From Over The Transom

Even the mainstream folks are starting to wake up.

And this push by the BLM to “tear down peoples churches” is not going to calm things down, that’s for sure.

I think you must be tired of saying it, but that’s because it bears repeating:

You do not have enough trained, equipped, hard hearted friends.

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  1. “You do not have enough trained, equipped, hard hearted friends.”
    I give less than a fuck, as long as ‘hard hearted people ‘ still exist.

  2. The fact that the delusional white boy Shaun King still has legitimacy acting like he is black shows we are really in bizarro world. It defies belief.

  3. CA,

    When do we get a say in all this? And I don’t mean talking or commenting on various blogs. The army spent a fair amount of time and money making dangerous men. They’ve not forgotten those skills but are not as sharp nor as young. It’s our minds plus the ability that make us dangerous now.
    So I’ll ask again, when do we get a say?
    Who’s popping the green star cluster starting or unleashing us from this idle state?
    Who sets the conditions?
    What’s the ROE?

    If these knuckleheads try to burn churches that might be the beginning of the end? When the orks roll up , if they’re not there to collect the bodies but to arrest patriots then it’s Hips and heads for them for picking the wrong side?

    This shit is really starting to suck, you know.


    1. As soon as one or more says “fuck it” and engages.

      It’s why the Independence Day celebrations promise so much this year.

      What would Henry Bowman do?

      1. One need wait until the police, the swat, the National Guard are sick enough of being spit in the face and finding tampons in their coffee.

        Many / most of them have been brainwashed into taking this shit and that the bad guys are us.

        Wait a little while longer until they start getting shot at, or worse by these communist fucks.

        THEN, it’s on.

        1. All can be caught. None are invincible. Admission and actual of that factual truth, if you’re intent to be free, fight, and lead are sincere, you will not be swayed from that course. You will be forever free.
          Even a ‘Henry Bowman’ can be caught. So what.

    2. @Cavguy – “Who’s popping the green star cluster starting or unleashing us from this idle state?Who sets the conditions? What’s the ROE?”
      You’re a FREE man. You unleash the hounds of hell. You set the conditions. You choose your field of battle, prepping it in advance. You set the rules of engagement.
      Stop fumbling about, BE THE LEADER and FIGHTER you’re desperately searching for and asking about on the NET.

    1. 7C
      Old buddy of mine has the gunshop in town. I had one in Mackay in the late 80’s.
      Great neighborhood you got there, spend a lot of time in those mtn’s riding, hunting fishing.

  4. This Shaun King clown only has legitimacy because he’s on the right side of the culture war. The media will always promote a charlatan if the useful idiot generally comports to what they want to promote. Slimy tactics are welcomed as no one will know about them as media won’t mention them. Calling out the slime just gives fuel to the narrative of rednecks and racists are trying to tear down .

    I fear that this current impasse of media vs. trad America isn’t going to end well. BLM gained traction in part because you had people who were sick and tired of being ignored and treated as less than whites. Regardless of your opinions on this, you must realize blacks have gotten the short end of the stick for centuries. What does the media think will happen when trad America decides no one is listening, that they are getting the short end of the stick? You think BLM and Antifa protests, and riots are cause for concern? Just wait if this nonsense continues.

    BLM has a legit function and black America has a legit grievance. That doesn’t detract from the huge risks the media and politicians are taking in pitting one side against the other. Eventually both sides will realize who their real enemies are and act accordingly.

  5. Henry wouldn’t get caught,,,,, yet you fucking cowards you fucking hypocrites, sit tight, while your enemy, my enemy burn it to the ground?

    Want to see the solution, or the “problem,” go look in the mirror, for once in your life be fucking honest with yourselves. ” if that’s possible’.

    Shit, or get off the pot men, stand up, or take a fucking knee, better yet, shut your fucking pie holes, regarding your hard hearts.

    Your cowards, waiting for others to fix it for you! How fucking American we have become.

    Letting 6k to 10k, do your work in Seattle, EVERY real American within 100 miles should be their, it is OUR WORK, we allowed this to happen, This ” Work” is all of ours tasks. I’m traveling 500 plus miles.

    Those going are simple men women who understand if we the people refuse to stand up, we’re going to be doing more then taking a knee, we’re going to end sole-less, shells of what we pretend to stand for,,,,

    Na, your all fucking scared shitless cowards. Liven the dream, exercising your freedom of Speech, about those fuckimg police did nothing, or should have done it this way, or that way. You don’t even have the courage to address the real people for these egregious rules, regs, the lawyers, politicians.

    It’s no wonder I’ve grown to fuckimg hate my fellow Americans, 99.9.99 percent of you ARE THE USELESS IDIOTS!. You want something for nothing.

    I’ve got really really bad news for you, ain’t nothing free!

    Boys get on your blogs, and pound away, I see that you each see yourselves as a sort of leader, by promoting yourselves within your blogs, yet you don’t lift a fucking finger when rome’s burning.

    I’m still going, I’m scared shitless, but I’m still going, and I’m ridiculed for sharing possible scenarios. Once again the bloggers, have spoken with the Moral authority of the real weasels you are. After all ” Their’s no promotion, like self promotion”.

    I’m done reading your blogs, their as useless as the owners are. I now understand how cowards really work,” ingenious really”, talk shit all day, stir the pot, then call the pot black, on your blogs, censor any negative input, ban the bad people, cuz your a hypocrite, can’t stand the heat, or the challenge. sit back and tell yourself your a warrior, setting it straight.

    Objective content, laughable. Who you were in a past life career, means nothing today. You will for evermore be judged by your actions and deeds, hence forth.

    Most will sit on the sidelines, that’s fine, shut your pie holes you fucking loosers. ,


    1. Dirk,
      do you have a drug or alcohol problem? I know all your surgeries haven’t been easy. And you’re not alone, we’re all pissed off these days, but flying off the handle and foaming at the mouth isn’t helpful to anyone.
      your rants are getting a bit wild, I’m sure your buddies appreciate their violation of OpSec. Your last one about the nazis made no sense at all and was very discombobulated. BTW, the book was “Devil’s Guard” about the FFL in Indo-China. My fathers best buddy from Fallschirmjagers/ US POW camp (1944-46) went to the FFL and served in Indo-China in the late 40’s, got fragged in Hanoi. I have several pics here of them on patrol looking for Viet Minh.

      We’ve discussed local, local, local many times here, look after your own AO. Let the folks in Seattle deal with their own problem. There’s more than enough patriots up there who can deal with it. What if you get arrested in Olympia for firearms violations, doesn’t do anyone a bit of good, does it? And you’re away from home when TSHTF.
      I’m not going anywhere, I barely make enough money to keep 2 vehicles running and don’t want anyone looting my place while I’m gone. Going and getting hurt in a foreign shithole isn’t wise for anyone, when it’s time to fight in your AO, you’re crippled and out of action.

  6. Dont think its just a jest from Talcum X.

    There were Christian missionary kids kicked out of CHOPistan because they said All lives Matter and would not chant Black Lives Matter. That was a test specifically given to them because they wanted to play Christian music.

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