” over there. Anyone care to elaborate?

    1. Spiking the Guns…
      I remember and following MIKE since the Beginning of SSI… His son was charged with the task but the deal is that SSI was “MIKE’s BLOG!!” I do believe he spiked the guns because that was it…
      SSI stands with the Ages now after Mike left us… We will always remember… and if there is a post script… everyone who was a reader, friend, Patriot…. PICK UP MIKE’S TORCH and carry it….
      Do I have to say much else???
      If I could I’d post a photo of Mike’s original “III” Patch with the words “Audentes Fortuna Ivat”… ironically on the original patches the “I” of “Ivat” looked like a “J”!!!!!!
      The translation from the “Latin” is… “Fortune Favors the Bold!!!!”
      I have taken to use that phrase a lot!!
      I don’t know how Mike came up with it….
      But I have to say….
      He was,”Right ON!!!!”

      “Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat!!!!!!!<

    2. Hard to believe how long ago that was, I read SSI for a few yrs before discovering this place in ’08 or ’09.
      A lot of mental growth has happened since then.
      My sincerest thanks to MVB and CA.

        1. And the big D started with the question of whether holstered pistols would be allowed on the firing line, part of the motel room AAR.

          What a long strange trip it’s been.

          History gets written by the winners.

        2. That was my 51st birthday, I don’t move so well today. 🙂
          Sure would be fun to do it again.
          Any idea how many of us are around? And whatever happened to BTP? he kind of fizzled out after moving to Wyoming.

  2. These jamokes think by bombarding us old hats at freedom & liberty, and no small number of great younger generations, with their precious order out of chaos bullshit, we forget our past.
    Nothing doing.
    We are still around and still on to them, because we know when you ignore the past you get the dirt nap first. History teaches. Truth has no agenda. And other great axioms Mike never forget to remind us all of.
    Sure do miss Mike, and Andrew Breitbart too. Two total shitlords who where fearless and leaders. RIP.

    Of course, along with no longer being permitted to have nice things in America, having Leaders, particularly those who inspire us and our liberty topping their list of proscribed things, American American’s who are leaders, is a big no-go. Think JFK, when the boolit hits the bone.
    Far as I’m concerned why orangemannazibad. Why they are deranged by Trump.
    Liminality much?

    The mouth breathers are not be be permitted, EVER, to have leaders who get em’ all riled defying and giving us the BFYTW.
    It’s why SHE who they thought COULD NEVER lose lost big time, and why they are terrified of 4 more years, is so darn hilarious.
    A good thing too. We’d be long past this marxist toe dipping “color revolution dude”, stupidity right now. Probably way deep into Dutchman6’s Bracken like predictions of the regime gone full fucking disarmament/class war retard.
    That fat waddling Alynski Stalinist in a bed sheet had the serious ass on for our Rifles. Once ensconced in her offal office throne she would have stopped at nothing to get those Rifles. A woman scorned yadda yadda yadda.
    And there are those who should understand better who piss on the god emperor.
    After Trump, (whats you got to be thinking of), dollars to donuts those same characters will be saying complimentary things about the guy. Along with terminal regrets a shitload of useful idiots and other marxist cannon fodder are in for.
    One thing Mike was very good at was defining what dirty stinking commies where truly like below the ideological farce.

    Mike V.’s 100 Head Life & Casualty Life Insurance policy.
    That was sublime. Ever wonder if it really kept mike alive? I sure have.

    At certain points looking back it is amazing Mike didn’t die from assisted suicide.
    There was never any doubt he was on the Clinton/Holder/FBI dead pool list being he and Larry exposed operation Gun Walker and the 90% fake narrative, along with all the evidence Oklahoma City was another FBI/Clinton match made in commie heaven false flag.
    I think Mike knew part of the false flag bombing was to destroy the hard paper criminal record depository where all the Clinton evidence was stored, especially after the FBI tortured and killed the only real genuine witness who knew key things led right to the bombing was a set up, like 911, and all the rest of evil deeds born out of the Clinton Crime syndicate alliance with globo=pedo used to cover their trails and shut up those who could expose them…
    …and what kind of men, no can’t call them men, its just too insulting to men of honor virtue and integrity, can hold back rescue services for all those daycare kids for an hour and a half, bleeding out below them in the blast zone, retrieving all those Clinton crimes files that survived the blast?
    Right below them, they could see all the bodies of kids and babies.
    Scumm who blew Vicky Weavers brains all over the baby she had in her arms and drill little boys with a .308. Same scumm who burnt 76 woman and children to carbonized husks in the bunker at Waco, then took trophy shots of themselves, standing over crispy babies and little kids.

    They broke the mold when Mike came into this mortal coil.
    Always wondered if they didn’t pull the old KGB lump of Plutonium in the shower-head trick. Mike never seemed all those years to be able to get well no matter what he did. Maybe that is what his boy found out before he shut down posting on Sipsey Street Irregulars. Though some kind soul seems to be keeping the archived blog running.
    Hats off to whomever.

    As the god emperor put it, you have no idea how corrupt these people are, American’s are ready yet to know what they have done.
    No question about it after Ruby Ridge & Waco dude.

    The same cast of Clinton/obot FBI armed badged leg breaking payroll patriots, of “A higher calling” mind you, fulfilled the hit put out on LeVoy Finnicum to stop those guys from revealing the corrupt treason of Uranium 1, and all the other crooked multi billion dollar mining/land deals they where making with the chi-coms, the why of why the BLM was out for genocide of the independent, legacy land/water rights cattle ranch families, they discovered on the Malhur Refuge Center fed computers.

    Lord only knows what Mike would be saying today.

  3. 100 heads indeed. In Deed.

    First one’s the hardest, but once it begins, the effects will be disproportionate.

    Paid in full, irrevocable, for Life.

  4. I met Mike at a rally once and we shook hands . He was very agitated and when I asked why he pointed to the roof tops 300 yards away and said law enforcement were glassing us with their scopes . Sure enough he was right . So much for the right to gather ..

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