33 thoughts on “Own Goal Or Demonstration Of Power?”

  1. This might be a clue -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abr_ketWYxk – . A bit esoteric for some but worth the time.

  2. The amcom’s (american communists) will start dying there, then it will be game on.

  3. “Let’s hope they’re that stupid.” Whether it’s the 4th or not, a fight is coming, only a fool would believe otherwise. Like CA says: let’s win.

    If, like me, you’re behind enemy lines, you may well be in a firefight with law enforcement defending “protestors?” Get your head around that. Plan. Have shoot lines and distances worked out.

    Remember what ol’ Mountain Cracker said: “you might be able to kick my ass, but I’ll damn sure get a chunk on the way down.”

  4. Perfect Targets of Opportunity (ToO). All voluntarily gathered in one place. They even announced the time and place in advance.
    Pelt with paint pellets, water, extinguishers, anything to put out the fires and douse the protesters.
    And don’t forget laughter. The LibTard Left take themselves too seriously, and hate to be laughed at.

  5. That’s bait.

    (Question: was the 15 fighters project data able to be salvaged? I hope so.)

  6. That poster is designed to trigger. Clear as day. ‘Motorcycle gangs…patriots’ not allowed. It is basically asking for a fight and giving the date, time and who they want to show up. That is tactically stupid.

    What else is going on here?

    1. They haven’t gotten the result they need yet. A John Brown, Harper’s ferry incident to create a martyrdom effect and click it up a few notches.
      If something big happens there,that day, they did it.
      I believe that they are frustrated and losing traction.
      IF something big happens at Gettysburg, you should see the writing on the wall, at that point it’s getting serious.
      You can take it from there.

      Anybody wanna take bets on the level of Fed observation here today and there, that day ?
      And that……really should tell you all you need to know.

      1. Again, we’re back to the VA rally. Go or no go.
        Never walk into another man’s ambush. Only a low IQ fool would take the bait and walk into this pre-planned clusterfuck. And FedGov will be complicit in this, the only ones getting arrested will be patriots.
        I too believe Seattle didn’t get their required response, so now they’re throwing out bait for another go at it on the east coast. And any smart fighter will know, if there’s to be an ambush, nail them when they least expect it, several miles away from all the planned festivities.

      2. Losing traction? Really? Eyes wide shut huh. These guys are organized and prepared. The perfect setup. Get the sheep used to the bang bang of the fireworks, ADBA (also doing business as) live gunfire. Never lose sight of the fact that blm/antifa are prepared, all day all the time. They have been testing, testing and live training at everyone’s expense. Their use of “Useful Idiots” make this possible even legendary. As WE have seen and, as blm/antifa have shown, and have proven, the poPo are useless. When you see pOpo take a knee, wash the feet of these terrorists along with the NG taking a knee you have to realize it is over. They will not stop! Not now, not ever! WE have to make a stand, all of US. Act small, stay small. Stay quiet, keep your mouth shut! Do what you can. Anything! Anything at all will help. Just do something! Everything counts now. God Speed.


        1. Yes.
          Losing traction.
          They are failing at getting the thing they need.
          A martyr.
          Harper’s ferry is a thing.
          They do not have one, they are just about to burn themselves out, while continuing to piss Americans off.
          You see, history rhymes, and while they have a lot of things enabling them,
          They do not have credibility.
          Unless some dipshit starts banging away.
          Hell, I’m surprised they haven’t supplied that themselves as of yet.

          So again, yes.
          They are losing traction.
          They haven’t gained anything except for more enemies.
          Stop being emotional, be pragmatic and intelligent.

    2. Yea, stay home, armchair it, you fucking douchebags Don’t step up.”na, that would change the macho-ism of this place, Warriors one and all.

      I’ve no intentions of standing around Liberty park, being a target, I’ll be close, I’ll be watching, ,,BUT, ILL be their!.. Sound like it’s just an I convince for you all.
      I love it, “fight smart.”, isn’t that code, for I’m frightened of my own shadow. My wife and children won’t let me come.

      The point of this is, exactly for your wife your children’s lives. Don’t take a physical stand, sooner rather then later, you sold them down the road.

      Dumb fuckers,,THIS IS A THROW DOWN, can’t wait to read your sniveling cowards AARs written from the comfort of your homes. the smell of hypocracy around here, is overwhelming.

      Like a self licking LollyPop.

      Rant over.


      1. Dirk,
        Are you seriously stupid enough to post this shit?
        Are you stupid enough to be their tool?
        Are you naive enough to be a marker in their ledger?
        Do you really believe that they announced this just as an FYI?
        Or that they want people to be a device that gives them credibility?
        I thought you were smarter man.
        You disappoint me.

        1. No brother, YOU disappoint all of us. Don t worry son, men and women who are done getting their asss kicked,without lifting a finger will confront evil, while you talk smack.

          All it takes for evil to win, is for good men to do nothing. I’m beginning to question just how many good men, objective men are really here. What I once thought were 100s, is now down to a hand full.

          Sig, how much is enough? Fair question


          1. Smack?
            Grow the Fuck up.
            These fucking retards haven’t accomplished anything. Looting liberal cities, beating up statues, hitting dipshits?
            Woopty fucking doooooooo.
            But hey shoot your wad, it’s your to shoot.
            Best of luck being a useful idiot. You men and all.
            Posting your planz on the interwebz.
            Typing like a emotional old woman who lost her cat.
            Jesus fucking christ, I really thought you were so!id.
            Now I know, at least I found out before you were on my flank.
            Best of luck man, seriously.

  7. This is of course a well-planned and zero-cost psyop, designed to make middle class whites live in fear on a day they should be celebrating: “oh, is that fireworks I hear or is it Antifa shooting my neighbors?”


  8. Wasn’t Hal Turner outed as a paid FBI informant/ agent provocateur not too long ago? Is there any reason to believe that he is not on the payroll today? Never show up when and where they want you too.

  9. Really, Hal Turner? That clown makes the Weekly World News read like the Encyclopædia Britannica. And that factual truth has nothing to do with his racial politics.

  10. There may be something to this fireworks thing in the Turner piece.
    Now I do not give much credence to this guy–him being a Fed snitch and all.

    But l there has been an unusual amount of fireworks activity last week leading up to this Juneteenth (sp?) thing. My main AO is in the South Bay of Los Angeles (east Redondo Beach) and for a week leading up to last Friday it sounded like the shelling in The Battle of the Somme in the distance. It was going on 24 hours a day until Monday night when an eerie silence fell like the 1918 Armistice. The hoods of Compton and Inglewood and worse are only a few miles away from my AO and sound carries well.

    I cannot comprehend the porch-dwellers going out to AZ and Southern Nevada to the Indian reservations–where this stuff (small class C fireworks) can be purchased in bulk if you want) to load up on so much stuff to use 24 hours a day for several days.

    The usual MO is to start on the 4th and the main bombardments start at sundown–when the entire Los Angeles basin becomes one massive aerial fireworks display.

    Since there is a lull in the looting/burning/protesting here in the Los Angeles area, I am thinking that the BLM/ANTIFA/SOCIALIST-LEFTIST organizations are regrouping, training, organizing and rearming perhaps for something on the 4th like Turner is outlining in his article.

    The fireworks thing seems to fit this theory.

    Anyways–i have talked to the like minded neighbors who are armed and ready. We do have radios to communicate and will take turns standing watches should SHTF in this AO. Secondary AO/home in a mountain community stands ready as well for a fall-back position if need be. III% types up there abound in numbers and are all zeroing their boom sticks, acquiring more ammo and reloading and squaring away their field gear as I type this–they are waiting for the big shoe to drop. Literally.

    1. Having been in the Manhattan ghetto recently, the quantity and quality of the “fireworks” were near or at professional grade. Reports similar in outer boroughs, along with NYC 911 rolling to voicemail on Sunday night.

      Hard to see a good reason for the delta over years past, which is profound according to local residents.

    2. Agreed. I’m not discounting what YOU, CA, and others theorize about the volume and (almost two months long) duration of this daily FW’s activity nationally. Yes, these street level fireworks display does stink of some type of Psyop, just not along the lines of what’s been posted by Turner. Regardless of my past transgressions of mouthy incivility directed at CA, his instant demand for “links” and “sources” when comments and Intel of certainty are deposited in his comment stream, remains an excellent policy to factually suss out information. Moreover, I’ll never mistake the popping of fireworks for gunfire. However, when a 1/4 stick of dynamite, or two, or three, regularly detonates without warning……that does catch me off guard (the wrong way) sometimes. But I quickly bring myself back to the realization that it’s not an attack.

  11. I would not be on set for this thing, HOWEVER….
    It makes a real good opportunity to collect information.
    Set up near the areas and photo all traffic in and out. Peoples faces. Track social media posts and live streams from the area, and if you have the means (its something we need) get yourself a set up to sniff out cell phone numbers that can later be matched back to Social media profiles.

    Gentlemen, incase you have not noticed there is a war getting on. Its time to move from Sustainment operations to Shaping operations.
    Collection and Analysis of information, target identification and tentative plans for actions (both big and small) need to be made. If you dont have a group of guys or even just a buddy to do this with, well you need to get that done first.

    Regarding Fireworks
    Couple of items to note.
    John Robb of Global Guerillas made note of information from the Nations largest supplier of consumer grade fireworks. There has been a SIGNIFICANT increase in purchases of fireworks over the last few weeks. Robb speculated that given the amount of video showing protestors and rioters using Consumer grade fireworks, that this is part of a low grade strategy to disrupt daily patterns by waking people up in the dead of night with the sounds of explosions. Like a stress inducing assault.
    Second, a post from the CHiPs detailing a highway stop whereby they seized several thousand dollars worth of fireworks being transported into CommieFornia . The driver was charged with numerous felonies.
    The pieces on Fox today about an uptick in complaints about fireworks in the dead of night going off and reporting those to the police.

    I think its part of a pattern of activity and tend to yield to Robb on his take of it.

  12. As always, since accurate and healthy memories are in short supply, here is a rehash of the LARPing idiocy at Gettysburg, May 2017: https://thenewstalkers.com/community/discussion/32380/kavika/guns-and-kkk-members-at-gettysburg-confederate-rally-but-no-foes-to-fight

    And the most glaring takeaway from that day: ”But the only person actually shot Saturday in Gettysburg with a real bullet was a 23-year-old militia group member named Benjamin Hornberger, of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. According to U.S. Park police, Hornberger triggered his revolver when the flag pole he was carrying bumped against his gun holster. The bullet went into his leg. Police say officers quickly applied a tourniquet, likely saving his life.”

  13. Now that’s good information and a great suggestion if someone is intent on going to Gettysburg. ANTIFA is a dangerous foe despite all of their brain damaged foot soldiers. ANTIFA will have security teams scoping folks and vehicles out and listening to comms. So will Team Fed. Got gag plates?
    The fireworks as weapon motif seems to be a ripped page from the Islamic Yutes of the Paris “suburbs” playbook.

  14. So this joker mentions a Leo bulletin and doesn’t post a link to it?

    Being eyes and ears in an inner-city murderer capital for two decades: lots of gunfire normally. About 8 hrs of it, near continuous on New Years Eve typically. There has been a significant uptick in mortar booms since April. They sound like commercial fireworks.

    Dollars to donuts I’m closest to a spicy zone than most here. Been to a few funerals and cared for the children who became orphans. It is interesting to note that many a gang-banger doesn’t think much of BLM, fwiw. And they’re more patriotic than authorized journalist would have you think. They might sag but they’re not Marists.

    Local po-po are typically unseen unless in-route somewhere.

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