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  1. Take away from good ol’ Matt, and his sublime observational powers, Matt’s rhetoric and dialectic critical thinking literally fills volumes and novels always makes me think about Alynski’s rule regarding his radicals use of ridicule and how their one dimensional NPC brains are incapable of grokking how like tracers politikally weaponizing ridicule work both ways.
    Excellent Observationist on Ace of spades, JJ Sefton, posted this totally hilarious zinger from one of the worthy Ace moron commentariat, regarding the worthless, pasty white soi red diaper baby, wanna be shit stirring gangsta rappa’ and useless ghetto rat.
    This particularly despicable lickspittle is calling for the smashing of symbol’s of what he calls “White Jesus”, now that they are running out of statues to vandalize and knock over, stain glass church windows and Molotov cocktails are the next raaacist! target:

    “Good morning, kids. Tuesday, and while I can’t say I’m necessarily surprised by some of the headlines, they are nevertheless shocking, disgusting and alarming simultaneously. First up, Shaun King, known around here by one of the greatest nicknames in history – “Talcum X”…

    Posted by J.J. Sefton at 07:38 AM https://ace.mu.nu/archives/388872.php

    As Alynski said about making em’ own up to what they say. Share this priceless alt-agitrop around if you can.
    Seriously this is a gift like Pepe, Elmer, Aunt Ge-meme-a, how the Annons owned Lebief’s ass with the capture the flag fun, etc, because nobody hijacks and owns the enemies memes like American American Freefor.

    Talcom X Stinky Ass powder

  2. tfA-t believes the burning of murkin ghettos is a very good thing

    all shities must burn to the ground and their slime covered residents along with them



  3. North Riverside, Illinois shopping mall has had 3 massive brawls and one shooting since reopening about ten days ago. This doesn’t count the fatal gang shooting that took place near there during the recent looting spree. All violence there is committed by blacks. Black lives don’t matter at all to them. No surprise.

  4. What a joke. Bracken reminds me of Lindsey Graham. Big talkin’ of what they are going to do, but always finding a way to keep relevant. Yeah, we all have a plan about 90% cornering. Yeah, we have a plan to do it. We are trained and ready. Doesn’t Layfette Plaza, Minneapolis, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Austin, Detroit, San Fran, and Portland offer an opportunity? What a joke Bracken. Waiting for my wakeup. As allows just tough talk and reason to shoot your 7.62 at the range trying to prove you have testicles.

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