9 thoughts on “Codrea: Congressmen Question ATF AR Pistol Brace Plans”

  1. I’m done with their rules, I want a machine gun, I’ll build one. I want a another suppressor or dozen, I’ll build that as well. I’ll return to complying with the laws, when I see those laws being applied across the board, not to the right, but not the left.

    Fuck em. IF I had those Braces, I sure as shit would not remove them. I question fedgov’s ability to order the removal of any pre dating the law.

    Well I got a call late last night from I assume so,some involved in putting the patriot rally in Seattle, to physically remove Antifa and niggers matter.

    Was advised that Seattles mayor, and COP, are now moving on the antonymous zone. The gent I spoke with asked if I would consider rolling up to Seattle, up until the time patriots are able to,confirm niggers matter and the communists are removed ” All of them”

    Of course I will, this smacks of left wing pukes playing word games, manipulation of dates. The gent” I didn’t ask for or was given a phome number” told me that Seattle Council and city staff, are freaking out about 10.000 armed patriots showing up.

    That most of these numbers simply don’t have the bread to respond on a potential non starter. I do, I’m going either way.

    I’m surprised by the numbers of associates who think my intended actions are a bad thing. I just don’t get it. Do we wait for these knuckleheads to be in our cities, on our blocks, this is at this point a lage brush fire, if “someone’s” don’t put it out, it will continue to fester, until it’s literally out of control.

    My closest friend and shoot partner, a retired SF Col, is asking the right question!. What exactly is the mission. Define the mission parameters, objectives. Fair questions.

    He reached out on SF Brotherhood seeking current MOUT, and sub terrain warfare material, for me. My limited stuff is dated, like 20 years. And don’t have sub terrain stuff at all.

    Google earth was very helpful, was able to get a clear view of streets, alleys parks, power line easements, and city of Seattle, kimdly provided sewer system limited data.

    Late yesterday afternoon google earth over that specific area went down. Net has some decent street maps, public transportation maps, bus and commuter lite rail. The district is four maybe five blocks from I-5, and 10/12 blocks from the ferry systems, down loaded all lite rail and bus schedules, and ferry departure times, options are north then south.

    Also sourced bus and public transport from across the bay, where the ferris dock. Documented All AMTRAC schedules SB, discovered NB AMTRAC stops in Evertt, which is gold to know.

    Cash is king, zero cell phones, or anything leaving a tell, or traceable.
    Been along time since I’ve done a pre raid planning, if I’m missing critical stuff, please advise.
    Just thinking out loud.

    What’s up with that niggers matter gig in DC?


    1. Why would you post your plans here, of all places? You gotta no about EEFI, right? Your buddies in the SF Association can help you understand why putting all this out there doesn’t do you any service other than catharsis. When all is said and done, you’re asking for an intercept. Just sayin….

    2. you can’t stop the signal copper

      just relax and think of happier days when you were out destroying the lives of others

      now the civilian public gets their happy days to destroy everything 🙂

      it’s only fair and natural

      you can’t fight it

    3. Dirk,
      just askin, but when you were a cop, did you want someone from Georgia in your jurisdiction telling you what to do?

  2. Mike Vanderboegh aka Dutchman6 said that when you’ve proscribed all arms you then have made all weapons totally legal.

    When you’ve made everyone Nazi racists you’ve freed everyone, and bigotry for your race, culture, family, tribe and country once again becomes natural and legitimate.
    Even Faster Please!

    When literally everything your yellow media publishes sprouts from your whole cloth marxian ideological farce guideline manual of the big lie then nobody believes a thing you create.

    When all roll up door rope pulls at race track pit garages are racist nooses, then anyone with a functioning brain cell sees how utterly preposterous your false narratives regarding the Frankfurt Institute artificial code word racist, you and yours become a laughing stock.

    But whats even better, is it isn’t your target that is conned and suckered by your false narratives and memes, it is yourself and your lickspittles comrades who begin to believe in your google-eyed bugfuck crazy cloud cuckoo land grift.

    And you, become the butt of the very ridicule hate and envy which all along you and only your ilk own in entirety, in fee simple.

    Where the left makes the prime existential mistake is not creating a legion of pissed off dirt people armed to the fucking teeth, nope, though this dynamic is very important and an integral manifest element in America no matter what, its not even the war for hearts and minds, the real FUBAR dirty stinking commie mistake is they cause the mainstream plurality of American who simply don’t give a fuck one way or another about any politics, vote for a guy like Donald Trump simply because they are disgusted with all the incessant pestering annoying bullshit and simply don’t want to be bothered. Its not politics, not rhetoric, not politics, its simple all for me Bob attitude, it is shut the fuck up and go away you idiots. It’s a very powerful mainstream stance. It matters. The middle ground 150 million plurality of Normie’s and their more patriotic fellow American’s of 64 million basket of Deplorable’s are not wrong.

    Till kinetic 4G war starts in earnest it is a war of pluralities and consent, which if those attempting to take America down are true to their ideological farce of marxist guidelines, the hoplophobes should about the start of the Hot Copper Jacketed Lead Festival, have “outlawed” enough guns and weapon accruements to cause a vast happy underground renaissance of American ingenuity and industriousness, a resurgence of Makers and Artisan’s, especially in weapons of Warr, which will spell the doom of world communism and its underlying globo=pedo organized crime on America soil.

    This is only natural, the laws of unintended consequences are owned lock stock and barrel by the leftists.
    It is within this dialectic the withdrawal of consent is the most powerful weapon imaginable, when it is aligned by a Legion of armed to the fucking teeth shitlords, for nothing deranges and creates self destructive cognitive dissonance in these dirty stinking commies like a White Male American American who refuses to comply, be coerced, or be afraid, and says “Because fuck you thats why.” AKA BFYTW

    Things could not have happened any other way. Whats going down is the best thing that could happen. Unintended consequences have begun to dictate our avowed enemies effectiveness, diminish their political power, creating poltikal “fog of war.”
    Never interrupt our enemy when they is making mistakes existential.

    Don’t stop them creating total disarmament dicktat. Encourage it if anything. Start a letter/comment campaign petitioning the ATF to Elmer Fudd all the guns, add the seeming legitimacy of thousands of real genuine comments from real American’s calling for total proscription of personal arms. After all, nothing is lost or given away, disarmament of the dirt people is a genuine fully expected successful objective, so in the minds of our enemy we are already illegal in our persons as undesirables, we are not fit for re-education, only liquidation will do, we can not be more of the ultimate existential enemy, but we can play mind fuck with the mutherfukkers. Give them the false encouragement they are winning over hearts and minds, creating over confidence and a false physiological perception. Basically they can’t make us more outlaws than they have. Why not help them along making mistakes that bite them on the arse.

    The hoplophobes by dint of their NPC cloud cuckoo land derangement define Einstein’s definition of insanity of repeating the same mistakes over and over, doubling down, expecting different results.

    Why not put paid to, give the Fudd’s cause to be blood spitting mad having discovered that selling the rest of armed America out so they can keep their “sporting arms”, the great suckers bet. Nobody likes being played for a sucker. Make pay back is a bitch Bitchez, pay off big time, create an even larger plurality of armed to the teeth shitlords.
    Win Win.

  3. Glad to read that a few in congress are calling the ATF out. Kudo’s to Codrea for reporting same.

  4. I’m truly amused, why the hell does anybody here care what my intentions are. Copper, 87-2012, who’s telling anybody what they have to do, in Georgia.

    When I,worked I frankly didn’t give a shit what you did, just don’t do it in front of me, put me in a bad place, I put them in a really fucked up place, with bars. Worked,pretty good most of the time.

    Looking like this Independence Day thing isn’t going to happen. Folks up their are watching will advise.

    DTG, why would I not post my intent. I go, maybe I don’t go. I’m done doing nothing, which is exactly what everybody here does, day in, day out, including me.
    Maybe, just maybe, it possibly motivates others to exit their comfort zones, and take a physical stand. I doubt it, but though it worth a try.

    Thus far today, or yesterday we learned from our very own Nazi sympathizer what Heros the Nazis were, what wonderful folk, who started two world wars. Yea heros one and all. Sounds more like SS, propaganda to me. But then I’ve not studied em, everything I think I know is from the mil channel. A lot of reading.

    The ONLY thing the Nazis did,,that I thought was worthy, was post war, when they were in pre Vietnam kicking the shitout of communist there. I’ve forgotten the books title, fantastic read.

    DTG, At least your trying to make a difference, with your training stuff. How about a quick, session on MOUT stuff.

    Do you really think club fed, isn’t into everybody on wrsa’s computer. Their scared shitless of of free men.

    Lastly, my model is to this day LaVoy, motherfucker had balls, told the world his thoughts, and how he was going to do it. The man went down fighting,

    Not on his knees like most here will!.

    I get it I’m not hiding anymore, I don’t give a flying fuck, about following rules, they don’t why should we.

    0321, if your speaking at me, I don’t hate you, I disagree on some things, never considered you a shill, a sell out. See you as solid, American. Vote, I don’t care if your write your own name in, just vote. Your sharing as most here challenge me to reflect evaluate my positions, live/ positions are fluid, new info, cancels out some stuff, changes outcomes.

    Be careful what you wish for.

    Sorry to once again offend all you killers.


  5. Shit like this is why I jumped down everyone’s throat when the bumpstock bam thing happened and an alarming number of gun guys went along with it. ‘Bumpstocks are stupid, who cares? It’s too close to a machine gun, it’s pushing our luck. I don’t have one anyways’ was the standard line. Well, I never had a bump stock because I think they are stupid. Looks kinda fun, sure, but my ammo budget is already consumed with matches and regular practice so doing a pretend full auto mag dump into the berm isn’t really something I need to do. But I said then and I’ll say now, eventually they will come for something you DO own and you DO like, such as pistol braces. I have to travel a lot and even though I do have a couple registered SBRs, you cant legally cross state lines with NFA items without permission. Suppressors are the exception. So I can throw a lower with a pistol brace on my 11.5 and leave my suppressor on it, and my stamped lower stays in my safe at home. That’s why I have that thing. I built the lower for exactly that reason. I don’t like it as much as my SBR because it’s not as comfortable to shoot and I have a regular trigger in it, but it’s convenient. I am building a 300 BLK right now while I wait on the 30 cal suppressor and don’t want to SBR that thing for the same reason. I want it to be in my truck all the time. This shit is so stupid. And people have been folding to it for far to long.

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